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uitableview get all visible cells


Sum only visible cell

hi When I made my table filtering hidden in the cells are collected.  I did filtering in the table below. but the total value of the same. I want you to collect only the visible cells. How can I do it? which formula? Thank youHi seayandex, If you eng

Summing only visible cells

Is it possible to filter a table to show only certain rows and then sum the visible cells only? Example: I have 100 rows. Column A = Client Name Column B = Money Spent I filter the table to see all rows containing a certain client. I would now like t

How can I use the property 'top left visible cell' in a table?

Hi! I use a table in my program and I want to show the top left cell of the table every time when the user clicks a button .I don't know how to do this. If I use a multicolumnListbox I can select the property 'top left visivle cell'. Is it possible w

UITableView can´t reload cell contents

Hi, I´m trying to reload the table view using [tableView reloadData]; and it works fine, the table view reloads its data. The problema is that the cell contents don´t change. When I create the cells at cellForRowAtIndexPath, I use: UITableViewCell *c

Does UITableView have a callback for when it is done loading ALL cells?

I find it very diffcult to change UIActivityIndicator on and off for data loading into a table. I set it on and then call "reload data" on my tableView and then turn it back off. I dont think that is correct, because reload data will return imme

Using visibleCells to reference a cells image

I am trying to set the image a cell - (void)scrollViewDidEndDecelerating:(UIScrollView *)scrollView NSArray *visibleCells = [tableView visibleCells]; int i; for (i=0; i<visibleCells count; i++) { UITableViewCell *currentCell = [visibleCells objectAtI

UITableView with Images Best Practices

I have a UITableView with each row having an image coming from a remote URL. There are a great many strategies for dealing with and caching the images. I've narrowed it down to two: 1. When the table stops scrolling let all the visible cells know the

2x2 table. 4 empy cells. Can hide rows but not columns. grayed out. argh!

Only one sheet with a single table with 4 cells. I don't see any merged cells. Is there any other attribute that prevents columns from being hidden? I realize that one cannot hide all the columns or all the rows. I was given a spreadsheet months ago

Trying to understand UITableView's dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier

Hi everyone: Say, I have the following code in tableView:cellForRowAtIndexPath: static NSString* strCellID = @"mycell"; UITableViewCell* pCell = (UITableViewCell*)[tableView dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier:strCellID]; if(pCell == nil) pCell =

How do you have a cell highlight momentarily and fade out when selected?

I've noticed that in some apps, when the user selects a table view cell, it will momentarily highlight, but the highlight will immediately fade out (i.e. you can tell that the cell has been highlighted, but the highlight doesn't stay -there is just a

[iPhone] large table view (500+ elements), each cell with a UIWebView

Hello, all ... I'm developing an application that has to show a table view with 500 (or more) elements in it. Each element has a UIWebView that has to load an image (50x50 pixels in PNG format) from a web server. What i'm finding is that, when this t

Dynamic table header/footer on multiple pages stay original

hi experts, i've got a form with a dynamic table. this means that i have a footerrow with mapped information if it should be visible or not. so the table can have from 1 to 40 columns. i did some scripting in the table's initialize section: loop over

JScrollPane not scrolling to the end of JTable

Hello, I put a table in a scroll pane, and add the scroll pane to a panel. The problem is the scroll pane does not scroll to the end of the table, it always lets me view only the first 37 rows of the table, regardless of how many rows the table actua

How to get the index of Mult column list box

Hello all, I need small help. Please help me. Is there is any property to change the "Multi column list box" row index position dynamically? I want to change the index position at runtime like below. Munna Solved! Go to Solution.It's called Top

Excel 2010 Status Bar Sum

I recently switched from Excel 2007 to 2010. In 2007 when I highlighted a range of cells that included hidden cells, the SUM in the status bar only displayed the sum of the visible cells - which was very helpful in determining a) whether the range co

Default settings for Current View

Hi there experts, I am experiencing the a problem with the default current view on different PCs. I have input schedules that use EVTIM on the months of my time dimension. Every time a new user opens this input schedule on a new PC the default curren

Applying a formula to a whole column

Hi, Is there anyway to apply a formula to a whole column? I have three column's in a table: Hours worked, Rate and total earnings for that job (=Hours worked x Rate). I've set it up so as I can enter the information in a form and if I create a new en

Fixed row in JTable

Dear All Does anyone know how to fix a row in a JTable, for example, to fix the bottom row in a JTable, so that users can scroll through the rest of the rows in the table without affecting this row. But when if a column size is changed, it will resiz

ADG/DataGrid prevent render even from firing immediately on property

Hi, Is there any way to tell the ADG to not re-render itself immediately after a propertyChanged even has been fired in the dataProvider? I have quite a wide row (lots of cells) and lots of custom logic that updates these dependent properties on each

Disable horizontal scroll in multicolumn listbox

I'm using a Multicolumn listbox and I programmatically change the cell to be edited using UP, DOWN, RIGHT and LEFT keyboard keys. Everything is working exept for the rightmost column: when I press the RIGHT key, the cursor moves to the next cell insi