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Mavericks 10.9.1. Freezes or trackpad becomes slow and unresponsive when viewing downloaded PDF files in Preview.Help!

The earlier post was my first attempt at posting and had some typos. Repeated with typos corrected. I have a Macbook Pro Retina 13" Late 2013 with preinstalled Mavericks.I now have the 10.9.1 update. Almost from the time of purchase in Nov '13, I hav

Once I view download a film from iCloud to view on my iPad, how do I return it to the cloud?

Once I view download a film from iCloud to view on my iPad, how do I return it to the cloud?You don't. It is always there. It's not downloaded to your iPad then deleted from iCloud.Read other 2 answers

Unable to view download movies when in the air??

unable to view downloads when on the plane??You might want to include a little more information such as the source of the download and the app. However, if you are referring to a movie purchased in itunes, yes, once downloaded you do not need WiFi to

Unable to view/download recently purchased TV series on laptop

Unable to view/download recently purchased tv series on laptop. When I got to my profile it is listed in the purchase history but is not viewable to download in my recently purchased items. Also not available on the cloud to download.Hi Major Davey,

Where can I find the discontinued Adobe SVG Viewer download at?

I have a pice of sortware that requires the discontinued Adobe SVG viewer (Jan 1, 2009) My software is no longer supported.. There's viewer that no longer works because I don't have your discontinued software. Is there any way that I can get a copy?

IMessage cannot view/download photo

Hi can anyone help me with this problem. this issue have been bothering me for ages already. I cannot view/download iMsg photos sent by another user. what seems to be the issue and solution for this. I already did the reboot, on/off iMessage but stil

Viewing downloaded html-code in a webview -AppleEventhandler failed(-10000)

I am trying to view downloaded html-code in a webview in AppleScript Studio. Showing the raw html text in the textwindow works ok, but I am getting an error message trying to output the code to the webview. I really googled for a solution to this bef

Viewing downloads or documents ???

I have adobe reader , adobe PDF , and acrobat installed in my I-pad. But I still cannot view any documents, or PDF 's  I have been struggling  with this for several days trying everything and I have sensitive documents I need to review to obtain my c

Safari 5.1.2 on Lion crashing when I view Downloads

Hello all! I've had this problem for a while now and figured I'd finally try the community for help. I've done my fair share of searching for answers, but I give up!! So Safari normally works great for me. Until I download something. Now it doesn't m

How do I view downloaded public library audiobooks in WMA form on my 4th generation ipod?

I am able to transfer files using Overdrive.  Overdirve says there are ipod permissions for using these WMA files on the ipod.  The files transfer.  They function (when the ipod is docked to the computer and they play through the computer).  My probl

How do I view downloaded content when the error message, not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged, shows up?

I trying to download a book as a pdf to view through my adobe reader. But every time I do I keep getting the same error message saying that the file is not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged it can't be opened or viewed. What

Unable to view downloads saved in Downloads Folder

I have purchased and downloaded some movie clips. They are in the Firefox Downloads folder. I can play them when the clips are downloaded but after about 24 hours, if I right click and look for Open Containing Folder, it is greyed out. I have noted t

Where is the 'View Downloads' option in version 4.0b2 ?

This was quite a handy option, has it been removed and if so, why? Cheershey... mmmm you can view your downloads by click on the keyboard ( Alt ) key that will view menu bar for U ... after that go to ( Tools ) panel then choose ( Downloads ... or U

Cannot View/Download Email Attachments - ActiveSync

Can View Emails, Contacts, etc..But when I click on an attachment, it acts like its downloading, but doesn't..Any ideas? I have full access to our companys exchange 2007 server, we also have sales people in the field who have pda's using activesync o

Online viewing - download/display without a viewer

When people visit my site, I want them to be able to either view or download a video clip Is there any format that doesn't require that a player be downloaded/installed first? BobbRecent versions of Internet Explorer were including the Flash player a

Viewing downloaded videos

I just bought my first apple computer. I am trying to view a video clip but i am unable to do so. It instructs me to download windows media player 9 for mac and when i do, i cannot open it and install it. It asks me to choose an application to open i

I keep getting an error message when I try to view downloaded TV programme, I keep getting an error message when I try to view downloaded TV programme

Ive downloaded a TV programme on itunes and when I click to view it I get an error message "itunes has stopped working" and it shuts down Please helpLet's try the following user tip with that one: iTunes for Windows "iTunes has s

Unable to view downloaded movies twice

Several days ago I downloaded two movies. When I tried to view them all I got was a white screen. I retried several times over the next 24 hours without success. I brought the Apple TV to the Apple store where they found it was defective and swopped

How view download history in Safari toolbar?

I can't view de PDF files in Safari (download history), another files I can view normally. Just PDF files. Anysome know solve this problem?Cover flow is gone and there is no option to turn it back on (as far as I have found).  It should be an option

Problems viewing downloaded PDF files with Adobe Download Assist.

How can I start using Adobe Down Load Assist, I need to view some forms in PDF format? & How can I change the way I view my forms?Are you trying to view PDF forms?  If so then you may want to use Adobe Reader.  You can find the download for Adobe Rea