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Upcoming Concerts Texas


Upcoming Shoot

I've been hired for an upcoming concert (not low lighting). My current set up is a Canon HV40 (HDV) and a Panasonic PV-GS500 (mini-DV, not Hi-Def). I know it is not preferable to shoot with two different brands of cameras or with SD and HD cameras to

JQuery slideshow doesn't work

Now that I have the javascript code in the right place in the head, and I have followed all the other instructions to get a jQuery slideshow into my webpage, are there any ideas why it doesn't function as a slideshow please? In browser preview, one p

Need help with java

ok so i have a midterm and need help this question that is gonna be on the midterm. i dont know how to do it and its worth 16 marks!!!! here it is the UW Orchestra wants to produce a CD containing all the pieces of music from its upcoming concert. In

Calling ex-Windows users - how do you survive on a Mac?

I am curious what recent Mac-converts who have used proper Music Management software on Windows do now? I understand that newbies who have only used the iTunes application (even on Windows) are quite content with iTunes, but what about those who got

Emails and RSS not displaying correctly

I have had this issue for a while, it's not a big issue but is very annoying. When I receive an email or open an RSS feed story that has a banner or some kind of graphic embedded into it, it won't display the images. For example, I got an email from

Password Particular Files

Hi I have some tickets in pdf format that i ordered through Ticketmaster for a couple upcoming concerts. Is there any way i can password protect just these particular pdf's so no one can go on my mac and print out my tickets?Hello Thomas. You shouldn

App for Music

I was wondering with the touch if there is an app that will track the most played songs in a given week or time frame.... I have a 32G and have thousands of songs and I tend to use shuffle alot and I think it would be interesting to see what songs in

Concert worked, saved, and quit properly, now crashes on open.

I am so ticked off right now it's difficult to articulate. My right eye is twitching. I have spent the past week creating Concert patches and sets for an upcoming show. Until today I have had no problems whatsoever opening the file, using it, even pe

[All Platforms][Your Music] Advertise Your Bands' Upcoming Showtimes

So I think it would be really interesting if Spotify could list upcoming shows and concerts around your area for the bands you like or have in your playlists. Of course this would require geographic information from the user, and they would probably

"upcoming events" snippet/widget for iweb

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to create an upcoming events snippet for an iweb page. Here's what I would like to do: I am an athletic director and would I have entered all of my school's athletic contests into iCal. I would like to se

AMD and Adobe Collaborate on Upcoming Version of Adobe Premiere Pro Software

AMD and Adobe Collaborate on Upcoming Version of Adobe Premiere Pro Software to Enable Breakthrough Video Editing Performance through Open Standards AMD A-Series APU, Radeon and FirePro graphics technology work seamlessly with next version of Adobe P

How do I get more than one song with a backing track in a concert?

Hi,I confess I haven't yet looked in depth at the manual but I cant work out why there is only one song available at any one time within a concert. I am trying to put a set of songs together,some with backing tracks,some with just a piano and vox  an

Having to rebuild *all* of my MS 1 concerts... and... rather than cry...

about having to do this... (I suspected the concerts had become internally inconsistent - see previous posts about copy/paste that maxed out memory)... I want to look at how to approach MS2... please comment as you see fit - I've got to tackle this d

Mainstage 2 crashing when loading concert made on another mac

My Mainstage [2.2.2 on Lion] crashes when I try to load a concert created on someone else's mac. I have tried loading it several times but it crashes every time. Any ideas why this might be? I would post a crash report but it never finally crashes ju

Advice for Upcoming App Spree

Thanks for asking those questions; I knew I was bound to leave some information out. Unfortunately, I don't have verifiable income during the summer, but I did during the school year, and I will during this upcoming school year. The only reason I was

Icloud mail out on one account for two days in texas

Does anyone know what is wrong with icloud mail? My account is fine, husband's has not worked for two days.  We are in the Dallas, Texas area.This is a second day of no icloud service. Completely unacceptable! I've been an apple guy since 1985 but th

How can i view a list of all upcoming dates in my calendar?

i love my iphone 5 and use the calendar function allot to record upcoming meetings etc. Is there any way I can view a list of all of my events in my calendar? i dont have a pc or a mac and just use my iphone exclusively but the way the calendar is st

How to set up Multiple Playback tracks for a "Set" or "Concert"?

Hey Gang...so I'm venturing into MS2(2.2.1) now and have a feeling I just need some help understanding the building blocks.  Here is what I'm trying to do: I want to set up a concert for solo gigs where I basically will perform saxophone along with b

How can I change the media info from Concert Film to Music Video in ITunes 11.01.12

I purchased a concert film a while back from the ITunes store, and in previous versions of ITunes, I had been able to change the media info from concert film to music video so I could watch it in my library (and any devices) without losing any of my

How do I ad a new track to a patch and have it  (all all it's parameters) appear in all patches of a given concert?

Hi there,  We use MainStage 3 to play backing tracks for my daughters shows.  From time to time I either have to add a tracks (like a back up vocalist who is joining her for the evening) or I have to make a change to a track that already exist in all