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Unit Testing, Null, and Warnings

I have a Unit Test that includes the following lines: Dim nullarray As Integer()() Assert.AreEqual(nullarray.ToString(False), "Nothing") The variable "nullarray" will obviously be null when ToString is called (ToString is an extension

REJECT_CODE Vendor information and/or Operating Unit information is missing

hi i am using Oracle Applications : i am trying to load suppliers and suppliers data into oracle AP. i tried doing this with some sample data. i executed the following code below : insert into AP_SUPPLIERS_INT (VENDOR_INTERFACE_ID, VENDOR_

HT2589 We have purchase 5 apple minis and would like them all on one account.  That way we can monitor the use of these units.  they will be used strickly for a business application.  can I use one account in itunes or must i have multiple.

We have purchased 5 apple minis and would like them all on one account, that way we can monitor the use of these units.  They will be used strickly for a business application.  Can I use one account in itunes or must i have multiple.Not going to happ

How do I move settings from one Airport unit to another?

I am considering buying one of those new Airport Expresses, the one with dual band. I have a few questions about importing the settings (from my existing Extreme unit): - Is it true that it's better to start from scratch when setting up the new unit

List view in mobile units.

Why is not list view a choice in mobile units?In my case Android.Its hard to have en overview in files when you only can scroll around i icon view.PLS fix for better user friendliness!!!Concern all mobile units i beleve.You might want to post your re

Error while defining alt unit of measurement in material master

All SAP gurus, i am trying to define a alt unit of measurement in a finished material, the base unit of measurement is in MT, and the sales unit is nos. the conversion formula is 53 nos = 1kg i.e. 1MT = 53000 nos. as conversion can be done only with

IPod Touch no longer working with car Head Unit since update

Hi there, I have a problem with using my iPod Touch with my car's head unit. I've been using my iPod Touch with the Alpine IDA X001 Head unit fitted in my car for the last 3 months without any problems, however I installed the latest software update

Currency unit in Report painter

Hi, I met a problem when i maintain a report using report panter. Table FAGLFLEXT is used for the library, and I want to using currency translation function. I use Basic key figure "HSL local currency" and CC_HSL translation local currency for t

Org unit date in adhoc query

Hi I have created a TEM query in SQ02, based on infoset \SAPQUERY\HR_TEM_E (logical database PCH),  in which I am outputting object name and date (P1000), and org unit (P8004). The output on the org unit name corresponds to the most current version o

Systemd unit for Glassfish v4 server

Hi all! Im trying to set up sytemd unit for glassfish4 web server but I am ending up in failed satate.. Here's what I got: cat /usr/lib/systemd/system/glassfish.service [Unit] Description=GlassFish Server [Service] ExecStart=/home/pian/glassfish4/bin

B1 to B1 Business Integration Unit

This code sample is used to exchange a Purchase Order in one B1 and transform it into a Sales Order in another B1(Attached file in this tread). More information about this sample can be found in the Business Integration Units article (https://www.sdn

Error message 'Enter unit of measure' in Webclient

Hello Experts, We are working on CRM 5.0 SP 7, IC WebClient and have implemented the BAdi "<b>CRM_SERVICEPROD_BADI</b>" to assign a service product ''<b>INVESTIGATION'</b> whenever user selects service ticket in WebClient

Unit testing with TLF

While unit testing complex formating, I hit several problems. Below are simple tests that fail with an error. Does anybody know what is wrong with these tests? Thanks for any hints, Marc     public function test_apply_Link():void         var init:XML

Unit Testing  - Results greater than 0

I am unit testing a PL/SQL function. The function has no inputs and one output (Interval Day to Second) . The output is the time it takes to run a query therefore a valid value for the output would be greater than 0. When I setup the test the result

Unit Testing / Integration Testing

Hi all Can somebody provide links to SAP testing.... Can anybody define & write down the step by step details on carrying out unit testing, integration testing and user acceptance testing...How it is done..which systems..tools..test scripts / test ca

Unit Testing

Hi All, I would like to inform to all, can any one explain to me the concept of Unit testing in FICO and how it should be drawn? If possible send any dcoumentation for this focus to my mail id: [email protected] Thanks with regards, BalaHi refer belo

Unit testing in flex

.How to implement the unit testing for flex? and give an example?Try Flexunit: http://code.google.com/p/as3flexunitlib/Read other 2 answers

Unit Testing in PL/SQL

Hi, I m writing some packages and in that some procedures are there. Now i want to test these procedures. I have downloaded utPLSQL from sourceforge.net But I am unable to use it. Do we need to copy those utPLSQL files where the orcale is present ? I

Unit testing or integration testing?

Here it says that this example is more of an explanation of framework than best practice because of the conflation of integration/unit testing concepts: http://docs.flexunit.org/index.php?title=Using_Asynchronous_Startup My question is, how do you de

Unit testing - problems using £ sign

Sorry if this has come up before... We're using the SQL Developer unit testing functionality in what we thought was a fairly straightforward manner. We use a startup to set up some data, run a procedure with specific values for the inputs, compare th