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New forums launched for PM, variant configuration, classification,....

Hi, now the new forums have been launched and most of the former messages were moved from the PLM forum to this new special forums. To avoid long response times for your future threads please keep in mind to post them in the newly created forums for

Is it possible to use variant configuration (with a Non-SAP solution) when creating ERP sales orders in SAP CRM WebUI

Hello, our customer plans to use a Non-SAP solution for variant configuration (Camos) in SAP ERP (ECC 6.0) and in SAP CRM 7.0 EHP1 as well. ERP sales orders (and ERP quotations) should be created in SAP CRM (CRM WebUI). Is it possible to use variant

Variant configuration  for material in sap B1

Hi, Please explain how item variants can be configured in SAP B1 against materials like SAP R3.   Noramlly all the attributes of amaterial cannot be incorporated in material code which are to be filled at the time of transaction in sale order. Every

How to create Variant Configuration Material Master in SAP PP

Dear Friend's, Pl 's guide me for How to Create Variant Configuration Material Master. Give me step by step procedure for Creation of Variant Configuration.If some of you having screen shots for the same with one Example, that will be a very helpful

SD SAP Variant Configuration questions

Hello guys, I'm preparing for an exam and trying to find the answers for the following questions, please help me, I need them as soon as possible, full points will be given to any answer, Thanks all ! - What is variant configuration? - What is charac

Variant Configurator - Configurable Material in SAP.

Hi, Is there a BAPI/Function Module / API  available to validate a configurable material with all the possible characteristics / classes. Thanks, TanujHi There is huge gap is there between R3 and SBO. u cant expect same thing in SBO which in R3. Basi

Stock Report for Variant configuration

Hi Experts, Request your help to get the following information. We have a material which are packed in to multiple packing modes. Inorder to ease the selection of packing mode in sales order, we are thinking of introducing variant configuration. I.e

Tolerance Limits for Class Character in Variant Configuration

HI all, We are Using Variant Configuration, for this we have linked MIC's to Class character, When The Inspection Lot is created the Lower & Upper Limit in the specification comes as the character Value.it does not takes in to consedration the tolera

Why don't  we do the confirmation in variant configuration?

Hello guys,    As far as i know that in variant configuration we don't do the confirmation, we directly do the goods receipt.Is it right?If yes than why?   Following are the steps we  do while doing the variant configuration scenario: 1)First we crea

Creation of sales order with Variant configuration info

Hi friends,    I am creating sales order along with Variant configuration data. We have 3 level BOM structure. I am using BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 and filling in ORDER_CFGS_REF, ORDER_CFGS_INST, ORDER_CFGS_PART_OF ORDER_CFGS_VALUE, ORDER_CFGS_R

Consuming Material Having Variant Configuration

HI We are using Variant Configuration for our semi finished product and its batch managed.There are two plants in one plant say A and B. In A plant we are using Variant configuration.The same material is stock transferred to plant B and is further pr

Variant Configuration Data download from R/3 to CRM

Hello all It may be a very dumb question, but I would certainly appreciate an answer. We are currently using SAP R/3 4.6c and heavily use VC for configurable products and also for pricing. Now we wish to explore the possibility of using SAP CRM 5.0 t

Using ALE to synchronize Variant Configuration data from Production to Dev

SAP Gurus, We are trying to move away from opening our production environment every time with need to add new Variant configuration for products. In order to do so, we need to ensure that our development and staging systems are in line with productio

Implementing Variant configuration with Non-configurable assembly

Hi Gurus! I have a scenario but don't know how to implement it. My header material is configurable and has 3 semi-finished components under it. One of the semi-finished component contains a BOM with 2 raw materials, but this component is not configur

Configuration management (LO-CM) used with Variant configuration (LO-VC)

Hi I am new to SAP, working with Variant configuration (LO-VC). I wish to enforce configuration management during development of a new Variant configurator. Would Configuration management (LO-CM) work together with Variant configuration (LO-VC)? My e

User Exit - VA01 / VA02 Sales Order, using Variant Configuration Fields

Hi, I'm doing a user exit for creating / changing a sales order (VA01/VA02), and in my program I'm trying to use the characteristic values in variant configuration: Extras -> Configuration. I know there's a whole bunch of data in SAPMV45A, but I can'

Custom ATP Check using Variant Configuration Data in sales order

I have a requirement to modify the standard SAP ATP check by including the variant configuration data entered on a item.  Standard SAP does not use/include the characteristics data when doing the ATP. None of the available user exits would allow me t

What is Variant Configuration!!!

Hi Guyz, Can anyone please help me with Variant configuration,I got some info from this forum but that is not explaining anything in detail,what,wher,why?when i create a material with KMAT(configurable material),in basic data 2 screen it is asking fo

Purchase of variant configuration material from external source

Hi, I am working with variant configuration scenario , Here some material procured from external source and per characteristics requirements , these characteristics have varied price , these price should be maintain at condition level . The Material

Variant Configuration on B2B & B2C webshop

Hi Experts, We have requirement of providing Variant configuration on B2B and B2C Webshop , when customer creates sales order. SAP CRM 7.0 is integrated with backend ECC 6.0 , And "Variant configuration " is configured in ECC 6.0. Please share s