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Video Card Settings Windows 10


Can't identify video card on Windows 8 and Skyrim is choppy.

I have a late 2013 iMac with the following specs: 8GB RAM 3.4 GHZ Intel Quad-Core Nvidia GeForce GTX 775m (2 GB GDDR5 Memory) PS: When I look for driver for this model, it doesn't show up in Nvidia's website. Also, it shows the (m) models as Notebook

Quadro video cards (for Windows)...

Is it possible to utilize a Windows version of the nVidia Quadro series video cards in a 2009 MacPro? I would be using it in the B/C side of course; but was curious if this is even do-able? Or are there too many little "gotchas" to even bother w

AMD 8750M Video Card and Windows 10

Is Windows 10 really not compatible with the AMD 8750M Video Card and the version (1/21/2004) driver? Or does AMD need to issue a driver update? Thank youAnd if you will turn 8750m off via bios, you might get this issue where you can't

[T410] discrete gfx - Problem with Video Card and Windows Aero -anyone using 4Gb memory modules?

[3/3/2010 Update] There's a issue of using 4Gb sticks on T410 currently that results in video output artifacts and aero interface problems when using Lenovo supplied drivers v8.16.11.8825. I think I can call it confirmed (Three people including me fa

H430 3 ghz I5 video card problem Windows 8 64

Hello.  I installed an ATI HD7750 card in this desktop.  I noticed that there was no video detected until the login screen.  I finally got Catalyst to work after trying various iterations.  The screen went black while I was enabling Windows Defender

Video card?  windows gaming?

So I am looking at getting a new mac but I want one where I can install windows ala boot camp and play counter-strike source and battlefield 2 on. I was thinking of the Mac Pro but was wondering if the iMacs would be able to run that just fine. I cur

My T60p can't find driver for video card in windows 7

I have problems finding a good driver for my computer I think the videocard is a: ati mobility firegl v5250 but i'm not sure can anyone help me please? My computer seriel name is: T60p 8741w56 Solved! Go to Solution.Good day and welcome to the commun

Video Card Settings In BIOS

i have a race game(F1 2012)and it gets blurry during gameplay. I have an AMD Radeon HD 6850 vid card. In CPU-Z it says Core is 803 mhz, Memory 1000MHz,Memory Size is 1024 GDDR5. My RAM and CPU are overclocked and are high performance ..stuff. The 970

Problem on HP Pavilion dv7-6c90el with Windows 8 Pro x64 on Video Card

good evening, I just finished installing Windows 8 x64 from Win7 Pro, I was able to find all drivers for my notebook, but I have problems with the video card settings. My laptop is a HP Pavilion dv7-6c90el with two video cards, one run by the process

Upgrading a 2007 Mac Pro Video Card

So Steve Jobs said that the mac pros would offer greater expansion when they were reased a couple years back. Its been 3 months since the Geforce 8800 GT has been 'available' on the 2008 mac pro and 3 months since it hasnt been available for the mac

AE CS6 doesnt recognize my ATI Radeon HD 6850 video card GPU

As in the title, it keeps me saying GPU is not enabled while OpenGL 4.1 is supported. Any suggestions?The video driver should be correctly updated, i launched just yesterday a quick AMD app to do that. I dont get what screenshot you want, i dont have

Any fix for "CS5 doesn't see my video card"?

I know there have been threads about CS5 not recognizing video cards on Windows 7 64-bit machines.  I was looking to see if any progress has been made in solving that problem.  My searches don't turn up anything. I'm running CS5 on a Dell 1645 with C

Constant loud piercing beep upon startup when GeForce88000 GT video card installed.

I purchased a 2008 2.8 GHz Mac Pro that has a Quadro FX 1800 Windows video card and Windows 7 installed . OSX not re-installed yet (I'm trying to get there). So I installed a GeForce88000 GT video card, which is listed as compatible with this machine

Video Card??? And what does the Configuration assistant do besides nothing

I installed the Solaris 8 on my desktop (Asus P3V133). I followed the installation instructions and I can not use the video Card (S3540 Stealth). Thus, I keep going to command line instalation mode. After installation, i get to CDE fine, however, it

Encoder 3.1 on Windows 7 64bit does not see video card

hi any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated; We are running Newtek's VT[5] on a windows machine and have been very successful running Flash Media Live Encoder 3.1, streaming Live to a server. Recently we were upgraded from XP and 32bit to

Do video cards not supported on Mac, work in bootcamp under windows?

I have recently purchased and installed Battlefield 3 on my 2006 Mac Pro1,1, on the windows partition and it plays okay on extremely low settings. I am using the ATI 4870 card I purchase from apple a year ago. I want to play the game at higher settin

Current video card may support aero with driver that is complaint with window.

After the latest Windows 7 update, my sleep, hybernate options are all grayed out. Also it says the vedeo card  WDDM , I need to get the latest or driver from teh manufacurer.  This i sthe  HP Pavillion DV4 laptop. How do I fix this issue? Any help i

HP DV7-2015TX video card not found on upgrade to Windows 8.1 - need help looking!

Hi,  I'm running a HP DV7-2015TX and I am looking for a driver to kickstart the video card again following an upgrade from pre-installed Vista to Windows 8.1 after Windows Update cooked my operating system a week ago.   Is there any chance HP will pr

Windows compatible video card for OSX?

I have a windows PC with an ATI All-In-Wonder 9600XT card that i put in it a few years back. I was wondering if this card is compatible with my PPC Powermac G5 Dual 2.7 machine to add on as a second video card. It's only purpose would be for me to im

Dont find the correct video drivers for my T61 + windows 7 ultimate + intel pm965 video card

Hi Experts, I am keep getting the stop error 0x00000116 failing with a blue screen while im browsing. I have observerd this quite a few times and also I could not find the correct video drivers for my t61 thinkpad in the ibm site. I could see the det