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verizon call failed iphone 6


Is it true if sprint or  verizon will unlock iPhone I can only use with CDMA career?

Is it true if sprint or  verizon will unlock iPhone 4S, iphone 5, iphone 5s or 5c    outside of America, I can only use with CDMA career??? I mean can I use GSM on this iPhones? ThanksTo send messages to non-Apple devices, check out the TextFree app

HT4061 Can a unlocked (no ATT, Verizon, Sprint plan) iphone 5 bought from an Apple store utilize a phone call while simultaneously checking email, web pages etc.? I know the ATT version can and the Verizon version can't, so can a unlocked  Apple?

Can a unlocked (no ATT, Verizon, Sprint plan) iphone 5 bought from an Apple store utilize a phone call while simultaneously checking email, turn by turn, web pages etc.? I know the ATT version can and the Verizon version can't, so can the unlocked  v

If I use Verizon Edge with Iphone 6, Can i just buy SIM when i travel outside the USA?

Hi,    I plan to switch to Verizon Egde with Iphone 6, but i just want to make sure if i can buy SIM to use with it when i travel outside the USA? Do i need to unlock the phone? thanks.i chatted with the rep, and i was told that unless iphone 6 paid

Verizon Remote Control iPhone App will not accept my logon credentials

I downloaded the Verizon Remote Control iPhone App - but it doesn't accept my username/password.  The same app has a Support section and that section does accept my username/password. Any advice?make sure you are using the Verizon primary email accou

HT4528 iphone 5 cdma w/verizon, bluetooth fails.

2012 honda crv w/factory navi unit pairs ok, received calls audio fails, pandora streams good, and husbands android phone works good with cars bluetooth system. The iphone 5 was working good up till about 3 weeks ago with the cars bluetooth, it now f

Verizon has failed me and I will no longer be a customer.

I wanted to order a prepaid phone. So I did. I couldn't place an order with a separate shipping address than billing address. This is bad for me, because my credit card is linked to my home address, buty I live at university right now. I chatted onli

Verizon or ATT iPhone 4?

My iPhone 3GS has bit the dust and I have to purchase a new phone.  I'm not under contract so I can choose either a Verizon or AT&T iPhone 4. Is there really a difference?  Is one better than the other? Thanks for your help!Check the coverage maps fo

Verizon process for iphones for existing customers......are you kidding me?????????

Are you kidding me Verizon??? I did everything you told me in order to get my iphone right away.  I got up at 3 am on the 6th and your website was down more than it was up...by the time I was able to place my order you tell me you are no longer accep

Cannot Get Mail - The connection to the server failed. iPhone 3GS & Hotmail

I've got an iPhone 3GS and I'm using Hotmail. I'm geting the same error message over and over - "Cannot Get Mail - The connection to the server failed.". Out of the blue it started on my phone, but then the email worked again for a day after, an

Are Content Filters available from Verizon for Apple iPhone 5c?

I noticed that Verizon offers Content Filters for my kids' Apple iPhone 4, but one is not offered for the 5c.  Is that correct? If so, what are some good alternatives for a dad concerned about his son's access to the garbage on the interweb?    Cluel

Verizon canceled my iPhone 6 Plus order, suddenly says I'm ineligible for Early Edge

I ordered an iPhone 6 Plus on 9/19 (and also a second iPhone and new line for my wife). The expected ship date was this week. I checked on the status yesterday only to discover it was canceled. Needless to say, I was upset and called to find out why.

Starting up a New Verizon Contract for Iphone 4s

So I've been wanting to switch carriers to Verizon and buy the Iphone 4S. The problem is, I want to be a familyshare plan and the rest of my family wants free new Verizon phones or whatever phone discounts Verizon has to offer as well. Will my family

Why wont apple announce if Verizon is getting iphone

I am a loyal mac convert that is stuck with a blackberry due to having to be on Verizon. My contract is up in a few months and I will be upgrading phones. Im tired of the limitations Im having with blackberry, but I may have to go with either another

Ipad with Verizon Hotspot on iPhone - Won't Connect

Has anyone been able to connect their iPad with their Verizon iPhone Hotspot? I can connect my wifes iPod, but when I connect my iPad, it connects, but then it says internet is not active. The Phone shows the connection, but I don't get a wireless sy

How to get contacts from Verizon phone to iPhone 4S?

I currently have a Verizon non-smart phone (LG Voyager).  I plan on pre-ordering an iPhone 4S.  How can I get my contacts on the iPhone 4S?  FYI- I do have backup assistant. Thank you.SFalconi wrote: kaebfly wrote: Not sure. Haven't checked but maybe

Verizon activation of iPhone 4

How do I activate my IPhone 4 when every time I dial *228 it says unable to activate phone every time what do I do or what is going on??Ask Verizon.Read other 2 answers

Problems sending Verizon Email With iPhone 4s

I cannot send mail from my iPhone.  I keep getting user name or password [email protected] is incorrect.  I deleted the account and started over -but it didn't work.  I've been having this issure for two days now.  Any help is appreciated.  I also ch

Verizon conference calls iphone 5

I have switched from an ATT iphone 4s and LOVE verizon's call quality and speed of call-call connection. And I knew that I would have to sacrifice the no simultaneous data/voice party that ATT does. That said, Verizon's conference call ability is AWF

IOS 7 OTA failed, iphone 5 now bricked. Thanks apple!

In the UK, have iPhone 5. Started OTA update, message said update failed & the phone restarted. Itunes picks the phone up in recovery mode, nothing showing on the screen, cant even turn it on. Total failHi pdroth, I live in Chicago. I was thinking ab

Password rejected for Verizon email on iPhone

Verizon email password suddenly rejected on iPhone and MacAir. Works on Webmail but cannot access from iPhone. Help?have you checked your settings on the iphone I have an Iphone and have no problems getting and sending emailsRead other 2 answers