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Buying replacement bateries from verizon

I took my mother into the local Verizon shop (Helena Montana) to get a new battery for her LG phone, only to be told that the Verizon store doesn't sell batteries, and was sent to a Battery Plus store 2 blocks away.  Does it strike anyone else as odd

Verizon cant take payment from me!

I had my account set up on auto pay. A few weeks ago I was mugged and now have new credit card I need to associate with my account This credit card is registered in the UK and the website cannot take it Verizon customer support helpfully told me what

Droid Mini notifications for email and text not working

I am having a problem with notification sounds not working for email and text messages with my Droid Mini. I took my original phone to the Verizon shop. They did a factory reset. Sound worked for two days. Went back to Verizon and they reset it again

Two phones ordered, only one shipped. The iPhone 6 has shipped with tracking number and charge to my card. iPhone 6 Plus has no information available, no one at CS can tell me if this is normal, if it is delayed, any info appreciated.

I placed an upgrade order for two phones, an iPhone 6 and 6plus. I was in the Verizon shopping cart at 11:55 and checked out by 12:01 AM pacific time. I do have my email confirmation for both phones with ship date 9/19 The iPhone 6 has shipped with t

T400: Very bad experience

I really don't know where to start, I have had so many problems with the T400 from the past one month! So, let me start at the beginning:  PC Config: WinXP, P8600, 4 GB Ram, 160 GB/7200 RPM, ATI 3470 card. 1. I got the the PC the 2nd of October. Out

Freedom Essentials vs. Digital Voice?

Can anyone help me as to why I would choose one over the other? Last week, while doing my research, Digital Voice was not available, so I thought it was going to be Freedom Essentials. Today, when I went by the Verizon shop, I learned that Digital Vo

Droid 4 "No Internet Connection"

My phone will recognize WiFi, but when there is no WiFi, I get a No Internet Connection message.  I have a few bars at the top and I have tried it in a number of different locations.  I have gotten it to work a few times, but mostly, nothing!  Any su

Dropped calls...kind of (strange noises and cannot continue talking)

Hello, I was wondering if someone has this problem: when 3G is on, when I talk to someone on the phone after some time (40secs - 2min) I suddenly hear very strange noises, the other person hears those noises too and I must hang up because the we cann

Does iphone5 LTE mode work in denmark?

? Does it?Thanks Brad, my son says, that the people at the Verizon shop said, it would work. The version he will get will be a GSM one. Otherwise we have a couple of months to figure out, how it works. But thanks anyway!Read other 3 answers

Bump in the night

Last night I went to bed with a full charge in my X2, and woke this morning to a dead phone. It would not power on at all. I plugged it into the charger and nothing no response. Next I pulled the battery, waited 30 secs, and put the battery back in.

My plan ends in 2 months, how to renew...

I'm actually overseas at the time my plan ends. A friend is caring for and using my mifi while I'm gone. I want to renew while I'm away so I won't have a gap in service. Does anyone know how to do this without having to go in person to a verizon shop

Trying to shop for Verizon Home Control...can't find the link

I was looking to add another camera and the remote control that shows up on the screen when I first set up my recording mode for my current camera.  The thing is, I can't seem to find the link.  I looked under SHOP, which is at the top of the page an

Hi. Im currently living in New Zealand. Just bought an iphone 5s yesterday from a shop called Parallel Brand Imports in Auckland. When i came home i called apple to check whether my phone is locked or not and they said that its locked to US Verizon even t

When i came home i called apple to check whether my phone is locked or not and they said that its locked to US Verizon even though when i checked on iphoneimei it said sim status unknown. I put my 2degrees (NZ carrier) in today and it worked fine. I

Why is it that over 60 Complaints have been made to verizon about the razr screen cracking, and there is still no known issue ? Any answers Verizon?

I have taken the privilege of reposting several comments about the droid Razrs MANUFACTURE DEFECT!!!!!! I have highlighted what I felt where key points in each statement. I hope and entice any one with a similar problem to post your story so Verizon

Bluetooth broken on Verizon Galaxy Tab?

Is there a fix on the way for the Bluetooth functionality on the Galaxy Tablet?  It seems that with all other versions,(from other providers) it is possible to use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.  The Verizon Galaxy will not work with a Keyboard and

Verizon tech support for FIOS - how to get around the attitude.

Most are helpful, but some are rather disdainful of macs or linux, or act surprised if you have more than one computer. A: Well, if I only had one computer, why would I need a router? Linux does not need any special support, and in fact runs quite be

Verizon Wireless keeps dropping the ball.

Back in March 2012 I was tired of the billing issues T-Mobile had with Suncom UnPlan users and decided to start shopping for another account. My employer had a discount at all of the major Wireless Providers. I called Sprint then AT&T saving Verizon

Verizon received this Priority Express letter from me yesterday morning, no response so far.

Subject:  Service Ticket # << removed >> and tons of problems from Verizon leading up to it. For a little more than the last three years, I had been bragging about the service I have been receiving from Verizon.  That was until a couple of mon

Switching To Verizon was the Biggest waste of my time..

Verizon Wireless – Worst Customer experience I have ever had. After dealing with a higher bill than I expected with AT&T a company I have done business with for 10 years I decided to explore other options. My company has a partnership with Verizon, s

Open letter to Verizon Wireless Management and Customer No-Services

After more than 10 years as a customer of Verizon Wireless, I have recently encountered several situations that have caused me to begin the process of changing my service provider to another company. Verizon has "zero" loyalty or appreciation of