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Creating a PDF from a SAAS app creates boxes instead of Japanese characters

I'm using an online app (Unleashed Software) to "print" invoices, and the printed invoices show boxes instead of Japanese characters. The really weird thing about this problem, is that it occurs only on certain devices. I've tested on Macs, Wind

What Software do I need???

Hi folks, I'm new to BO so to start from scratch I'm trying to figure out what desktop Software I have to put on my workstation to unleash the full power of BO, work with our BO server and get the SAP Best Practice for BI up and running. I downloaded

How to stop update notifications for specific software updates

NOTE: I apologize in advance for the extreme length of my post & hope that someone will be willing to read it all & then be willing to help... Thanks! I have been continually getting a Software Update notification for "Migration Assistant Upd

My mac's software is only available under my profile on MacBook pro. How can other family members get to the optional SW logged in under their own profile

Is there a way to share purchased SW under mote than one profile on the MacBook pro? ThanksIf the software is in the HD>Applications folder it's available to everyone. If for some reason you put software into User>Applications folder it will be avai

Brand new IPOD Touch Apps no longer work after upgrading software

I got a Ipod touch for my wife Today at Wal-Mart. I brought it home, connected to wifi and downloaded some apps and also payed for some. They all worked fine. Then I connected to computer to transfer songs. It told me to upgrade the Ipod software so

I am trying to update Adobe Bridge and Photoshop CS6, because it is not opening my CR2 files taken by my Canon 6D.  I have tried to go to help updates, and the software says that it is "Up to Date".  However, if I view the plug-in, it says that Camera R

I am trying to update Adobe Bridge and Photoshop CS6, because it is not opening my CR2 files taken by my Canon 6D.  I have tried to go to help > updates, and the software says that it is "Up to Date".  However, if I view the plug-in, it says

Adobe Cloud Which Software does it come with

With Adobe Cloud Which Software or apps does it come with?All Cloud Applications:  http://www.adobe.com/creativecloud/catalog/desktop.htmlRead other 2 answers

Step-by-Step Help Needed for Deploying Some Adobe Software

We are a K-12 educational institution.  I am currently working at setting up a computer lab with about 16 MacMini computers. I'm VERY new to the realm of servers, deployment, using terminal, etc. I've done lots of research to make it to where I am, b

How to find licence number to activate software ?

I have just bought the Adobe creative Cloud for enterprise. I had download the creative cloud and now each software is asking for a licence number but I can't find it. And I have no acces to Adobe Licensing website to get one. Can you help me? Thanks

Text delete options since software update

I've recently updated the software to and a new option appeared for text messaging. when i closed a message and went back to the list of text messages the delete symbol appeared next to the text for a few seconds. This was useful. Now, I

Mid-2009 MBP Has Been Hard Freezing, I think it may be the SSD or software?

Please read this fully so you don't end up suggesting something I've already tried. I have the Mid-2009 version of the 13" MBP that I received in December 2009. Almost two years ago, I upgraded it to8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD. Everything has been r

Phone not working after the software upgrade

I performed the software upgrade as indicated by the phone in the notifications. One the phone rebooted, I proceeded to enter my email accounts and it froze on a white screen with a spinning wheel. I rebooted and it continued to freeze. I took the ba

How do i update my software on itunes for an iphone 4

i was told that i could update my ios 7.1 software via itunes...im new to it so idont have a clue of where to start...my phone wont let me download apps until get the update...any suggestions...See the chart below to determine whether you can upgrade

Problem with iTunes and/or updater software??

I just bought a brand new 30gig iPod video. I followed apple's "instructions" and installed iTunes and the iPod software off of the included cd. I then connected my iPod and it charged but itunes never recognized it. Windows can find it (it appe

Since I installed a printer software Satellite L300 has stopped working

Hello there! I'm new here so not really sure if I'm posting in the right place. Mods, please feel free to move to the relevant section, thank you. OK I have a Toshiba Satellite L300 Laptop and ever since I installed a printer software on Wednesday ni

I own Acrobat  XI Pro.  I installed it on my new machine, but cannot start it because Acrobat says that the serial number I have doesn't match the software.  What should I do next?  Can' find any FAQ's on this.

I deactivated Pro on my old machine, downloaded from the store on my new machine and tried to open it.  A window popped up that said I had a valid product key, but that it didn't match the software on my machine.  The drop down box did not list my pr