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Can't get "Send to web gallery" option to work on the iPhone.

I have been trying to get the "Send to web gallery button" to work on my iPhone for a few weeks now. I managed to get it to work once. I was directed to delete the gallery on iPhoto '08 and then recreate it and make sure my iPhone was not connec

Photo sharing - I used to love the Photo Gallery option in IPhoto.

Photo sharing - I used to love the Photo Gallery option in IPhoto. That feature was dropped. I find PhotoStream on the iPhone but what to do from my desktop/laptop? I don't like to organize photos on my phone.If you have the proper software PhotoStre

Why cant i use the filer gallery option in photoshop

Is there any reason as to why I cannot select the Filter Gallery option in photoshop cc. I noticed it is not with all my images.What do you mean, "not with all my images?" The menu needs to be made visible via the Preferences - Plug-ins panel. A

My Filter Gallery option is greyed out and I can't select it??

My filter Gallery option is Greyed out and I cant select it, in the CC Photoshop.Thank you - I had to change mode! Thank you. Still learning. Got it. Thank you so much.Read other 3 answers

After updating to PS CS6 I lost the "filter Gallery" option in Filters

After updating ps cs3 to ps cs6, I lost the "filter Gallery option in filters does anyone know why?The option is removed to avoid the duplication however the filter are available, read the link for more info. http://blogs.adobe.com/jkost/2012/06/what

What is the web gallery option good for...

what is the web gallery option good for if it doesnt work on any other computer, other than mine? If i choose save "online" where do i find ftp server ? and what type of sites does this work on?Saving collections and I suppose web gallery (altho

Web Gallery Options Request

I hope that in the updated version the user can make galleries with presized and optimized JPGs. I enjoy making web galleries with Lightroom but often like to do my web optimization in Photoshop. At this point it appears that if I create a folder ful

Additional Web Gallery Options Needed

I know that LR is not meant to substitute for a real web design application. However, it is intended to provide the ability to build photo galleries of photographers work for actual real world use. And as such, I find one thing about it that makes it

Editing Web Gallery options and Cmd-I

When I created a web gallery I did not check the option "Allow photo uploading by email". Now that the gallery is up, I'd like to enable that option but I can't figure out how to do it. The only way I've found to do it is to just republish the e

C5 No Gallery option in Ringtone settings

Hi. I just got C5 and when i m setting  the profile--personalise--ringtone--change.there is not any option for select mp3 Ringtones from Gallary.Plz check it out. thanksyou need to have these mp3 tones in your phone then you need to refresh the music

Plans for Additional Web Gallery Options?

Does anybody know if Adobe plans to add different web galleries to the preset choices in the future? Or if they will become available as plug-ins from third parties, or something? Just curious. I like some of the galleries available now, but more opt

Why can't I select Blur Gallery options on PScc?

I want to get the blur effect on my background but when I go to choose anything from the blur gallery it prompts: Could not apply the Blur Gallery workspace because the disk is not available. what am I not doing?the wide format app doesn't support my

More Customized Web Gallery Options

I'd like to see the ability to customize the flash galleries and add the ability to choose whether to allow right-click downloads of the images. I see the option is available in only a few templates. Also, a way to set a custom slideshow as the new d

Photo gallery in DW CS3

Can someone tell me how to make a photo gallery in DW CS3? I mean a site with thumbnails that are linked to larger images, preferably all thumbnails on one site, not the filmstrip system. I read that there would be a gallery option in DW, but I canno

How can I constrain image proportions in a BC gallery lightbox?

Hey! Ok so I have created a simple photo gallery using BC, and if you have played with the gallery option that is built into BC you will know that on the front end of the site when you click a photo your image will expand to its original dimensions i

I want to create an image gallery with forward back nav, master image with a click to pop out zoom

Hi Musers, I'm currently building a photography website and need some help building a specific type of gallery. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Below is a description of the gallery I want to build: On the gallery page the gallery

Help putting a photo gallery in Dreamweaver CS5.5

Hi, I'm new to web design and have been learning to use DW CS5.5.  My goal is to design a website for my small, online antiques business with a photo gallery in it. The Adobe Extension site lists several photo gallery options, but none for CS5.5.  Do

Gallery in iWeb

Ok I'm going to try to explain what I'm trying to do the best way I know how. What I'm want to know if this is possible to do in iWeb and iPhoto. First I have created a web site with 1 album. Everything seem to work ok. But what I want to add is a we

Spry_P1_6_10-01  Photo Gallery questions

I am attempting to use the Photo Gallery from the newest download of the Spry Framework and I have 2 issues. First, I build the images and thumbs galleries using Photoshop CS3 and the automate photo gallery option to build the library. All of the XML

No image Metadata when outputting from Bridge Web Gallery (CS4)

I use the Web Gallery option within the Output module in CS4 Bridge to process my photos to the image size I want for uploading to flickr. However all the metadata data gets stripped out. Is there an option I am missing to retain metadata? Of course