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what is an inventory asset


Creating Requisition for items, with no  "Inventory Asset Value"

Is it possible to create the Internal Requisition for items for which inventory asset value flag is disabled. the requirement is that the item should be stockable, inventory, transactable but no asset value has to be calculated. If I disable the flag

Elimination of Intercomp Inventory (Assets)Profit due to markup sales price

Hi all I have a question regarding elimination of inventory profit when a company sells inventory at a profit to another company within the same parent. The scenario is company A produces 100 quantities of Product X for $100 ($1 per Product X - Cost

Can not change the control level of item attribute "Inventory Asset Value"

I can not change the control level of the item attribute "Inventory Asset Value" from Master Level to Org Level. It's show me the message "FRM-40200: Field is protected against update". Version is below: Oracle Application: 10.7SC Form

Inventory / Asset Items

Hi All,             There are few Items which are maintained in our DB as Fixed Assets, and now we want to use the same Item as Inventory also. So How do we maintain this. Below is the example of an Item with the senareo. Item:  Wire, Fixed asset and

Software Inventory / Asset Intelligence

Hello everyone, I'm trying to get an inventory of how many computers have Adobe Acrobat Standard XI (Acrobat.exe). I've followed this link to configure Asset Intelligence, and for the most part I think it's sort of working. When I click on Inventorie

Asset and Serial Inventory

Hello, Where does the ZCM10 Inventory Asset Tag and Serial Number fields come from ? (The SMBIOS ? Which fields ? ) We purchase generic INTEL PC's from a local pc vendor (not a dell, or ibm). Currently the only asset/serial information is attached ad

SGD, inventory management & asset tracking functions

Is anyone using an app that allows scheduling of the servers within the database & displaying in with the main body @ single sign-on using the current UI? If so, please point me in the direction - I've pieced together a few apps that do what I need &a

How to transfer the Inventory to the Asset

dear experts, Scenario: Organization is purchased one  Asset. It is posted in inventory. Later on it finds that is required to post in asset. Now it required to transfer that inventory(ASSET)  to Asset? What is the movement type? How to solve this pr

Elimination on Inventory and Assets

Guyz, Unrealized profit elimination on Inventory /Assets is supported in BPC 7.0?if yes which business rule /stored procedure should we use to addres this functionality ? Thanks RamHi, yes this is supported from the businessrules elimination or autom

Asset accounting and auditing

Respected all In our business,we have procured asset from vendor by applying asset code thru 101 mvt, so whenever we are doing migo for that, it not posted in inventory (stock). but we are kept this assets for the time being at stores dept where othe

Costing enabled check in oracle inventory

Hi, While defining inventory master item, in costing tab, Costing enabled and inventory asset value enabled tab cannot be saved when checked. I m click enable and then try to save the master item it does not take any effect and ultimately I'm having

Error in creation of Phantom item bill

Hi Gurus, We have planned to use phantom item. for that wehave created an item of type: 'option class'. Then created its routing but facing below error when trying to cretae bill for phantom item. Kindly help me out Regards, Ali Raza APP-FND-01048: U

Item Cost update Coneversion Error

Hi All, I am doing item Cost Update conversion, while doing this i am getting the Following only one error for all the items. Error Explanation - 'The default cost type for the cost type is not valid.' Error Code - CST_INVALID_DEFCSTTYPE i am inserti

Questions about Using APIs to import Bills and Routings - AND COSTS

Hi Forum - the following is a back-and-forth with a customer about use of APIs - Inventory developer suggested I post the question here. Note the 2nd question - and thanks for any assistance. SR# 7332152.994 ALCOA Instructions given to ct: Q1 - Can I

Oracle Open interface- Error in Item Import (INCOIN)

Hi, I am migrating items to oracle using oracle open interface. I am getting the follwing errors. 1. The TEMPLATE_ID or TEMPLATE_NAME specified is not valid for this Organization 2. The revision entered is for an item that does not exist in MTL_SYSTE

Trying to add Avira to knowledge base

Hi ! In our school district we use Avira anti-virus in French. Even if Avira is in the Product Recognition Knowledgebase (we use the last PRU of July 2010 ZENworks 7.5 Asset Management July 2010 PRU), we can't see it our inventory asset. I think it's

G/L Accounts and Postings.

I always get confused about the which accounts are posted to during entire purchasing cycle. Means during GR, IV,GI ,PAYMENT OF DUTIES, CENVAT ACCOUNTS etc. WHICH of them are debited and which of them are credited? Can anybody Please suggest me any s

Create Purchase Order via Upload.

Hi, Our company have lost 4 months data due to some hardware problem. After hardware issue resolved we have to post all lost data. Therefore in MM module can it is possible that I can create PO order via BAPI program? We have four type of PO (Invento

Which DTW template to use to import all the open G/L Accounts 14k accounts.

Hi Forum, I have imported a customers nearly 14K (14,000) G/L accounts using DTW. They are all the top drawers namely, Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Revenue, Cost of Sales and Expenses. The customer uses 5 dimensions hence many accounts. I believe som

Import Excisable Raw Material on Custom Warehouse Issue

Hi Expert.... One of my client import Raw Material of 2000 KG on 15/02/2012 at Port Warehouse (Custom Bonded Warehouse). At the same time, Inventory Asset GL should be affected on the same date. This Material stored in Port Warehouse (Custom Bonded W