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Satellite A350-13B - OpenGL and Radeon HD3650

Hi My laptop is Satellite A350-13B with ATI Mobility Radeon HD3650. I found that I have OpenGL 1.1 (7/7) and partially 1.2 (1/8). I installed latest drivers from ATI site, modded with Mobility Modder (also tried drivers from Toshiba's site - without

World of Warcraft MOP wine OpenGL xf86-video-ati Radeon HD7870

Good evening ladies and gentlement. I try to run World of Warcraft (currently 5.3) on my machine. My setup: linux 3.10.6-2-ARCH xorg-server 1.14.2-2 xf86-video-ati 1:7.2.0-1 mesa 9.1.6-1 wine 1.7.0-1 World of Warcraft 5.3 Radeon HD7870 GHz Edition Wi

SDDM + nvidia-340xx = black screen - Failed to create OpenGL context

When I'm trying to use SDDM I see nothing but black screen (I see sddm and Xorg running). It used to work some time ago, but one day it stopped. I'm using nvidia-340xx drivers: [[email protected] ~]$ yaourt -Qs nvidia community/cuda 7.0.28-2 NVID

OpenGL Photoshop CS5 and memory management by OSX 10.6

I was able to find out quite a bit about the secrets around this issue - see my post on "NVIDIA Geforce 9400M and Adobe Photoshop/CS5 question". What I still do not understand is the following Apple-remark (in this case on the 17" PowerBook

How do I use Qt and OpenGL with Visual Studio

Hi! I mainly want to program in C++ and I want to use Qt and OpenGL with Visual Studio. I am currently revising C++ and later on i am going to start reading Qt and OpenGL. I have a background of Embedded firmware design(C and Assembly). The Visual St

Layout variant not working

Hi ,   I have executed a report . I hide one column and saved the layout. The layout name comes on to the selection screen parameter which i have defined on the selection screen. PARAMETERS: p_vari LIKE disvariant-variant. " ALV Variant i have made t

Layout variant is not working in background in ALV report

Hi, I have one LAV report to send the report output through mail in foreground and backgroud.Final internal table is having 46 fileds to display the output.But here user is saving the layout variant and sending that layout variant output to mail id i

How to create a variant to a maintenance view (trans: SM31)

Hi gurus. I have created a maintenance view (called z_jest). By running it from SM31 there is a variant option. However, I am not able to create the variant which I want to filter a selection upon in this transaction. I have even looked into transact

How to Save Multiple Variants for a Report at a time?

Hi Experts, I have a report in one server and I have copied the same into another server. And now I also have to copy the variants of that report. There are totally 192 variants for the report. So, is there any easier way to copy all those variants f

Error while saving FYV : Gaps in financial year variant periods

Hello Experts, We are getting an error while saving  a new FYV as: Gaps in financial year variant periods XY Message no. FGV556 Diagnosis The period specification has gaps. The periods must be sequentially numbered without any gaps. System Response O

How to find out list of variants in TVARV table

hi! can anybody can guide me on the following issues? plz How to list all variants in TVARV table? How to find out any Z* programs that writes to TVARV table, using the variant name? How to find out the programs which are  reads the TVARV data into a

Free goods determination in variant article

Hi ALL!!!! The issue is regarding IS-Retail. In case of order processing with variant article free goods is not getting active. The item category of the parent article is TAG and for the variants is TAN. When I am maintaining freegoods for the varian

Creation of a new costing variant to cost production orders

Hi all, Currently the business is only able to cost a vehicleu2019s production order at the standard cost value which is determined at the start of the year. During the year a number of the purchasing values will be updated with a new contract price,

Creation of new Print Program & Variant for new Correspondence Type created

Dear Friends, I have created 2 new Correspondence Types in SAP as SAP61 (Vendor Debit Note) & SAP62 (Vendor Credit Note) by copying SAP09 (Internal Document) properties like itu2019s Name of the print program - RFKORD30 & Name of variant - SAP09.

Multiple Fiscal Year Variant in the same client in SEM-BCS...

I have already looked at some earlier threads relating to this but didn't get a convincing answer to what I would like to know. We have had a working SEM-BCS system with fiscal year variant K4. There was no need for defining leading fiscal year varia

How can I get a variant's string data?

Greetings! When I view a variant indicator, I see a (generally) human-readable block of text.  This makes sense to me, since, as I understand it, a variant is, internally, a kind of flattened string.  My question is:  is there a way that I can get th

NF de Saída a partir de Várias NF de entrega

Pessoal, Boa Noite!!! Tenho o seguinte cenário tenho um cliente que tem varias filiais e eu vendi algumas impressoras para ele. Ele pediu para enviar para essas filiais e faturar pela matriz. Fiz 7 NFs de entrega cada uma com o cnpj da filial de dest

Unable to save the ALV layout variant and display of selection screen on F4

Hi All, The end user wants to directly select the layout variant (SLIS_VARI). I have used the following code to display the layout variant on selection screen. But, I am unable to save the variant on ALV. Whenever I am trying to select the layout var

NVIDIA OpenGL driver lost connection with the display driver

Alienware M14x Laptop Windows 7-pre 64-bit 8gb ram 3gb Video: NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M Intel i7 2760QM AE CS4 AE keeps crashing. I get the following message while doing something as simple as scrubbing through the timeline, or changing opacity of a lay

Difference between sy-datm and sysdate in a variant of a report

hi, I am working on a report which fills the database and i had assigned variant called SYSDATE -1 bcoz it will update the database table for all the plants for the previous date. can anybody guide me that whether i should use the variable SYSDATE- 1