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updatable resultset in jdbc example


Using updatable ResultSet to update Unicode data ?

Is it possible to use Unicode data in updateString() methods for updatable resultset ? Or I only can do it using OraclePreparedStatement ? I've opened an updatable ResultSet and trying to update NCHAR column using the code below: rset.updateString(6,

Updatable ResultSet for join Query

Hi all, It is inevitable that i use a 'JOIN' operation for a particular query and i need the resultSet to be updated. Heard JDBC driver doesnt support this. Is there any workaround for this. Any help is really appreciated. Thanks, AbhijitWelcome to t

Execution time difference between SELECT & UPDATE statement in JDBC Sender.

Hi Experts, In my scenario, I have used the JDBC Sender Adapter with the SELECT and UPDATE statement. Now the problem is in between the execution of Select and update statement, few more entries are coming in the same DB Table. So result of this is u

Update query in JDBC adapter

Hi guys help me with this 1) What is the use of update query in jdbc adapter? 2) Why do we use the flag field in jdbc table ?Hi, 1) What is the use of update query in jdbc adapter? The purpose of the Update Query in JDBC is to change the status of th

Scroll not a method of ResultSet on JDBC 2.0? Install Missing?

Hi, 1) (rset.scroll(lastRow - startRow) Is this an oracle extension to ResultSet? Reference the sample 4 at: http://download-west.oracle.com/otndoc/oracle9i/901_doc/appdev.90 1/a88894/adx07xsu.htm Also how is that example 4 suppose to replace the sam

Problem using updatable ResultSet

I am using scrollable and updatable result sets to query and modify data. The problem I am having is that when I make a change to the data in a field on my form, the data gets modified in the database and not in the result set in my form. This only o

Array Insert/Update/Select in JDBC

I've been using array processing in ODBC, OCI, and Pro*C for years and desperately need to do so in JDBC. I've thus far been unsuccessful and am beginning to doubt that it's supported which to me is unfathomable. I've likewise found many like inquiri

PLEASE HELP!!! Updating ResultSets

I keep getting an error, "ResultSet not updatable" Here's my code initial code to setup the Result set. Conn has already been initialized. Stmt = Conn.createStatement(ResultSet.TYPE_SCROLL_SENSITIVE, ResultSet.CONCUR_UPDATABLE); RS = Stmt.execut

Help with resultset from jdbc

When I run this program, the result set show up in the results textarea but it does not start a new line after each record even after inserting the "\n" escape character import java.awt.*; import java.sql.*; import java.awt.event.*; import javax

Error while updating database using jdbc receiver adapter

Hi All, I am trying to update a single record using jdbc receiver adapter. This is my the message that is getting created.. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> - <ns0:Data xmlns:ns0="urn:Test"> - <STATEMENT

How to use a global variable for reading a query resultset in JDBC lookup?

Hi Friends, Using JDBC lookup, I am trying to read from a table Emp1 using a user defined function. In PI 7.0, this function returns values of a single column only even if you fire a " Select * " query. I am planning to use a global variable(arr


Hi folks , I am using jdbc sender adapater to call RFC function and the o/p pf the RFC i am writing to the file This is my select query SELECT * FROM ULIDTA2.F5631505 WHERE QSINTF='N' and mu update query is Update ULIDTA2.F5631505 set QSINTF='Y' wher

Update- statement in JDBC sender Adapter

Hi , I have a requirement where I am trying to fetch data from ODS based on some flag and immediately I want to update the flag status . So I used selected and update in JDBC sender adapter . But I have one question , in the small timeframe where  XI

Select and update rownum sender jdbc

Dear all i am using PI 7.31 sender jdbc adapter. table(TB_AA)  has 10000 row with pi_stat = 'R'   and then  sender jdbc adapter tried  10 row  in using rownum  every  120 second and update same rownum but  result of select query and udpate query  wer


Dear All, I need to execute few Select, update and Delete statement by using JDBC Adaptor. Suppose While select statement no records selected. During Update no records exsist with specified key so no update possible. During delete if no record found

Update sentence in JDBC SENDER

Hi mates, I have a doubt about a sentence update in JDBC SENDER adater. This update we apply, is from all the Database or from de Select we do?? Thanks a lotHi, The databasename is specified in the connection string. The update statement will have sc

DataBase problem, when update ResultSet

Hi, I use mysql drivers and the problem is: i create a connection and then a statement with option CONCUR_UPDATABLE. Calling stmt.getResulSetConcurrency(), the answer is CONCUR_UPDATABLE, but if i execute a query, calling rs.getConcurrency() the answ

Not comitting database after the update query in jdbc

Hi all, This is the first time I am posting this. I have query excuting on racle DB. This is update query. after executing the i have called commint using con.commit(). But still it is not showing the modifications in oracle db. What could be went wr

Updating resultsets using vectors in editable JTables

Ok i am currently retrieveing my result from a vector of vectors from a query: public void presentResultSet (ResultSet rs)throws SQLException { Vector dataVector=new Vector(); try {if (!rs.next())     JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, " No records

Update problem in JDBC

Hi, I am using mysql with JDBC , and I try to execute a update like this: update tablename set doc="function test(){ var test; test=1;return test;}" where DocId='11'; It is work well in mysql console. But when i run it in program use JDBC, the r