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Settings To Use In Premier With 720 15 frames p/s Video

I have a video shot on a webcam on 720 resolution and 15 frames per second. When I import it into premier I can't find a 720 setting at 15 frames. Suggestions?So here's the issue folks. I recorded a 2 hour webcast video on a Logitec c525 webcam using

Windows Video Editing Software for Vado HD

I just got the Vado HD and I am having trouble getting it to work in any video editing programs I try. It will not work in windows movie maker, ulead video studio, or power director. It works the best in Pinnacle Studio 2, but the video in the previe

Error while opening a datafile in dataprep editor

Hi Error while opening a datafile in dataprep editor "opening the datafile failed see the message panel for details" "server.com.DEV.Perf     Read data file     September 17, 2009 8:31:51 AM EDT     Failed : 1030001" can anyone help me

Text Editor -options

Hi, I have been using text editor control. In this when we click load file button...an open prompt window appears.. there we will be finding Files of type... dropdown..containing values like text(.txt) file and All file types.. Is there any way to re

Options - Text Editor - C/C++ missing intellisense entry. Intellisense not working

Options -> Text Editor -> C/C++ missing intellisense entry.  Intellisense not working.    Solutions to turn options for the editor off and on are not working.  The intellisense entry is present for other languages, such as C#, but not C/C++. By not

Image not printing in Layout Editor

I am using BI Publisher I tried inserting an image in Layout Editor to display company logo. Followed the steps below. 1. Click on Image icon in Layout editor. 2. Select 'Field' Radio button, in the image URL: selected the field LOGO which

How to delete the commented out lines in PC editor of a SAP Script?

Hi Experts, I hv lot of commentde out code in the PC editor of a my_SAP_Script.........so, wanna to delete all this commented out code, so, let me know that, Do we hv any option other than manual deletion. Currently am doing it by, keeping the line t

Clicking on jsp page does not open it in visual editor.

All "open jsp tags in visual editor" checkbox is on for all libraries. Jdeveloper version is 10131 build 3914 Message BME-99003: An error occurred, so processing could not continue. Cause The application has tried to de-reference an invalid poin

Error opening a transaction in Logic Editor

Hi, Using 11.5 SR3. I have a transaction which some 20 sequences and 30 action blocks. I configured it as a listener. For some strange reason, I just cannot open the transaction in the Logic editor. Another issue, though not sure if its related to th

Since installing 3.6.9 my Joomla content editor pop-up windows no longer return the URLs selected

I recently upgraded to Firefox 3.6.9 and found that when using the editor in a Joomla 1.0.15 website , the content editor pop-up windows no longer return URLs selected (eg: image or file URL to be used in a link). I have been using the site with no p

Command in ABAP Editor to improve the source code

Which command in ABAP Editor to be used to improve the readability of the program code ?plzz tell Edited by: Alvaro Tejada Galindo on Feb 13, 2008 3:48 PMUse Pretty Printer or do a CTRL+F1. Also u can change the settings of the way u want preety prin

Logical expressions in Link editor

Hi all, Is it possible to define logical expressions (using AND, OR) in the Link editor of BLS or are we left with only using the Conditional Action block? Thanks...Yes it is. For AND : <<Condition1>> <b>&&</b> <<Cond

Using Adobe Bridge as Aperture 3 External Editor

I have a problem that I can't seem to solve and I'm hopeful that a post here can get me closer to some resolution.  I recently started using Bridge for noise reduction and PS for high pass sharpening.  The downside is my work flow is now shot full of

List of missing features in CC 2014 for film editors

hello everyone, I was thinking about some features I miss in CC 2014 (and I really was hoping they will be there, because the most of them are just basics...) and made a list which I want to send (again...) to Adobe as feature request. Premiere impro

I can not open the Editor in Photoshop Element 12

Hallo and sorry for my bad english! I can not open the editor in Photoshop Elements 12. After clicking the stands ".... only the workspace is loaded", but nothing happens. After installation in May, he has about a month and suddenly no longer wo

Photoshop Elements 7 Editor crashes upon opening any image

I have been trying for 2 days to get my Photoshop to work. I've used PSE7 for years, no issues. Suddenly yesterday, every time I try to open an image in the full editor, I get the "Photoshop has stopped working... check online for a solution or close

Feature Request: Option to Load Master in External Editor

Right now, if I want to edit a file in an external editor, Aperture makes a version first. While I understand the design reasoning, I need to override this behavior in two specific cases: First, sometimes I want to use Adobe Camera Raw to process a R

Photoshop Elements 12 Editor Shuts Down Without Saving for Web

Hi I have a mac version of Photoshop Elements 12 Editor. I have been using the products for a few months with no problems until recently when I try to save for web (after the preview is shown), the program will shut down by itself when I click the "S

Microsoft C++runtime error in Adobe Photoshop_10, editor,Windows 7

Would like to fix this. Program opens, when I click on editor, Visual Runtime error occurs, and program will shut down when I closed window or click to cancel. I have been coming up with some solutions on the forum but some people have not been succe

Applescript won't run as .app but runs fine in AppleScript Editor

I'm an experienced web developer.. but total applescript noob. so forgive me if this is a silly question. I'm calling my script it from Flash via fscommand to launch a PDF using finder, rather than a browser. The script works great from AppleScript E