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Problem with Threads and "plase wait..."-Window

Hi everyone, I have a problem that I'm not able to solve in any way... I have a time-consuming task (a file decryption) which I execute in a separate thread; I've used the SwingWorker class, like suggested by sun-tutorial, and it works right. The pro

I install window 8 and Unfortunatly all drive format. And all drive mix, now i have only 1 DRIVE C. I want Bit locker Drive's data Back

Last sunday i install a window 8 and this window format my all drive & make it 1 drive (DRIVE C). Before all of this i have 5 drive in different size with 1 Bitlocker protect drive. So i try data recovery software to recover my data. i got back all m

HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 Color MFP M575 - Can't scan from Windows

We recently purchased and installed an HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 Color MFP M575 to be used as a networked all-in-one solution for a number of offices. I have been able to get it set up on our network and have installed the appropriate drivers on the

Windows no longer detecting my Audigy 4?(Non-P

Hey all. I've had my Audigy 4 (non-Pro) installed and working super for about 50 days, but it started giving me a weird problem. Windows was no longer detecting the card! It was weird. DX Diag, programs like EVEREST... they all report no sound card w

IPod Touch/Phone 4gens No Longer Detected in WINDOWS MY COMPUTER but OK in iTunes

Since I have not found help online regarding the above situation I'm looking for help accordingly.   For most folks it's iTunes not detecting i-Devices, but my situation is unique. It started last night after I was on the phone for hours with Norton

IPod is not recognized by Windows Vista - possible solution

During the past couple of weeks that I faced this problem I found out that a lot of people had the same question as I did. Here is a possible solution. I have HP Pavilion laptop with Windows Vista. After I connected my new iPod – it didn't show up in

IPod not recognized by iTunes, Windows Vista prompts to format iPod drive

Hello, I have IPod 80GB which I rarely use. Yesterday  when I wanted to use it, I went to add a few new audios to it, connected to my computer and launched iTunes. I added the folder which contained audios to iPod, synced it and wanted to disconnect,

Windows no longer boots up, paging file error

I just reinstalled windows on my mac last week because until now I had been running the old beta version of boot camp. Just a few days ago I started getting blue screens every so often and it happened again (twice to be exact) yesterday, however one

Windows Vista No Disk Error

Greetings, I have installed Oracle 10g Enterprise undee Windows Vista Home Edition using oracle proper installer for this OS. The installation went pretty well and so was the aftermath when I created a database and several schemas. A few days ago I h

IPod seen by windows, not by iTunes+ weird error message

I have a first generation 2GB iPod nano and i use windows xp. I can't load any music because iTunes doesn't see my iPod and an error message pops up that reads like this: "iTunes: iTunes.exe corrupt file. The file or directory \iPod_Control\iTunes is

ITunes & Windows Vista Home - Error File C:\Program Data\Apple Computer\Installer\Cache\iTunes 10.5.142\iTunes.msi was rejected by digital signature policy.

Tried https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2713232?start=0&tstart=0 and http://www.vistax64.com/vista-general/159940-computer-blocking-anything-no-digit al-signature.html with no avail!!! iTunes opens after I click OK on the above message however I c

USB Device for IPOD not recognized by Windows, whether ipod connected or no

During the past few days I have received a pop up error message from (I would think) Windows that the USB device is not recognized. I have the USB plug for the ipod connected (as always)but the ipod isn't even connected. It keeps popping up like ever

1st Generation iPod Touch No Longer Recognized by Windows 7 PC

I have a 1st generation iPod Touch (no camera) that can no longer connect to my Windows 7 pc. Plugging in the iPod via USB does not trigger any sort of dialog box in Windows and it doesn't trigger a message saying a device has been connected; the iPo

Windows Blue Screen Error Message Appears As Soon As IPod Connected

Everytime I connect my IPod to my computer, I get the Windows Blue Screen error message. Thought it was the cable, so plugged cable in by itself. No problem. Uninstalled IPod and ITunes software and then plugged in IPod, still got the Blue Screen. Th

Windows Vista & Ipod

My old computer crashed and I purchased a new on with windows vista on it. I tried to transfer my songs purchased on itunes to the new computer from my ipod but it would only transfer a little more than half of them and it won't allow me to add my ju

Error during OS 4.2 update; Ipod no longer recognized by windows or itunes;

I've had my 3G 8gb since last Feb and never updated the OS (3.1.3). Yesterday I tried updating to 4.2. (OS: Windows Vista 64bit Home Premium; iTunes: There was an error (unfortunately did not make a note of). Now my ipod touch is stuck in "

HT203164 help! i am using itunes and windows vista 64. itunes will no longer burn cds. i have searched online and tried all i saw that could possibly fix it and it is still not working.

i have tried: reloading itunes unchecking 'write' removing lower filters in regedit ensuring i had the correct 'gear' info in the upper filters in regedit removing 'gear' from regedit, system32 reloading updated version of 'gear' cleaning my register

Cannot install windows 8.1 on imac 5k - apple support says "Correct, that machine can't install windows" Boot camp fail

I have a brand new imac 5k, with 4ghz i7, 295x GPU, 3.1TB fusion drive.  Bought the machine so I could dual boot - I need windows for VR Dev work. I've spent the last week and a half on tech support calls with Apple Senior Tech agents, and Microsoft

System Image Restore in Window 8.1

I have not been able to find a data migration application that works at cloning a Windows 8.1 hard drive to a new SSD.  With that in mind I want to go about moving the contents, data and operating system from my working C: to a new SSD.  I want to go

[Guide] Install and run Windows 7/8 from an external drive without using bootcamp (works for late 2012 iMacs with 3TB drive)

This is a copy of a post from my blog, you can also Read it on my blog... Introduction After I received my new iMac with a 3 TB Fusion Drive, I was disappointed when I realized that Bootcamp was not running on this model and prevented me from install