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What is the best Weather App?

I am not sure if this is the best place to ask this question but I downloaded the free Weatherbug app. It is ok. The others cost $$ so I thought I would just ask the group. So what are your opinions? Thanks in advance. --MickeyAlmost every radar that

Weatherbug Elite Error 20304

Hi there, I have a Blackberry Tour.  Purchased Weatherbug Elite via the App World.  85MB Free space on the device, plenty of room. During installation, it provided me with activation code, offered to copy to the clipboard for me so I could just paste

Notifications in top bar missing after update

Used to be able to see if I had a text message before opening phone, now top notification bar just says "Verizon Wireless " how do I change back?Thanks, I have that, but that is a large obnoxious list and it also doesn't allow me to see the curr

WAP4410N thinks I'm in Venezuela

Okay, I just installed my new WAP4410, replacing an old Access Point that wasn't working with my new Android Phone. The good news is that most everything works well. The bad news is that the Android Phone, a Motorola Razr Maxx, now thinks I'm in Vene

All of my purchased apps (games) and apps such as Weight Watchers, Facebook, WeatherBug, Sports and Pinterest, Notes, Nook, etc.  are all locked up.  They simply flash, then nothing!  How can I fix this to make them work again.

First Issue:   All of my purchased apps (games) and apps such as Weight Watchers, Facebook, WeatherBug, Sports and Pinterest, Notes, Nook, etc.  are all locked up.  They simply flash, then nothing!  How can I fix this to make them work again?  If I h

How do you delete an app from your iPhone? Deleting it from iTunes is not working.

Deleting the app from iTunes when my iPhone is hooked up the my MacBook isn't working. How do I get rid of apps I don't like?On the springboard, locate the app you want to delete. For this example, I'll use WeatherBug. Tap and hold down the icon of t

New apps crash iPhone 2.0 software on launch

I installed the 2.0 firmware on my Edge iPhone on Friday. I have noticed that every once in a while, the Phone will re-boot itself when I click on one of the new application icons. It immediately shows the while Apple logo and is re-booting. It has h

Apps crash after I launch them

I get this one alot I tap an app to launch it, it starts to open. sometimes makes to main screen but then dumps me out to springboard for example, i launch weatherbug and it crashes i launch it 3 more times, 3 rd time it remains open i launch we rule

Weatherbug - can't open in a WI FI area

I can get Weatherbug to open (opening screen) at home where there is no wireless available, but at the only location I have found with WI FI available, local mall, the program starts to open, with a blank screen, and right away it just flashes back t

Installing from app store????

Ok my first attempt at using ANYTHING from the app store failed. I downloaded (and it appeared to install properly), one of the freebies, "WeatherBug", and although it appeared to install (I had the icon on the home screen and when I went back t

List of apps causing disappearing text sounds?

I have read that some apps are whats causing text alert sounds to disappear, as these programs somehow get info thru text messages and they therefore disable sounds. So far what i have gathered is Weatherbug AIM Loopt i have none of these installed o

What's your favorite FREE app?

So far, I've only downloaded free apps, and those which were the most highly-rated. Here's my casual "top 10" listing ... there are SO many good ones, but I really love the first three. I was blown away by ABC Player the first time I booted it u

In OS 10.10 Yosemite can we get App Task Bar always

In the new OS when running an apps like Pages or Numbers the Task bar ( File,edit view,etc) is not showing until you mouse up to the top of the screen. Is there an option setting anywhere to make it work the way it did in the older systems so the tas

??? Regarding new apps that will be coming out

I've read on here several times that the release for new apps. will be coming out in Feb. I was checking out the apple website under download, I noticed a link for new apps for iphone/touch. There is a bunch of things that are avble. But since I have

Why do my iPhone 6 Plus apps keep crashing?

I noticed after updating to iOS 8.1.2 that several of my apps keep crashing (just goes to the Home Page) for no apparent reason. I updated all the apps that exhibit this behavior and they still crash. (iMessage, games like  Tapped Out, Facebook, Weat

Have had several apps recently that wont open.  tried reinstalling and even did a factory reset on my phone, htc m8.  suggestions?

recently I have had Verizon mobile, facebook, weatherbug, kill shot, and minion rush all start to open and then close on their own.  I've uninstalled them all and that didn't work.  Took the sd card out since the Verizon reps thought that might be th

My iPod 3rd generation isn't updating my apps.

I just updated a few apps today (my iPod was connected to my computer with my USB cable and I was in Itunes, my iPod was recognized, and it was showing all the apps I have.)   Then a couple still said "update", so I clicked on update and they ju

Weatherbug for iPad go byebye?

When I try to load Weatherbug for the iPad, I just get the black bar at the top and the grid at the bottom. It doesn't update or do anything, and then tosses me back to the main iPad screen. When I look in the Appstore it is no longer there for iPad.

I have installed 10.8.5 and now am unable to install 3rd party apps, like weather bug.

MACBOOK AIR OS X 10.8.5. It is going from a great experience to now almost wishing I would have bought another PC.  How hare is it to install a 3rd party app.  I was running WEATHERBUG just fine with 10.8.2.  All I have read about 10.8.5 is that it h

Apps are very smooth

I have AIM, REMOTE, WeatherBug and a few others. They work very well and look very sharp. Video clips from VSnax and Mobile news load very fast over wi-fi and it looks like Apple has hit a home-run with its App store.GeraldCTO, While I am glad you ha