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Strange "pie chart" symbol appearing - Mail must be force quitted

Just yesterday randomly half way through the day, a strange 'pie chart' symbol appeared next to my Inbox, and though I can receive mail and send mail, Mail.app (after 1 min of being open) makes my CPU skyrocket to 100%. I cannot quit Mail, and the on

Flow chart symbol for java

Before i do the full codings for my java programs, i like to make a effort to draw the program flow of my java program using flow chart, so i will get the idea of how my program work. is there any web site on how to draw basic programming flow chart,

How to customize line chart series and symbols?

Hello Forum, who can help me to customize line chart series and symbols color? I need to customize this in dynamic way. Thanks in advanced.See example 8-10 (Example 8-10 Changing Chart Symbol Color) from http://docs.oracle.com/javafx/2.0/charts/css-s

How do I set default colors for XY chart series (lines and legend)

I am implementing a line chart and need to override the default (caspian style) colors for the line colors and the legend symbols. I'm not displaying the chart symbols themselves as that would make the chart look bad. I've been able to successfully s

Ggraphic chart Java project planning ?

Please, does anyone know of a link to the conventional chart symbols for project planning in Java Programming ? Or a link to any assistance for graphic chart Java project planning.Try Poseidon UML, its a tool to make some UML / flowchart diagrams, an

Struggling with charts

I read the “charts are driving me nuts” thread and I feel the guy’s pain, for sure. I’ll start with my questions and then expand on the problems I'm encountering> How do I extend alternating row colors into a header column? Why does Numbers not ‘see’

Bar charts- can bar start at a point greater than zero?

I would like to create a bar chart where data for each category covers a range. Is there a way in Numbers to start a bar chart at a value greater than zero and extend for a defined amount? For example, start the bar at 70 and stop at 200? I can do th

Why can't I drag my files in finder to an external hard drive?

I'm trying to drag my files from finder to an external hard drive--I just get the universal "do not" symbol.  How do I do this?1.youd need a program like PARAGON to write to a NTFS drive from your Mac. 2. IF you can offload that data onto your P

Can a user have more than one RBS value?

In our current environment, we have our RBS structure setup similar to our University organizational chart. Many of these groups collaborate with each other on projects and this structure does not allow for one user to see projects from multiple depa

Can't start Flash Pro CS5.5

I purchased the CS5.5 Production Premium Suite. Eveything works fine except Flash CS 5.5. The icon has a white circle with a line through it and if I try to start it it says: You can't open the application "Adobe Flash CS5.5.app" because it's no

Validation Error: We can't read the package

Hope someone has some ideas, cause I'm out.  The error (We can't Read the package) doesn't really tell me much. I have tried to upload this package for a couple weeks and I did see some information one time about a "username" variable not being

Interaction in Maps !!

Hi all, as per SAP help BI 7.0, http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw70/helpdata/EN/3b/7c98021bed374ee0000800091c1b0e/frameset.htm <param name=u2019IMAGEMAP_PATTERNu2019 value=u2019FILTER_VALu2019> <param name=u2019INFLUENCED_DP_1u2019 value=u2019Revenu

Creative's value on the Singapore Exchange here

It's definately not looking good, for Creative anyway. Check [url="http://stocks.us.reuters.com/stocks/overview.asp?symbol=CREA.SI">here...[/url]? more [url="http://finance.yahoo.com/charts#chart:symbol=creaf.pk;range=992090,20080328 ;ch

Strange? unless i am missing something

for some reason my "F9" & "F10" buttons to dim and brighten the keyboard are not working. they work in the sense the keys and computer recognize them, but the little "no" sign or an easier way to say it is a circle witha

Pie chart labels prepended with "@" symbol

Hello I have a pie chart and it has two values, each of which is a formula When I view the Pie chart the Data labels and legend are prefixed with @ The Data Value formula name is Open Online, so the data lable on the Pie is @Open Online, as it the le

Pie Chart and legend symbols

Hi forum, who can help me to customize legend symbols in pie chart? Thanks in advancedLook at the last lines in caspian.css .pie-legend-symbol.chart-pie {     -fx-background-radius: 8px;     -fx-padding: 8px;     -fx-border-color: null; }You can prov

Problem with displaying special language symbol in charts

Hello, I have problem wih displaying special symbols in czech language in charts. When I write some value into Categoryaxis or Value axis in chart designer I see the right value. Then I save the web template and present it on the web. But on the web

How to adjust x axis of line chart for dynamic values from universe

Dear All, I am new to SAP Dashboard. I got one requirment that, user will pass single value to universe using prompt in Dashboard. Based on that prompt value / input parameter, universe will deliver data to plot line chart in my canvas. But, on every

Custom Chart Line Symbol Type in 10g

Hi, How can we add custom symbols for Lines on a chart (see example): http://screencast.com/t/g60p08WO Thanks Edited by: odinsride on Jul 6, 2011 4:46 PMIn 10g I solved it by editing timeline.pcxml and palette.cxml (where I modified my own colors) to

OBIEE 11g: Chart showing Hand Symbol on Over

Hi All, We've an issue with Chart. Chart is currently showing Hand symbol when over the mouse on bars(Vertical or any type of bar) though no action link/drill enabled. Customer doesn't want the hand symbol pointer as user thinks that there is some na