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Hi, i have already paid this app to the iPad and iPhone, why i have to paid 17 euro for the mac?

Hi, i have already paid this app to the iPad and iPhone, why i have to paid 17 euro for the mac? this question is available for many paid apps..If you bought a Mac after the 13th October 2013, the complete iWork Mac suite is now free. Read this press

HT201304 I paid 16 euro for 5 gb for my I phone and it didn't down load what must I do also I want to cancel this app every year

Can you assist me I with storage jo bought 5 gb star age and did not recieve it also I don't want it every yearYou bought more icloud storage. You cannot buy more storage for your iphone at all.Read other 2 answers

Who is my product i paid 28 euros...i tired to ask you

i not found who is iwho is my serial number... ......i tired ....please help ,me are you here me????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Hi Nektarios , Could you please elaborate a bit more about the issue . If

Ordered and paid my macbook pro(13) 4 days ago, still waiting for the payment. What should I do?

Hi I ordered my MBP13 and pay through internet banking. Don't know what is wrong but the payment still didn't happen. I did that 4 days ago. Kinda nervous if everything is OK or not cause it is not 2 dollars. Any advice?ok...so nobody reply on me i s

Converter, does not work. I paid for nothing

I just paid 20 euros for purchasing one year Adobe service Converter from PDF to Docs or Excell. I tried some recent PDF files I have .  BIG ****, nothing!! Results no readable documlents. I Think IT'S BIG BIG JOke ... I hope I wiil receive credit fr

OVI Store and Browser On my E72 Treat my Device as...

After reinstalling my E72-1 v 051.018, Ovi Store and Browser treat my mobile as N73. So I could not see/install some application. Missing lot of stuff Attachments: Ovi store E72 as N73.jpg ‏44 KBsame goes here,no matter what i do its always N73.from

ITunes hesitates every 10 secs of playback

I have just discovered while listening to iTunes that just about every 10 seconds there is a annoying hesitation in the playback.  I do not see anybody else compaining about this.  Can someone give me an idea what to do to resolve this? Thanks in adv

How can I use my french Iphone in Thailand?

Last June, I bought an Iphone in France with Bouygues operator. As I have to leave for Thailand, I ask them to unlock my Iphone, I had to paid 70 euros for it. They asked me to wait about 1 week. I am now in Thailand. Yesterday, I plugged the Iphone

Blackberry Z10 has deleted all my emails from all my accounts..​.also it has deleted emails from server side (OS Rev.​1)

It's happened a bad thing. My Z10 (OS has decided to delete, from all my email account , each emails from july to today!!!! It's unacceptable!!! I have paid 700 Euro for a smartphone that delete my email?! It has deleted also emails from

Mac Pro SL Wifi / Airport Problems... big time !

Hey everyone, im typing this text on my 600 euro sony subnotebook because of wireless problems with my 6 Core Xeon Mac Pro Late 2010 i paid 6024 euros for. Whats the Problem ?... My Airport connenction is usual 4 times slower than on every other wifi

How can I get my Canadian printer to accept German cartridges?

I am in Germany with my printer and I just purchased cartridges for my HP Photosmart 3210 All-in-One printer, which is out of warranty. I get the message from my printer that it will not accept these cartridges. From the HP site, I learn that even th

External monitor display stopped working

I was on 10.9.2, and from one day to the other, the HDMI connection did not worked any more. My external  27" Samsung remained black. I thought it might come from the HDMI slot on my MacBook Pro Retina (15, early 2013). I bought a Mini Display port t

Remote desktop connection lost due to intel?

Since some time i cannot get my intel-macbook connected to my work's windows network through remote desktop connection (version 1.0.3), while i still can do so with my g5-imac. So the network does not seem to be the problem. It used to work but now i

Vendor Payment In Currency Other Than Document Currency

Hi Everyone, We have a scenario where a vendor submits an invoice to our company in GBP but wants to be paid in Euros.  The company code/local currency is USD.  Performing a wire transfer through F110, I can't see how we can choose what currency to p

I request to downgrade my iPhone 4s from ios 702 to ios 613.

After upgrade my wonder iphone 4s to the new 7.0.2 i realise what a big mistake I just made: - the battery is over in less then a few hours (before it lasts 2 days) - the graphics make it unreadable most of info (this slim text style is a chalenge to

SuperDuper kills only Crucial M4 SSDs or all the brands?

Today I have bought a Crucial M4 SSD 2,5 512GB to replace my MacBook Pro HD. I connect it with usb to sata cable to my Mac, format it and begin copying the data using SuperDuper. 5 minuts later I get an error, the drive is ejected and from that momen

G4-450 dual news from repair shop: firewire is dead, sounds right?

Hi I just had the this G4 touched up, new powersupply and battery. Now the tech tells me my firewire bus is dead and my options are that i replace the logic board, or , that i install a firewire PCI card, Can anyone recomend a firewire card for this

Import error from Sony DCR-SR57

I just bought a Sony DCR-SR57, which is a HDD camcorder. Everytime I want to import a movie into iMovie it has an error, without saying what exactly the error is. Another way to put the movies on my computer is by using the Sony as an external HDD, b

RMA status for my locked up zen mi

so i finally sent in my creative zen micro.... had the infamous "CREATIVE" screen lockup.. and under the status it said "HANG" whats that mean?! it cost me $32 CDN to send it to oklahoma .... what a rip off... people think money grows

HAving trouble with external hard drive

Hey i have a mac mini 1.83ghz intel core duo its about a year old now. I have a trekstore 160gb 2.5 external harddrive and for some reason it wont show up on my computer or the harddrive programm from apple. It worked fine for awhile and i was able t