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voice memo won't send


IPhone 4s recorded voice memos failing to send and locking memo app.

I am using an iPhone 4s 16gb with the latest ios. When I record a voice memo, and then try to send it via iMessage it often fails to send.  It does not provide any error messages but what will happen is, I will push the "send" button and the pho

How can I send out a voice memo by iphone 6 plus?

How can I send out a voice memo to my friend? the voice memo last around 1.5 hours.  I tried to sent by email but not success. Pls. help.It is not Family Sharing - it is Continuity. Go to Settings>FaceTime>Cellular Calls, turn them off. Cheers, GBRe

How to send long voice memos?

Hello I have long voice memos (up to 35 minutes), I want them on my Mac, but the problem is that it only allows 2 minutes to be sent via email. Is there any other ways I can transfer them to my Mac? ThanksSync them in iTunes via the phone Music pane.

Can an individual create a voice memo for free on their Windows based laptop via Apple website and then send it to perhaps an iCloud client?

I am hard of hearing and will likely become deaf one day, so for me receiving voice memos (not telephone voice messages) on my iPhone is a nice treat!  Unfortunately not everybody has an Apple device.  Some of my family members and friends have tried

IPhone Voice Memos Interrupted By Incoming Calls

I notice that every time I use my Voice Memos software on the 3G(s), if an call comes in, the Voice Memo stops recording and I won't know it till I look at the phone later. Is there ANY way to stop that for that not to happen and you can have perhaps

Manually Backup to PC - incl. Voice Memos?

After reinstall OS and new iTunes - my iPhone data wouldn't transfer to iTunes. I did manual back up (to PC) and I'm about to restore my iPhone. What's very important for me is NOT TO LOSE VOICE MEMOS that are on my iPhone. Are Memos included in manu

IPhone 5 long voice memos not synced in iTunes

Hi, Today, I've recorded 3 voice memo longer than 3 hours long on my iPhone 5, iOS8. I've checked "sync Voice Memos" in the Music tab of iTunes 11.4 sync, but those new memo don't get synced. By the way, looking into the "on my iPhone"

Voice memos on iTunes

Hello, I have an iphone 4 and I took a rather important voice memo of an interview, but its too long to send via email. In itunes I cant see it because I manage my music manually. How do I get the voice memo off my phone? If I turn sync on will I los

Voice Memos (on the iPhone 4g)  - size limit?

How large (MB) can a Voice Memo be (on the iPhone 4) to be emailed?  Can a 5 minute voice memeo be email (without being shortened) on the iPhone 4?I think you would need to break it down into 2 sections.   I believe you can only send 3 minutes via em

How do I transfer voice memos from my iPhone to iTunes so it can be viewed offline?

Hello I am struggling to find a way to transfer and save it on my iTunes (on my iMac) many voice memos (some up to 11 minutes long) and yet I can see the voice memos on iTunes via my plugged in iPhone. But unfortunately cannot find a way to save it o

Voice memos i cant get this to transfer to my laptop any help please

voice memos can anyone help with the transfer to my laptop <it is 20 mins long>Hello i found maybe the best way how to transfer Voice Memo from my iPhone 4i(OS6) to my iMac M.Lion 10.8.2. On iPhone Note: You don't need the computer that You make syn

Voice Memo does not work on 3g

The voice memo does not work. If I scream in to the mic it finally shows movement on the readout. But, when you play it back all you get is static noise where I screamed. Other wise, any normal voice speck is totally silent. Actually it works with th

Voice Memos grayed out after iOS 8 upgrade, then restore

Hello all, As others have stated, I lost ALL my voice memos after upgrading my iPhone 5c (don't judge) to iOS 8. Simple enough, restore right? Wrong. Restored the iCloud backup from a few days ago, pre iOS 8 update. "Got" the data back, at least

Voice memos do not transfer to PC

Hello everyone: I have been reading a lot about this subject in Apple Support Communities. But I haven't found any answer that works for me. I have some voice memos in my iPhone 4. Every time I sync the iPhoen with my computer (PC) the voice memos tr

Voice memos will not play full recording

I have a 4 hour 46 minute meeting recorded but can only play the first 2 minutes and 2 seconds of the recording. As you can see from the screen dump above the recording shows 4h 46m 9s but the player at the bottom only allows the first 2m 2s to be pl

Syncing Voice Memos to iTunes - Workaround

Not everyone can sync their voice memos to iTunes, and no one really knows why (or cares).  Here is a workaround. Part One - Email the Voice Memo to Yourself 1. Select the voice memos application. 2. Select the voice memos list (button in lower right