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Zoom to fit doesn't work with Jpegs (works with pdfs)

Note: we are not talking about zoom to fit for pdf, etc but ONLY about zoom to fit for jpegs and similar graphics files. The problem: starting with Snow Leopard if you have a small picture in actual size but expand the window then click zoom to fit t

Preview.app - lost the "zoom to fit" feature ?

you used to be able to set the "zoom to fit" feature and it would zoom every image to fit on screen. Now with Leopard - one cannot do this anymore. Or am I wrong ? I tried playing with the controls and no combination made this work again. Its an

Hierarchy Viewer - programmatically invoked the "Zoom To Fit"

I am using JDeveloper Is there a way to programmatically invoke the "Zoom to Fit" action? Thanks in advance.Hi, looking at the JavaDocs it seems that the behavior is a client side behavior and not available as a Java API. This said it

Imaq Display Control, zoom to fit disappeare​d at runtime.

Like in the title. The right-click menu is impossible to call at runtime in the Imaq Display control. This has happened after compiling the code. Some idea why it is happen this? Francesco. Solved! Go to Solution.Thank you very much, this is exactly

Neither Automatically Resize nor Zoom to Fit working

Hello out there in Appleland, Neither Automatically Resize nor Zoom to Fit is working in Preview 5.0.3 under Snow Leopard.  Zoom to Fit acts just like Actual Size or <Command> 0 and Automatically resize doesn't work at all.  This must be and bug, so

Preview won't open images zoomed to fit

Hi everyone, This is a little issue I've only recently noticed that I've no idea how to rectify. Preview has suddenly started opening all images at their full size meaning I have to either zoom out or click the 'Zoom to Fit' button each time I open a

Can a Vision image display's "zoom to fit" action be seen by an event structure?

The "Image Display" indicator from the "Vision" palette has a right-click (context) menu option of "Zoom to Fit". Is there any way to capture the selection/execution of this action with an event structure?I don't believe ther

Zoom-to-fit Not Working in Preview, & other features, too.

I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard, and have since found that Preview is not working properly. This is something I use almost every day, & it not working has created a real disruption to my work-flow. I've noticed that others have complained about t

Toggle zoom to fit selection key not working

I am using the default key command "z" for "Toggle zoom to fit selection or all contents" which works to zoom in but does not toggle back out when hitting "z" again. Does anyone else have this problem or a possible solution t

Zoom To Fit with new window on Finder

Is it possible to open a new window on Finder that will zoom to fit the contain? Thanks, AmnonIt this one:Read other 9 answers

Scheduling Gantt: How to work with the "zoom-to-fit" drop-down

I'm trying to figure out how to work with the "zoom-to-fit" drop-down on the scheduling Gantt dvt control. It has choices in the drop-down that are not appropriate for my project. The documented purpose of this drop-down is to allow the user to

What menu item is "Zoom to fit Selection"

Just going through a tutorial that asked me to "Press Control-Option-Z (the Zoom to fit Selection command). I can't for the life of me find this in any of the menus. I realize I can type control-option-z, but I would think you could get to that from

UIScrollView Zooming - Can't get it to work?

Hello, I've been having great success with the iPhone SDK but for some reason I just can't get the zooming to work with a UIScrollView. I've implemented the delegate but the methods are never being fired.. but scrolling works fine. What gives? Thanks

IPhone SDK: UIScrollView, zooming works on simulator but not device

I've got a UIScrollView set up to zoom an image. It worked fine under Beta 5, both on an iPod Touch and in the simulator. In Beta 6, after changing the method scrollViewWillBeginZooming to viewForZoomingInScrollView the zoom works fine in the simulat

IPhone UIViewContentModeRedraw & UIScrollView zooming is pixellated

Dear Experts, I have a UIView that draws its content using Quartz2D operations (CGContextAddLineToPoint() etc) inside its drawRect: method. This view is a subview of a scrollview. Everything is fine until I zoom. It seems that the content is magnifie

UIScrollView - zooming a view hierarchy and resetting zoom

Hi, I want to reset zooming in scrollViewDidEndZooming - meaning: - during zooming the zoom view content is changing as expected - as soon as the user has finished zooming, the zoom view content should resize to what it was before So in scrollViewDid

Zoom and fit in all the screen resolution

Dear Friends, Greetings! when i click on a full screen button, i want to zoom my flash screen for full screen for all the screen resolution. Imagine i loaded my swf in aspx page. in my swf i kept one full screen button, when i click on it it has to z

Zoom scroller "to fit"?

I have a group component in a scroller.  My application will add children to this component.  The component's scale is set with a Spark HSlider.  Fine. However, I'd like to provide a "zoom to fit" button.  I can get the size in pixels of all the

New zoom-mode between 'fit' and 'fill' (or change 'fit')

At the moment, when Lightroom shows a photo in zoom-mode 'fit', there is some unused space around the photo, which means I don't get the maximum magnification in this mode. I can tell Lightroom to use that free space by setting the zoom-mode to 'fill

How to make a small doc zoom to print on a larger page, print to fit doesn't work

I have a pdf I created that ended up filling only 1/2 of a letter size page, I've tried print to fit area and it doesn't increase the size. I would like to zoom the page to fit a 11 x 17 sheet or at least fill the entire 81/2 x 11. How do I do this?W