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What are the major differences between a Access Switch and Aggregation Switch w.r.t Carrier Ethernet domain?

In a Carrier Ethernet domain,Could someone please help me understand what's the basic difference between Access Switch and Aggregation Switch both in terms of s/w and h/w functionalities. MEF deals OAM,CFM, EVC provisioning only at the access edge sw

Timed Access Switching Off??

My settings in Timed Access seem to hold for maybe a few days at a time, but then all of a sudden when I check it, the Timed Access tab reads Not Enabled. No one else can be turning it off as I am the only one that knows the password. Has anyone else

Stop broadcasts on edge access switches to a port

I have a telco person wanting to put the management port of their phone switch on to the network in one of our remote offices. They say that it will not handle broadcast very well and it will cause it to reset. So is there a way to limit the broadcas

Spanning vlans across access switches in distribution block.... please help

Hi All Can someone please explain why Cisco states that in a Campus Hierarchical modle if Vlans are spanned across Access switches in a distribution block, then the Distrubution to distribution link should be Layer 2. Is this really necesary or just

What is an example of an external switch in the accessibility- switch control feature on an iPhone 5s

what is an example of an external switch in the accessibility- switch control feature on an iPhone 5sPerhaps this will help: http://bdmtech.blogspot.com/2013/09/new-in-ios-7-detailed-look-at-switch.htmlRead other 2 answers

[solved] DHCP snooping in environment with core and access switches

Hello, I'd like to know what steps are needed to configure DHCP snooping in my environment: 1) two core switches Catalyst 6500 (VSS): VLAN defined here, DHCP server connected here 2) access switches Catalyst 3750: clients connected here Access switch

Campus LAN Access Switch recommendation

Hi all, I am looking at the specs of 2960X switches and 3750v2 switches as possible replacements for some old 3750 switches which are approaching End OF Support. Am I right in understanding that the performance (both packet switching & backplane band

High Latency and Patket drop towards Access Switches.

Hi,   My network Infrastructure consists of 2 core switches(cisco 3950, 24 port) and 3 access switches (cisco 2960G, 48port). No distribution layer.Both Core switches are connected to the BVI of a VPN router.PVST is running in all switches. The STP r

ISE to dynamiclly push Private Vlans on Access switch deployments

                   Hi all, is there a way to push PVLAN configuration via ISE to Access switches. Currently I'm thinking about an authoration profile with an attribute setting PVLAN. Has anyone an idea how to push Private VLan configs dynamiclly to A

Why access switch has flapping lead another distribution layer switch has root guard blocking and unblocking log

is it misconfiguration in Access Point's access switch or hacker attack from this switch? many MATM-4-MACFLAP_NOTIF Host 0015.5dc1XXX VLAN 1 is flapping between port 1 and port 2 many MATM-4-MACFLAP_NOTIF Host 0015.5dc2XXX VLAN 1 is flapping between

SAN design : core edge and dual-homing access switch

Hello all. It may sound as a dumb question (from a LAN guy) but when designing a core/edge or edge/ecore/edge design, why do we connect access switches to both core switches ? Doesn't it break the isolation of a dual fabric backbone ? If an access sw

How do I quickly search a specific Instant AP or Mobility Access Switch on Aruba Central?

Q: How do I quickly search a specific Instant AP or Mobility Access Switch on Aruba Central? A: Central provides a standard web-based interface that allows you to configure and monitor Instant Access Points (IAPs) and Mobility Access Switches.  Integ

HSRP between 2 access switches and 2 core switches

Hi I am looking for running HSRP between 2 access switches and 2 core switches for client PC and Server network’s next-hop redundancy as per attached setup. As you can see I have used one /29 network for connecting CORE & ACCESS switches & configu

Access switch lost contact with nac profiler

hi all, We have implement HA for nac profiler using version 3.1.1_18 .My problem is we need manually update for all access switch to connected with nac profiler server and then endpoint detect if i'm don't click button update for all access switch no

(S)NTP synchronization on SG300 access switches?

Hi, In our network two Domain Controllers are configured as the central (S)NTP Servers. For a switch in Layer 3 mode it is quit easy to synchronise with these (S)NTP Servers. But what is actually the best approach for access switches in layer 2 mode,

Design for redundancy of access switch

hello all, I have the following design for a site: Provider delivers channel with HSRP redundant routers, but access level in not redundant and represented by one switch. Am I correct that there is no way no provide redundancy on access level only wi

With STP one of the port of the access switch connecting to the backup path should be blocked

Dear All, I have setup my LAN with one L3 cisco 3750 and have 2 2960 as access switch. The two access switch are connected to the L3 switch directly  and two access switch connected back to back for redundancy. There one VLAN configured between all t

SG300 Access Switch to TFTP for upgrading bootcode

Hi all I want to upgrade the boodcode on two sg300 switches. They are in vlan 1002 I\'ve connected a machine in the same vlan on a sg300. I can connect to this machine, all seems ok. If I\'m now on ssh console on this switch I can\'t

Access switch already configured to manage it

Hello everyone, First I want to say I am new to the community and also congratulate everyone for the excellent work performed! I have a sg300-28p and would like to access it to configure a management IP on a specific vlan. I've tried via the serial p

Access Switch Recommendation for ISE

Dear Expert, My client is thinking to role out the ISE in the network they have old switches 2950g which supports only authentication with ISE. In order to utilize most of the feature if not all we are thinking to replace them with 2960g. Any advice,