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Wage Type Configuration SAP


Error while copying a Wage Type

Dear HCM Experts, I am facing a problem in copying a wage type for recurring payments & Deductions. System generates an error "Wage Type already exists and can't be copied".  I understand that this error is due to blank wage type which needs

ANSAL module for wage types !

Hello, Can you please explain 1. What is the significance (why & when is it used) of ANSAL module in wage type configuration ? 2. How is this configured ? Thank You, AnthonyHi 1. What is the end result of configuring the tables mentioned above ? >

Error in configuring a wage type

I copied a wage type from Secondary wage type. Its characteristics shows  'Percent' in......... 'Time Unit/meas'. As this was not required I removed it but while saving, system gave me an error.....No time unit has been specified. What to do?Hi ,   

Documentation specific to SAP standard wage types..

Hi All, Is there any documentation in SAP library or some resources regarding SAP std technical wage type SPECIFICI definitions... For example, Definition of /5T1, 5T4 or /P20 OR /111 or /101 etc We all know that /101 is a technical WT which calculat

Modifying standard material type configuration provided by SAP

I was recently involved in a discussion regarding whether or not to modify sap provided material types (e.g. FERT) My position was that SAP provided material type configuration should not be modified, instead a z-version of the standard material type

SAP HR: What r  TIME WAGE Types

Hi Gurus, What r TIME WAGE TYPES.how to create them.i came to know that they r used to create Overtime only. plz let me know the purposes of Time wage types and different ways to use them.Hi, Time Type A time type is a grouping of times according to

Problem in Tax Exexpiton for Newly created Wage type

Dear Gurus, I Have tried to create a  New Wage type for Allowance with Exemption IT582 created Amount. In pay roll results the IT582 Exemption amount is coming. In Wage type /132 Monthly Exemptions it says the Entire Amount which it created for the P

Tehnical wage type not coming in RT table

Wage type for Employer Pension Contribution, EDLI Contribution, EDLI  Admin Charges & PF Admin Charges not coming in RT table. Please suggest some solution, Its urgent. Regards AbhimanyuHi, Check in Payroll log where it is not coming up to in IT tabl

Time enry collisions and wage type issues

Hi Experts, We do not have holiday's embedded in our schedules due to the flexibility in when employees are allowed to take the paid time off and also due to our "flex" work schedules being more than 8 hour work days but the holiday benefit is a

Questions on ABKRS and Wage type

Hello, Am in the process of transitioning to SAP HR and have some questions needing answers: My first question is on ABKRS which is the default value for payroll accounting area. When all the necessary entries have been made when creating "Employee S

Calculation of Fed and State Taxes for one time payment wage type in US Payroll

Hi SAP Py Gurus, I'm new to US taxes. Configured a Tuition Reimb WT 1245 for IT 15, need to Test it now to check how and Fed Tax,State Tax is calculated on this Wage type, need to check where this can be located in payroll log in simulation run. Can

Not able to copy Wage types

Hi, I am not able to copy wage types while configuring 0008. It says tables are locked for the user. I am not able to scroll down nor click on any function like Copy. When I click on any text, an error message flashes down in red as entry already cop

Benefits Wage Types

Hi Friends, My client (US) is using third party payroll (ADP Payroll) for Payroll processing. All wage types related to benefit plans are manually maintained in the Infotype 0014 for each and every employee which is then being sent to the third party

Payroll wage type

Hi to all SAP guru, Greetings for the day, I had few issue related to wage type while processing payroll, since iam not familiar with payroll, please help me out, I have maintained two wage type for a particular employee group. 1.     1200 – regular

Timesheet and wage types

Hi HR gurus, I'm not an hr expert, I've to extract in BW the timesheet (cats) with wage types. I had a look in our catsdb table and wage type column is always empty. does this means I cannot extract timesheet with wage types or there is some function

Add my custom wage types to payslip

I donu2019t have good experience in payroll now I am doing payroll Please tell me where to configure payslip? How can i add my custom wage types to payslipT-Code                     PC00_M10_CEDT Form Editor T-code PE51 Form Name             CEDT Cho

How to Calculate Basic Salary by Calculating 2 Wage Type

Hi SAP Gurus I want to calculate basic pay = norm salary * RSP %. RSP% is just a wage type for an employee. If we configure RSP % as a wage type  and Norm salaray as a wage type, is it possible to set-up basic-pay = Norm salary * RSP %, Both these va

Missing Model Wage Types

We are implementing SAP for Croatia (We are bringing Croatia into existing HR system). When I tried to copy the wage types I realized that the environment is missing the model wage types for MOL 58. I raised a note to SAP with low priority but want t

ISSUE in basic pay arrears wage type for new joiners

Hi Experts, I am facing an unusual issue as after executing payroll for new joiners from previous month(example: joining date 25.01.2015 & payroll execution date:28.02.2015) results not reflecting arrears wage types of basic pay but reflects /552 wag

List of wage type for mid year go live

Dear All, I need your help we are going for mid year go live and we are planning to uploaded payroll results .so here iam confissued with the wage types which should be uploaded so kinldy send me any list of wage types for statutory and income tax to