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Using API in Python


How to access a sharepoint site via the REST API in Python?

I have the following site: http://win-5a8pp4v402g/sharepoint_test/site_1/ When I access this from the browser, it prompts me for the username and password and then works fine. However I am trying to do the same using the REST API in Python. I am usin

How can I retrieve/compute an X509 certificate's thumbprint in Python and then use it for accessing Service Management APIs from Python SDK?

Hello, I am using Azure Python SDK to perform calls to ServiceManagement APIs. I have a .publishsettings file generated for my account which includes an encoded version of my X509 certificate and all of my subscription IDs. How can I retrieve/compute

Writing items into listbox using win32com.client api in Python

Hi I'm trying to add/remove an item into the listbox control of labview using the VI methods provided by pywin32 api for python.. I have tried the setControlValue method to add an item, but to no avail (vi.setControlValue('Listbox',<name of item>)).

Linux-api-headers & python-imaging upgraded, Xorg fails.

Hey archers, as the title says, I upgraded. It just asked me to replace kernel-headers with linux-api-headers and to replace php-(something?) with php-input(I think). It may not have been php, but it was something along those lines. Before, xorg woul

Fofix win't run (numpy python error?)

[[email protected] lib]$ fofix Traceback (most recent call last): File "./FoFiX.py", line 108, in <module> from GameEngine import GameEngine File "/opt/fofix/src/GameEngine.py", line 32, in <module> from numpy import array, float32

Python ActiveX/COM - Which engine am I getting?

Currently, I have TestStand calling some Python code to run some of our tests.  I'm wondering if it's possible to have the Python code manipulate variables from the running TestStand instance?  This post shows how to access the TestStand API from Pyt

Analog output digital start trigger c api

Hi, I am attempting to start analog output based off a digital trigger (either PFIO, or a PXI line)  I can do this easy in LabVIEW.  However with the C API (through Python wrappers), the problem isthat when I call DAQmxBaseWriteAnalogF64, the write w

Anyone automating Crystal Reports in Python?

Post Author: [email protected] CA Forum: Other I am relatively new to Python, and found sample code that I have, to some degree, successfully implemented.  I am using the RDC and can open a report, but am having difficulties supplying connection data

Binding variables

Hi, I am trying to take the advantage of bind variables in Oracle. The following query: SELECT SIGN(:b) from dual; Bind value: -12 Gives me the invalid character error! What is the correct SQL syntax for binding variables? Thank you, AlanLike i said,

Integrate "Linux Binary Library" into program

Hello Everyone, I am trying to create diferent kind of application, like a DVD burner, ArchLinux usb Creator, WBFS Manager (I know that they exist a lot out there but I want to create mine in qt) etc..  and I know how to do this by using the command

[Solved] FoFix (Fretsonfire-alarian-mod) Crashs on startup

Hello, i'm new here, please forgive some language mistakes, its not my native language. I have a Probleme with FoFix from the AUR. It have worked fine, but since 5 days ago it crashs on startup with that message: Traceback (most recent call last): Fi

[new] PyOpenGL

pkgname=pyopengl pkgver= pkgrel=1 pkgdesc="PyOpenGL is the cross platform Python binding to OpenGL and related APIs" depends=(python glut pil python-numeric) url="http://pyopengl.sf.net" source=(http://dl.sourceforge.net/$pkgna

Flash interprets 3xx redirect responses as errors.

Hi I am trying to upload videos to the YouTube API, it used to work great, butsomething has changed and now Flash interprets 3xx redirect responses as errors! I found a post on another forum where somebody has commented on the issue much better than

How to determine host status in a task via python api

Hello all, using the python api I am having some issues trying to determine the status of a host within a task. For example I have a job, with one task and 10 hosts associated with that task. Eight hosts finish the task, 2 fail. However via the api I

Problems with environments and transactional mode in the Python API

Hello everyone, I have been having problems with the Python API, and I wonder if anyone can comment? I am using DB XML version 2.2.13, with python 2.3 (RedHat linux WS 4.0) and python 2.4 (SuSE 10.1) with identical results. I started with a simple ex

Python API files

Hi, These (generated?) files are instrumental in library function names autocompletion or calltips or some such things. Some genius invented a killer name for them (pun intended). This API acronym virtually disables Google. I'd be most grateful for s

Using Azure Python API to create VM without exception, but the VM is not launched....

This is the scenarios: I have created a custom Linux VM image and I have successfully launch a VM using the Python API on region US-WESt.   My goal is to create a custom Linux VM on a VNET. This is what I have done: 1. Knowing that using Python API t

Python: Amazon API - fetch Album Art

Hi there, I'm a total noob in Python (and programming generally) and I want to write a little script that fetches album-art from Amazon I looked into the Boto documentation but I didn't found anything about images. I'm sorry for being ignorant but I

Bdb xml & python api

I've been experiencing problems trying to build the python api library against python 2.5 on a PC running Redhat Entrprise Linux 4 using dbxml-2.3.10. If I run the following against python 2.3 I get no problems, and files _dbxml.so + dbxml.pyc are co

Python API: Version and dbapi ?

Hi, I am a Python afficionado. I was very pleased to know that there is a Python API for MaxDB. After having installed the latest MaxDB for Windows, I saw the sdb package containing the modules sql, dbm and loader. I just copied the sdb directory int