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UCCX Backup Failure

Hi, A few weeks back I had a problem with the Unified CM Telephony Service in Partial Service, which caused a few of our JTAPI triggers to lock up. The triggers were cleared by restarting both servers of our UCCX system. After this restart, found the

Troubleshooting SQL with UCCX 8?

Is there an easy way to troubleshoot the database subsystem with UCCX8. I can get the JTDS driver installed, put in my string, but all it tells me is "Failed." Is ther a way to find the error message or a log that shows me why this is failing. I

Ask the Expert: Deployment and Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) Deployments

With Anirudh Ramachandran  and Abhiram Kramadhati  Welcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to learn and ask questions about the latest advancements in Cisco UCCX (such as the integration of Cisco Soc

Unable to log in to UCCX v 7.0.1sr5

hello we have a uccx cluster running on version 7.0.1sr5, win 2003.1.4aSR7 this morning when I try to log in to UCCX. I get the following error Error while handling the input request. Error occurred while performing operation. Please contact your sys

UCCX 10.1 - Linked Server - Copying HR data to external SQL Server for reporting

I have a customer that is migrating from UCCX 7 to UCCX 10.  They currently have a 2008 SQL Server R2 that they use for custom reports.  They have a package that runs nightly to copy relevant data from UCCX 7 to the their server and then run reports

UCCX 9.0 outbound progressive dialer doesn't

Using UCCX 9.0.2-10000 in the lab.  Attempting to set up demo for customer for next week. I have the outbound dialer set up, but it's not attempting to make a call (never hits the gateway).  In pulling the MIVR logs, I'm seeing something strange (see

UCCX 8 DB Not in Sync

Hi All, We have a customer running UCCX 8 in HA mode. In the recent past we have been receiving the following syslog error once everyday : SYSLOG: %UC_LIB_DATABASE-1-DB_NOT_IN_SYNC: %[AppID=Cisco Unified CCX Cluster View Daemon            We took the

UCCX email queue stuck in "loading"

I just created a new email queue and added it to a test agent and when the agent logs in to CAD the tab for the email queue says "Loading" but it never loads. The phone queue for the test user works normally. IMAP is enabled on Exchange and the

UCCX 9 IPPA Remote Monitor using rmon.aef

Question, can you utilize the rmon.aef script to remote monitor agents that use IPPA at a remote site? Trying to figure out ways to monitor an agent in this scenario since SPAN and Desktop Monitoring can't be utilized given that they're using IPPA an


Dears, We have a customer with UCCX 8.0(2) already working, some agents upgrade per company policy theirs PC´s to Windows 7, After that, supervisor are unable to monitoring/recording the upgrade agent´s PCs. We installed Ethereal in those PCs  and se

UCCX 8.02 - Call recordings have stopped

Hello, Over the weekend our UCCX server crashed.  Since then call recordings have stopped.  I have restarted Cisco Desktop VoIP Monitor Service, checked to see if call is recording is enabled for the agents in Cisco Desktop Administrator, and also ma

UCCX agent stuck in Not Ready status

Hi             There We are using uccx 7 and 1 agent's status stuck in the "Not Ready". We can not see his account in the supervisor but in the "Resource Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Stats" I can see his status is in Not Ready

CAD Error on UCCX 7.0(2)

In an implementation of UCCX v.7.0 (2) installed the Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD) on a PC with Windows XP (CAD was downloaded directly from the administration interface UCCX >> http://[UCCX IP Address]/appadmin > Plugins). When starting the CAD, the

UCCX 8.5.1 Failover setup error

Hi All, just installed a HA UCX 8.5.1 SU3 server and added to existing server to create a cluster.  The install completed OK and all services are activated.  The last message after 1st logon on 2nd node said the server was added to the cluster and ga

UCCX 8.5.1 - Cisco Supervisor Desktop not showing Caller Names

Hello, I have recently done a deployement for UCCX 8.5.1. I have been made aware of an issue where iif a Cisco Supervisor Desktop is looking at a Agent that is on a call, the Callers name is not bening shown in the Caler Name field, instead the calle


I have a HA cluster over WAN (100mb direct fibre). Alongside there is a CUCM cluster with server on each site. I have tried adjusting the Unified CM Configuration on the HA server to have the AXL/CTI preferences for the local CUCM 1st and remote 2nd

UCCX 8.5.1 Enable Intregation with CUPS 8.5 Problem

We have a CUCM/CUPS running fine (8.5 versions), also CUP/CUPS client work fine. If we try to intregrate our UCCX Agents into CUPS using Cisco Desktop Administrator we get the following error: "CDAUI2034 Invalid Cisco Unified Presence Cluster User c

UCCX 10.5 - newly created agents can't login to CAD

Hello, After upgrading UCM 8.6 to 10.5 and UCCX 8.5 to 10.5 I can't add new agents. I have installed second UCCX and reused CTI and RMCM users, registered CIPC, created end-user, configured IPCC extension and set CIPC in controlled devices on end use

Hunt Pilot in UCCX

Hi All We are using CallRedirect in UCCX pointing to HuntPilot. if the all the users are busy in HuntPilot, UCCX is giving Busy message as expected. But when again users are available call is not going to user, call is stuck in Busy stage, Please gui

Recording files in UCCX

in UCCX 8.0 - calls recorded through the agent desktop, by the agent - are stored on the UCCX server. want to export these files to a central location for further linking to a CRM system.  Are these files still in a proprietary format ? Also, what is