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Missing episode 6 of upstairs downstairs

Is anyone missing the last episode of Season Two of Upstairs Downstairs. It was aired awhile ago, but i do not see the Episode 6 posted for download.I'm missing a handful of episodes too. I just jumps from 5 to 8. Where is episode 6 and 7?Read other

Music upstairs & downstairs at the same time?

hi, my imac is upstairs hooked up to an amp and speakers. my airport express is downstairs hooked up to an amp and speakers. without buying another airport express unit, and using itunes, can i listen to music upstairs & downstairs at the same time?

Slow file open and save across airport network

Hello - I just purchased an Airport Extreme base station and am having some problems. I could not seem to find an answer to this issue in the archives. I have a small architecture firm and have 3 computers networked together (iBook G4, mac-mini, and

Can I update iPhone 4  w/4.2.7 to 5 or 6?

Can I update my iPhone 4 with 4.2.7 in 'steps' to 5 or 6 without being forced into iOS7? I don't think it can handle 7 for one thing. For another, I'm using it as a computer now, with a Comcast phone number... even though the VZW was of course switch

MacBook Pro loses wifi connection upon wake since I bought a new AirPort Express

Hi. I've been using Apple devices and computers since february 2008 and had no problems until now. I currently own an early 2011 13" MacBook Pro and a PC running Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.10. Until early February, I used a 2nd gen AirPort Extreme to co

Multicast rate setting

Has anyone done any experimentation to analytically try and determine how to best set the multicast rate on devices on a network?  I'm thinking that since the airport utility will display the signal, noise, and rate information it would be simple to

Using n and g together/ two networks

Would appreciate any advice-- is my configuration right? Which wireless device has the problem? From 2004 until Nov 2009 used airport extreme (the dome, mid 2004) and airport express (late 2004) to extend one network; worked fine; seldom had dropouts

What could be causing these strange WiFi networks to show up?

I have these odd random WiFi networks showing up when I scan for networks to connect to in my house on my MacBook Pro. They don't show up on my iPhone or iPad, just my MacBook Pro. The network named "Gunz" is my home network. The Roku one is a R

Quality of Elgato TV signal on my Mac

Sorry, this isn't directly an Apple TV question but I figure people here will know... I'm using the Elgato Hybrid to receive TV signal on my Mac and while it is working, the quality of the video isn't good. I've tried adjusting all the software setti

Anyway to tell if Mail loses connection to server?

Is there anyway short of opening the Apple Mail app every so often to tell if you are connected to your Mail server? The Mail dock icon doesn't change no matter if you're connected or not. This is very frustrating since I seem to lose my connection t

Airport Express with ethernet?

Hi All Can the AE increase my wireless coverage upstairs, whilst backhauling traffic via the ethernet link into my switch/router downstairs? I'd like the same wireless network upstairs/downstairs naturally. I tried to 'extend' in the options, the log

Tiger Updates Have Broken Airport Appleshare File Transfer, Horribly Slow

Big horrible slowdowns in file transfer over wireless have me pulling my (remaining) hair out. I have seen several other posts and here are results of what I found. Hope you can add some suggestions. I had given my Apple Airport base station (b) to m

WRT54G to WRT300N + WMP300N

The 54G wireless, with Hawking antenna wasn't strong enough for an upstairs/downstairs connection. I replaced it with the WRT300N + WMP300N combination, running with firmware 0.93.3 works well. That problem solved. My other wireless machines are not


all around my house i get wireless connection upstairs downstairs, the basement, even outside (diveway etc) but i recently moved my bedroom to a room above my garage in my home and the Wireless connection that i get everywhere else i cant get in that

Iphone stolen via Armed Robbery tonight

I know I was stupid for putting myself in this situation but here is my story . I tried to meet a blind date tonight that I talked to on a local telephone dating site . I show up at the 2 family (upstairs /downstairs) residence and the girl came out

Trouble getting WDS Mode to work between 2 RG54G2s

Hi, I have bought two RG54G2s and am trying to use them to wirelessly bridge 2 wired LANs in my home. (Upstairs &  Downstairs) I am not getting connectivity between the two routers however. I have read the manual and the article in the FAQ and I *tho

Airport Extreme Upstairs conected via switch and cat6 to time capsule downstairs.  Is it possible?

I have used an airport extreme connected to my cable modem for a while.   This is upstairs in my office.   Reception downstairs in my den was spotty at best.   I had a time capsule I was no longer using, and set it up downstairs as an extender.   Thi

When I connect my apple tv to my access point upstair and connect my ipad to the same access point i cant see my apple tv when i open up the airplay menu on my ipad. but i can see the apple tv in the living room downstair which connect to the main router

when I connect my apple tv to my access point upstair and connect my ipad to the same access point i cant see my apple tv when i open up the airplay menu on my ipad. but i can see the apple tv in the living room downstair which connect to the main ro

Bt infinity downstairs and upstairs

Good morning i have an engineer coming around next week to install my bt infinity he is going to install it downstairs. However we have sky and a console upstairs that we want wired. Is there a way that the engineer can install another router upstair

Wireless bridge be setup - cable modem (downstairs) to a EA4200v1 to a EA6500 (upstairs)?

Hello, I have a question on how to improve my home network. I have Comcast digital cable TV and High speed internet that is very spotty in the coverage in our split-level home.  Currently my home network setup has the cable modem located near the mai