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Cannot publish from iWeb 08 after upgrading to Leopard

When I click on Publish from iWeb I first get a window .Mac Information asking me to login and a smaller window saying "logging in to iWeb". I click on sign in button from .Mac Information window and then get the System Preferences window tellin

How do I stop iWeb outputting multiple image files? It makes my site slow!

I'm a professional web designer (but don't let that put you off) who uses Dreamweaver and also handcodes HTML & CSS websites at work on a PC, but having got a new Mac for home use I thought I'd give iWeb a go for a personal site hosted on .Mac, showc

How can I use iweb 1.1.2 for more than one user account on my macbook?

I wonder if someone can guide me or point me to a previous answer on this, since I haven't found one. I'm simply trying to use iweb 1.1.2 on two user accounts (both labled as administrators) on our macbook. The program functions fine on one account,

How do I use a frameset to another website within my iweb site?

I am trying to figure out how to use frameset to view my online booking site within my site that I have created on iWeb. right now I just refer to a link but I would like to be abel to use the frameset to do it. I do have this code but not sure what

Duplicate user account OR migrate iPhoto/iWeb between users

I've seen this question asked several times before, but have not seen an answer! So, with as many details as I can muster: I have, on my computer, 4 user accounts: my admin account, my user account, my boyfriend's user account, and our business accou

Can multiple computers manage the same iWeb website?

Everyone in our family has a Mac and their own blog. Is there any way each of us can use iWeb to access the same site from different computers?Yes. But they can't be working on the file at the same time. See Old Toad's Tutorial #21 - Managing an iWeb

Multiple websites, multiple woes: Best IWeb 09/MobileMe strategy?

I'm still a bit confused as to the best strategy for using IWeb 09's much-touted-in-reviews but apparently rather limited ability to publish to two or more separate MobileMe accounts. In IWeb 08, I would set up several different user accounts on my M

How can I replace an existing html website with a new one I just created on iWeb?

I just created a new website on iWeb. It as to be published as a html site. Someone else already created a previous site, and used the name of my company. We hired him to do it, but he didn't do that great of a job, so now I need to know how to repla

Can I access my old iWeb account on a new computer?

My computer crashed and with it went what I had built on iWeb. It is published to a site. My question is - can I somehow get everything back onto my new iWeb app without having to rebuild? And if I do have to rebuild how do I get it to overwrite the

IWeb multiple users

My family and I are building a website with iWeb. I have multiple accounts set up on my mac so when my family members login that can't see the site on iWeb. Is there a way to share the site within the mac so everyone can work on the file?Have a look

What is new in IWeb latest version ?

Can someone tell me what is new in IWeb latest version ? are there new features or is it just a bug-cleaning ? Thanks MacBookPro 1,83 GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  MacBookPro, Hi there. If you are talking about 1.1.1 then I think that just fixed the publi

How can I replace just the corrupt page(s) in the domain file of iWeb using Time Machine?

I back up with Time Machine and have an extensive elaborate website I created in iWeb '09 over a couple months and publish to a local folder and then upload to my server, but in the last few days I notice certain pages (that I haven't even worked on

Applescript to suck ical dates into iweb

I was referred to this forum from the iweb forum (http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2513935&tstart=0). Here's what I would like to do: I am an athletic director and would I have entered all of my school's athletic contests into iCal.

"upcoming events" snippet/widget for iweb

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to create an upcoming events snippet for an iweb page. Here's what I would like to do: I am an athletic director and would I have entered all of my school's athletic contests into iCal. I would like to se

My iWeb site can no longer be found by browsers

I have had an iWeb site which has been live for about a month. It has been working perfectly. I have updated several times without any issue. It still appears to be working well within iWeb. I can make changes and publish changes. I have my own domai

My hard drive crashed recently and i can no longer see my web site address in the iWeb side bar

I can n o longer see my web site address in the iweb side bar, how can I relocate it so i can edit my websiteLet me start with the general advise... When you have a problem with one particular site, a good "first thing to try" is clearing your F

Installed iweb as part of ilife06, application iWeb quit unexpectedly

Hi all, I hope you can throw some helpful advice at me! I have just purchased iLife06 to use iWeb, installed it, patched it, and launched it. 10 seconds in I get a application iWeb quit unexpectedly box, the report box contains this load of geektalk:

How can I Publish to a Folder just one of the several websites I have created using iWeb?

How can I Publish to a Folder just one of the several websites I have created using iWeb? it drives me nuts having to emove all the other websites when I want to upload one.  SparrowFor iWeb, I like to do only one site per domain file.  I move domain

How do I install iWeb on the NEW Macbook Pro running Lion?

I just got my MBP replaced from the one running Snow Leopard to one running Lion.  I have a web site that I run with iWeb and I am trying to figure out how I can go about installing iWeb on Lion.Here's the iWeb forum: https://discussions.apple.com/co

Trying to restore previous iWeb files after hard drive was reformatted.

I had to have a clean install on my MacBook last week and had my iWeb files backed up but I'm having trouble figuring out how to import the files or restore iWeb to the way it was. Any thoughts? Or is it just another lack of support and thinking on A