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Blend for Visual Studio's HTML/CSS WYSIWYG editor only usable for Windows 8 apps, NOT for web apps?

Hi there, In the process of learning Visual Studio (VS) and ASP.NET, I initially thought that I could use Blend for VS's seemingly great HTML/CSS WYSIWYG editor to visually design the HTML pages and CSS for a web app developped with VS, whether it be

Using Office Web Apps Server with SharePoint Foundation 2013

I want to know whether I can configure Office Web Apps server to edit Excel documents on a SharePoint Foundation 2013 site. I came across a TechNet article that states that "When used together with SharePoint Server 2013, Office Web Apps Server provi

Web app security not working

Hi, I am using WebLogic 8.1 platform. I am trying to create a very basic secure web app. I created an App and created a web project. In it, I deleted the controller, etc and just have index. jsp. All the index.jsp does is: <%= request.getRemoteUser()

Office Web Apps is not working

   Hi,      We have tried to deploy Office Web Apps Server but, after a number of tests, we haven't been able to view PowerPoint presentations. We tested "everything" but it didn't work.      Finally, to simplify and focus the problem, we just d

How can I use more than one Data Provider in my web Apps

I am trying to use two different data provider in my web apps to run two different queries from the same table ,the data provider A is working correctly but when I attempt to run data provider B ,It display an error page ,here is the error message :

Possible to have two login configs in same web app?

Sorry for not having tried this first, my server and webapp are in a state of flux at this moment, but I wanted to see what the consensus is out there, not just whether I can or cannot make something work quickly. If I have two types of things that m

Error while creating farm for Office web apps

Hello. I have error while creating office web apps fars. when I enter this code to powershell : New-OfficeWebAppsFarm -InternalURL "http://servername" -AllowHttp -EditingEnabled It says this: New-OfficeWebAppsFarm : The term 'New-OfficeWebAppsFa

Getting error while creating a new web app saying "The password supplied with the username domainname\username was not correct. Verify that it was entered correctly and try again"

Hi , I am trying to create a new web app using Central Administration in Sharepoint 2010 and getting an error "The password supplied with the username  was not correct. Verify that it was entered correctly and try again". I tried running this co

Error auto-deploying a Web App (.WAR file)

Hello, Weblogic 6.1 throws a FileNotFoundException about 10% of the time for me when auto-deploying a Web app. Has anyone else run into this? I searched the newsgroups but didn't come up with anything, so I thought I'd start here. My build/deploy cyc

Exchange Office Web Apps Preview Does not work in OWA (web)

I have setup Exchange 2013, Lync 2013, SharePoint 2013, IIS as a Reverse Proxy Server, an Office Web Apps Server, etc, etc. Everything is setup to use SSl (https) and everything works great EXCEPT... Office Web Apps... and ONLY via Exchange and OWA (

Sorry, something went wrong - Open Office File from Search Results Page with Office Web Apps

Hi, I'm getting "Sorry, something went wrong" error when I'm trying to open any office document from inside Search Results Page with Office Web Apps, the same error is appearing in the document preview as well. The error in SharePoint logs says

Can not open file download prompt in portal web app.

Hi folks, I am migrating existing Struts app into portal web app and currently stuck on the following problem. In existing app, Struts action calls servlet that generates excel file, sets response headers: response.setContentType("application/vnd.ms-

Can't Edit Data in Access 2013 Web App

I have an Office 365 P1 account that I have been using to create apps in Access 2010. I tried Access 2013. But when I launch an app, it loads in my Office 365, but editing data is not enabled (the Add and Edit buttons are displayed, but not enabled).

SSO to Web App using Application Integrator - not working (SP15)

Hi, I have created a web app system and generic app integrator iview for my web application (and set up user mapping etc.), following the Application Integrator how-to guide but it does not log me into my web application. I have got the Yahoo example

SSO to Web App using Application Integrator - not working

Hi, I've set up App Integrator for my web application, following the Yahoo example in the guide. My URL template is <System.protocol>://<System.server><System.uri>?<Authentication> and the fraction for user mapping is op=<Mapped

How to inspect web app using safari and ipad and USB cable?

On my mac I have OSX 10.10.2 (14C109) Safari Version 8.0.3 (10600.3.18) On my Ipad 2 (MC769X/A) i have OS 8.1.3 (12B466) Safari Web Inspector "on" Javascript "on" There are no "privacy" or "private mode" settings th

How to get web app root?

IF im in a servlet/jsp how do I get the web app root? for example, if my web app's url in the browser is http://www.server.com/webapp/Servlet then "webapp" is the root... how do I get that in code? I don't want request URI or anything like that.

How to enable web-app "parent-last" classloading in WLS 10.3?

Hello, We are having some issues when using Groovy to execute ant tasks in a webapp. They are due to the classloading order in WLS. The problem is this : - Our webapp is using Groovy 1.5.6. - Groovy 1.5.6 uses ant 1.7. When groovy calls ant tasks suc

How to change web-app display name within EAR file?

Currently we are deploying an EAR file (which contains a web-app and an EJB) per BEA recommendations. The web-app shows up on the admin console with '/' as the name. Is there anyway to change this to the name I want? thx, MattFYI - here is the entire

How to hide web app data in a detail template

Hi, is it possible to hide some part of my content from a web app detail template. For example, I am doing a company directory which has some layout like: Phone: {tag_telephone} Email: {tag_email} Website: {tag_website} If one company does not provid