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waiting on condition java thread dump


Large Memory Usage and Frozen [thread dump attached]

Hi, SQL Developer (Version, WinXP Pro, Java 1.6, Oracle 10g R2) always uses at least 550MB of memory, if left open, for more than a day, it invariably goes up to 700-800MB. If I close all windows and connections, virtually no memory is recla

How to get a thread dump, in case of an IDE freeze

When you're working with the IDE and if it either freezes or becomes sluggish for no apparent reason, it's recommended to generate a thread dump, and report it to Studio feedback alias ([email protected]) with a description of what happened and at

Java thread with high CPU usage

Hi, Running prstat -L -p pid on Solaris produces a list of lwp threads running in that process that are consuming the most CPU. Out of about 7 threads that were associated with kernel threads in pstack output, only 5 of them were mapped to a JVM thre

HELP!!! Why do my thread dump have so many locked monitor

In recent weeks, My customer's weblogic server become more busy.Each time I downloaded the thread dump when CPU is busy than 90%,I found a lot of lock in the thread dump! Especially the class named "weblogic.kernel.ExecuteThread" . It's the kern