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Why don't the ratings transfer when upgrading Lightroom to a new version? I no longer can sort using ratings--which took a lot of time to create.

I have given many of my photos ratings, but the ratings don't come over when upgrading Lightroom to the newest version. Anything I can do to recreate my ratings?Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL, change the top option to '''Everything '''and in the bottom menu, c

Problem to upgrade Lightroom 5.2 to 5.3 in windows 8.1 pro

I have problem to upgrade Lightroom 5.2 to 5.3. I have download and extrakt the down load file on desktop and started the installation  as administrator. The computer can not find the Adobe _Lightroom _x64.msi. Is it someone who can solve the problem

How do I retrieve an old serial number to upgrade Lightroom?

I upgraded my Lightroom and can no longer find my old serial number. If I go under my account, it isn't there either. Wondering how I get a number.If the old version is still instaled, it is listed in Help/System Info.Read other 3 answers

Upgrading Lightroom from ver. 5 to ver 6, I am running Windows 7 32-bits but I get Lightroom in a 64-bit version, also the second time I download

I have just downloadet Lightroom ver. 6 to upgrade from ver. 5 on Windows 7 in 32-bit. The install tells me that it ned a 64-bit system. I have then downloadet ver. 6 again, and it stil demand a 64-bit machine. What can I do? Torben Aastrup, Denmarkt