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VAT problem with Intercompany Billing

Hello Expert, I have the following problem: 1) Company in France create a sales order  with a delivery plant in Germany belonging to another company 2) Goods are delivered to the customer in France by Germany plant 3) Sap select VAT code using the de

Apple Store, VAT, GERMANY

I have just a question about VAT for Iphone 4s. I'm not EU citizen, can i buy an Iphone 4s without VAT in Apple Store in Germany at once. Or first i need to: 1) fill in invoice 2)put a stamp on the Customs 3) return during 3 monthes to get back VAT T

Need some help with VAT Setup

Here is my scenario. We're dealing with a partner in Germany. We will be shipping them parts from the US and need to slap on a 19% VAT surcharge when invoiced. I can get the VAT to calculate correctly on the SO and Invoice, the issue is that it will

Third Party Deliveries and VAT/taxes

Hello All, customers using third party delivery between two EU companies in different countries are mostly facing the same problem: the tax code is not correctly found in the sales orders and has to be maintained manually. Some of the customers are d

Acquisition tax in Belgium/Germany-Posting with different tax codes

Dear Friends, Does anyone have experience working with Acquisition tax in Belgium and German where the goods and services purchased within EU have 21% -input and output tax such that it is ZERO. But still Tax authorities need to see both input and ou

VAT in Accounts Payable

I am having difficulty with PeopleSoft allowing us to enter a voucher including VAT, when the ship to country and ship from country are different, but both countries are still in the European Union, and the vendor is charging us VAT. I am sure we hav

ERROR  ar 196  VAT registration number contains invalid characters

HI GURUS! I have a problem when i am trying to create a new vendor. The case is that i dont have the correct registration vat number and this vendor is from the uk. I have a number to use but it is not the correct one. The thing that i want to do is

Rules for VAT register numeration

Hi all As somes of you know in Italy it is not permit to have a numeration gap in FI VAT declaration register; the vendor and customer invoices has to have a consecutive numbers without "lost" numbers in the sequence and following the calendar d

Tax reporting Germany

Hi all, I have a German customer that shold start running SAP. I wonder what kind of VAT reporting do they do in Germany. They say that they have one monthly and one yearly VAT report. Could anyone please explain what reports in SAP that they need in

Default VAT code for TRIP abroad

Hello, I have a problem with VAT code applied for TRIP Abroad using credit card integration. For example, in case User "X" from Spain travel to Germany. When we record TRIP manually, system gives always the default VAT code as mentionned in the

VAT code

Hi, for evry documents posted with this Account : "XXXXXX" i want to have specific code of VAT like : "Y1". so i want to force users to choose this VAT code when they post documents with "XXXXXX" (it is treasury account). ple

VAT: CH to European country with own VATreg.no.

Hi. My customer is shipping goods from CH to European union (e.g. Germany). He has an own German VAT.reg.no.. So he is making an invoice with German VAT in his old system (basically he is shipping his goods just over the border to a parking lot and s

VAT allocation rules for pricing

Hi, We have following scenario applicable to allocate VAT on a trade invoice : 1. VAT to be applied for a product on a trade invoice is depending of the combination of the country of the selling organization & the country of the customer ship-to loca

Vat configuration for uk

Hi        Please send the document related to VAT configuration steps for country UK my mail id [email protected] Thanks in advance c.k.reddyHI REFER BELOW <a href="http://help.sap.com/saphelp_470/helpdata/en/e5/077ff04acd11d182b90000e829fbfe/fram

Why is the price difference of apple products in different countries? For example in UAE price is different as compared to Germany?

Why is the price difference of apple products in different countries? For example in UAE price is different as compared to Germany? MacBook Pro with retina price in US is USD1299 and same product price in Germany is 1299 Euro. Why???Obviously all the

What is the cost of the display for ipad 4 in Germany?

what is the cost of the display for ipad 4 in Germany?This is your only option in Germany for IPADS My iPad is not eligible for warranty service. What are my service options? Apple offers two service options for iPads that are not eligible for warran

Determination of Customer VAT Reg No.

Hi All, Our client has established a central entity based in Germany, that sells and ships to customers as well as their own subsidiaries in multiple EU countries. Their requirement is to design a solution on SAP to ensure the correct customer VAT re

No VAT by a german customer but with a dropship out of EU

Hello Experts, is it possible to say the system (without programming) that if a customer is located in Germany but the shipment is from a dropship warehouse out of EU, that in this case the VAT should not be added? Thanks for your helps and best rega

Vat Reg. No in PO Header - STCEG

Dear experts, I have an issue with the VAT Reg. No in the header data of a PO. Fieldname: STCEG. When creating a PO this field is populated with the VAT Reg. No of my Company Code. However, I want this field to be populated with the Vendor VAT Reg. N

VAT rate changes in Ireland on goods from 1st December 2008

Dear SAP Experts, The standard rate of VAT will be increased from 21% to 21.5% with effect from 1 December, 2008 in Ireland. This means all IT systems dealing with VAT should be able to cope with that change. My client is a retail organization and op