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HP Photosmart 8450 Starts printing with red tint

Printer starts to print with a red tint apprroximately 2/3 of way through an 8 by 10 photo.  I've cleaned contacts several times.  That makes printer work correctly for maybe one print.  Suggestions on how to fix?Which cartridges are you using?  Try

GH2 Raw has red tinted problem, any solution?

I am using GH2 to shoot raw format photos. when I import to aperture. all photos turn red tint. Anyone facing the same problem and has the solution?Thanks Lennart. The fix you suggested does not fix my Ghost Folder problem. That said, I finally did f

Red tinted LCD

Hi - Yesterday I was working back stage at a theatre, and my Macbook was in my briefcase.  I set it down for an hour while I did some work on stage, and when I started it up back at home, noticed that there is a red tint/haze over the left-hand side

Dreamcolor LP2480zx monitor showing red tint in every inputs

Hi, I recently obtained this monitor from someone else and when I first power it on, I noticed that it is showing a red tint. At first, I suspect that someone was playing around with the settings so I did a factory reset. Nothing changed. Then I susp

Red Tint to iMac G5 Screen

So here is my story... When I first acquired this iMac G5 the screen did not work at all. I proceeded to replace all of the capacitors on the motherboard (since this model has been plagued with leaking/bulging capacitors) and am now able to see the s

Export gives a nasty red tint

I need some help Please. I am trying to export a movie from Premiere CS3. The movie looks great when editing, previewing, etc. Whites are super white and color looks good. But the second I go to export, all my whites turn to pink and everything gets

Strong red tint when exporting with prores

Hello There, I'm using 5D Footage that i converted to AppleProRes (HQ) with the compressor and edited it in FCP plus did some grading in Color. Everything looks fine when I export with H.264. However, I need to export the material with ProRes again b

Mountain Lion showing red tints over images,thumbnails and buttons

Hello everyone, I've been having an issue ever since I updated to mountian lion a few weeks ago. Images are showing up with red tints over them for no reason, and I'm not sure what's going on. Here is a few examples. I have a Macbook Pro Mid 2009 edi

Premiere Elements 11 Adding A Red Tint

Premiere Elements 11 is adding a red tint to my video. It is fine before I put the file in elements and on the time line. It is only when I render and save it that the tint appears. I save in MPEG and use the HD 720p 30 preset. I have included some s

Importing into iPhoto, Pictures Have Red Tint

This has gotten progressively worse over time... I have .NEF files that are created using a Nikon D90 camera in a folder.  In the past these images would import successfully into iPhoto.  By import, I do NOT create a second image inside the iPhoto li

IMovie Imports .mov Files with Red Tint

Hello, I import my quicktime video to iMovie, only to find it red, and this has happened to all of my videos, does this show up when exported, or will it be normal? Also, how can I fix the red tint?  I am using the newest iMovie on MavericksI have th

How do I remove red tint from pictures on Firefox?

Anytime I surf the web in Internet Explorer or Chrome, pictures look normal. But when I search the web half of the time pictures have a red tint to them. Also if I upload a normal picture from my hard drive to a website through Firefox it will turn t

IPhoto pictures have red tint

I've just upgraded to iLife '06. When I try to import from iPhoto to iMovie some of the pictures take on a red tint, as if a red filter is applied. Initially I thought it was just the B&W photos but now I've noticed it with some color photos too. The

RAW files give a red tint when processed in photomatix?

What causes or what is the fix, to correct a terrible red tint over HDR photos processed through photomatix 4. It only happens if I process  RAW files from a 5D Mark III, JPEG's process fine.The internal structure of RAW was changed for 5D3. You shou

My iPad screen has a red tint

My iPad screen has a red tint, anything I can do to fix this?I'm not the greatest when it comes to taking care of my iPad, that being said. I've dropped it a few times. I've had this issue, it can be easily fixed by holding down the home button and p

Premiere Elements 11 is adding a red tint to all the video out create

I have put two clips of .mts video on my timeline.  When I watch the video from the timeline, it looks great.  However, when I output the video (in any format) it has an awful red tint.  I've tried several output options (different version of mpg as

External monitor excessive (as in unusable) red tint

Last night I ran lenovo update, which updated a number of drivers on my machine.  Today, when I plugged in my external monitor, the entire display was all red, and I mean unusably red.  The laptop LCD is fine, and screenshots taken with the laptop li

Iphoto photos all have a red tint and dark

pictures were fine a month ago and now 90% of them have a red dark tint to them. Wife thinks its my fault any suggestionsThere are 9 different versions of iPhoto and they run on seven different versions of the Operating System. The tricks and tips fo

T61 red tint problem

I have T61 7663-AK5 and  the screen tints red while I am using it. All the black on the screen turns red. When I push down with my hand on the palm rest, the colours go back to normal. I have connected the laptop to an external display and it works f

I have a c310, when printing photos I am getting red tint in every photo I print.

I have cleaned the print head. I have tried different papers including HP premium photo and still get the red. This question was solved. View Solution.Hi cart1775, Sorry to hear your having this issue. Here is a link that may be able to help (some of