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ADFBindingFilter error while deploying a war to WLS server using jdev 12c

I've a OSB Server setup using XBUS_MAIN_GENERIC_120131.1402.S which is using JDEVADF_MAIN_GENERIC_120102.0032.6211. Launched the 12c Jdev and created a simple adfc web application with a test.jspx page and deployed in the OSB Server. The web app depl

Issue in Oracle 12C Installation for windows 64 bit

a) I have downloaded Oracle Database 12c from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/enterprise-edition/downloads/index.html for windows 64 bit b) Unzipped both of the files and have click on setup file in file1 c) It is stuck at 59% i.e., at set

Help needed in utl_file

Hi, I have two groups in data model of my report. I am using utl_file in a formula column of report last group.it's working fine. but my problem is if customer has more than one invoice lines then all that lines not comes under only particular custom

Error in Starting Weblogic Server 12c

Hi, I get the below error when I run Weblogic server 12c. I am running it on Windows 7 Enterprise sp1. I have installed the products. Oracle DB, RCU, Webcenter Portal & Content- The main error I see is Opening of file

Is it possible to convert an app from 12c to 11g?

I am using both and If I have an app built with, which does not include any 12c specific features, is it possible to convert it to I am asking because I have a Development environment that is 12c, but a Productio

Oracle 12c ASM Disk Problem on AIX

Hi All, We need to install DB with ASM option on AIX 7.1. When we start to install grid installation, in the 3.step we could not show adding Candidate disks to ASM. Disks right are 660 and oracle:oinstall ownership. When we start to

Problems with moving files to ora directory UTL_FILE.PUT_RAW - ORA-29285

hi, i'm using apex 4.1 i have a procedure which moves my file from apex_application_files to ORA directory. if i choose a text file or small word document which is 1kb, it works. but if i have pdf file (85kb) or word document (16kb) it gives me ORA-2

Oracle database 12c on Windows Server 2012

Hello, Is it Oracle database 12c compatible with Windows Server 2012. What are the system requirements needed for Windows server 2012 on Oracle database 12c? Thanks VoittoHi Voitto, Actually , it is not a windows related question . But I found some i

Not able to see ikm oracle incremental update and ikm oracle slowly changing dimensions under PHYSCIAL tab in odi 12c

not able to see ikm oracle incremental update and ikm oracle slowly changing dimensions under PHYSCIAL tab in odi 12c But i'm able to see other IKM's please help me, how can i see themNope, It has not been altered. COMPONENT NAME: LKM Oracle to Oracl

How can I switch from auto_login wallet to password-protected encryption wallet in 12c  ?

How can I switch from auto_login wallet to password-protected encryption wallet in 12c --Now the autologin wallet is in effect SQL> select * from v$encryption_wallet   2  ; WRL_TYPE WRL_PARAMETER STATUS       WALLET_TYPE    WALLET_OR FULLY_BAC     CO

12c synchronization between cdb and pdb

Hello, I'm reading the following the my 12c new features student guide: If a common users and roles had been previously created, the new or closed PDB must be synchronized to retrieve the new common users and roles from the root. The synchronization

(ORA-06508: PL/SQL: could not find program unit being called) utl_file

hi all, I am using Oracle XE and forms 6i and am facing the above error when i try to use the utl_file utility. WHEN BUTTOn PRESSED      IF (:EXPORT_IMPORT_DATA = 'E') THEN           message(lc_status);                          SECURITY.PKG_gen_trnsf

WLST command line utility "storeUserConfig()"  is not working for 12c OHS

Hi All, I am facing issue with WLST command line utility with "*storeUserConfig()*" command. I have installed Standalone OHS 12c (Not managed OHS with WLS), configure and start the Node Manager. I start the WLST command line utility from : <M

Questions on the Hardware requirement mention in the 12c installation guide

Hello experts, I have a confusion on the Hardware requirements mentioned in the 12c installation guide where they mentioned as below. RAM with ADP1, JVMD2 8 GB 12 GB 20 GB 1 ADP Manager is Application Dependency and Performance 2 JVMD is JVM Diagnost

How to create/delete files from filesystem using PL/SQL ? UTL_FILE?

Greetings, I will start by explaining what i intend to do. I have an application made in APEX. This application will have among other purposes the managment of pdf files which will reside in the filesystem. I have questioned the person in charge to k

ORA-01092: ORACLE instance terminated. Disconnection forced ORA-00942: table or view does not exist on 12C RAC

Hi Geeks, I have encountered an issue while starting up my database on 12c RAC. Till mount it goes fine but when i attempt to open it throws me an error. Total System Global Area 1.5400E+10 bytes Fixed Size                  4737560 bytes Variable Siz

Problem with UTL_FILE (please see my last post on this thread)

Hi all, I'm trying to get the code (procedures, functions, etc) of my schemas. I've tried it using DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL but it fails with many objects. Finally, I'm trying to create a procedure to extract the code. I've created this two procedures:

Line size in UTL_FILE

Hi, Can someone please tell me what is the max. number of characters that can be written using UTL_FILE in Oracle 8.1.7?Perhaps I should have been more specific; I wanted to know how many characters can PUT_LINE or PUT function take at one time to wr

Blocking Locks monitoring in 12c cloud control

Ours is a 11.2 4 node RAC environment, and to check for blocking locks i run a sql script. I want to monitor the blocking locks in the system and if there are any locks for more than say 10 minutes then send out a mail to a group to look into it. We

Producing text file from PL/SQL procedure (UTL_FILE)?

Hi, I need to produce a text file from a PL/SQL procedure. My output should be a little over 38K records and my query has 70 fields. I'd like to separate the fields by pipe delimiters in the text file. I can either concatenate all 70 fields into one