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what is a service map


What is difference between  Service map iview and Workset Map iview

Hi Experts,                     Can anyone tell me the difference between  service map iView and Workset Map iView. When I am creating these iViews, its seams both are same. I canu2019t find difference still, can anyone help me out of this Thanks in

Service map does not show up in MSS

in MSS, when clicking on Team, the "service map" iview does not show up. In PCD, the service map shows up in yellow and when clicking on it, the following error message is displayed: "Linked object not available - portal_content/com.sap.pct

WSDL generated by web service map

Hi, I am totally new to ODSI. I noticed that the WSDL generated by the Web Service Map for a Data Service always contains two schemas in the types section, with an import directive in the first schema which refers to the second. The structure of the

Web Service mapping file

You will be greatly appreciated if you can help me on following question: In a web service mapping file, under <java-xml-type-mapping> element, either <anonymous-type-qname> or <root-type-qname> is valid element according to schema. My q

ALDSP , Logical Data service to PhysicalData service mapping

Hi , Need help to find out the way how to find the mapping between the Logical Dataservice to physical service using config file . I have requirement like depend on the Region ( Parameter) need to connect to the database . How do we achive this using

Service map and workset map iview

Can any one please provide me with a good documentation for creating Service map and workset maps in SPA portal.Hi Raj, Before posting for documentation help, just browse through help.sap.com, you could find really valuable help there. For your refer

Language for Service Map of business packages

Hello All, I am using service map for Recruiter business package. In the SAP delivered contents the description for the workset/pages ect. which appears over the service map is specifed in french language. Now when the end users are accessing the ser

LMS 4.0.1 - telnet from topology services map

On a LMS 4.0.1 : I want to know what is the right way to change the telnet program on the campus mgr map (topology services map), when right-clicking a device icon and selecting telnet. I would like to use a tool of mine, and not to launch a telnet c

Exception in Service Mapping Tool

Hello, I'm trying to use the Service Mapping Tool, but run into the exception "Parameter CH_CHANGE was not transferred" when executing the mapping. Does anyone have any insight why this might be? Regards MattiasHello, I'm trying to use the Servi

Recruiter Role 1.40: Missing Services Tray & Service Map in EP

Hi everyone we're implementing SAP E-Recrruiting EHP 4 (SP04). We did some basic customizing in backend and installed Recruiter 1.40 and Recruiting Administrator 1.40 BPs on portal side. After assigning portal roles to users, on first sight everythin

Business Object creation error: The service mapping is missing

Hi developers, In my CAF 7.1, I have my business object "maintenanceRequest" with several attributes. Persistency is remote. Permission check is disabled. Create operation is mapped to the external service (enterprise service) createMaintenanceR

External Service mapping problem

Hi guys I have integrated an External Service RFC function module. The parameters of this module contain "_" underscrores, e.g. "LFA1_LIFNR". When I go to the parameter mapping tab on block level, the "_" sign is omitted and

Problem external Services mapping to Destination

Hi Experts I've developed a composite application, in this aplication, i've imported a external service. This service i get from esworkplace. I follow the steps of this tutorial:[http://sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/go/portal/prtroot/docs/library/uuid/c02f408d

Web Service Mapping

Hi everybody, Just wanted to know, when mapping the operations if a web service interface to the Operation attributes of e.g the <receive> BPPEL element, how do we seperate the operations' name if we have more than one operation. i.e <receive ...

Zoom level in WPF Application consuming Bing Maps Web Services

Hi, I am having trouble in setting the zoom level for the map with 7 pushpins (P1 through P7). The map is centered with point P1. I want all the push pins to show on the map. I have set the zoom level as follows. Zoom Level 15 - if the points (P2...P

MY phone is using large amounts of data, when i then go to system services, it s my mapping services thats causing it. what are mapping services and how do i swithch them off. i really need help.

MY phone is using large amounts of data, when i then go to system services, it s my mapping services thats causing it. what are mapping services and how do i swithch them off. i really need help.I Have the same problem, I switched off location servic

How to Migrate OC4J EJB Web service to Weblogic

Hello, We have a J2EE app developed under OC4J that needs to be migrated to weblogic 10.x. It uses web services mapped to EJB's with the oracle.j2ee.ws.SessionBeanWebService class, example setup: <servlet> <servlet-name>CreditCardManager</s

How to extend the mapping table when a new field is added to the data model?

Hi Experts, I have added a new field to the entity PCTR and run the structures.. My new field was created in structure /MDG?_SX_0G_PCTR. My understanding is that I have to map it in the service mapping for USMDZ6_0G_PCTR. How do I get it in structure

Error while calling MII transaction as web service from ABAP

Hello Experts, I want to call a MII transaction from ABAP program, as a web service. Following is output of http://<<server>>:50000/XMII/SOAPRunner/TAG_TRX  (TAG_TRX is name of my transaction).   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="

5800XM - After firmware update MAPS no longer work...

Hi, i recently updated to firmware, and since then i can no longer use the "Maps" application. I just get a system error? thanks Ash Solved! Go to Solution.Is your Nokia Maps application up to date? Try going here to update the applica