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Need help to open a blob from a report into another tab or browser window.

Hello everyone. I'm looking for a bit of guidance on something I'm trying to do in Apex. I have a report that contains a blob. Users can click on the link to open it in same browser. I also know how to make it download if they click the link. But wha

Help, how to open and display blobs from tables

Dear all, I am trying to store ms-word files on a table using a blob column. Does anyone how to open the files and display them from a form using 9iAS? Thank you. Carlos.And there may be, but you won't likely find that here. Do some time searching Go

How to retrieve all the data from a BLOB using view-generated accessor

I am using JDeveveloper 10g v. 10.1.3 and am storing an image in a database as a blob object and need to retrieve all of the data to get the entire image and store it in an ImageIcon. The code I have works partially in that it retrieves the correct d

Error while importing a table with BLOB column

Hi, I am having a table with BLOB column. When I export such a table it gets exported correctly, but when I import the same in different schema having different tablespace it throws error IMP-00017: following statement failed with ORACLE error 959: "

Error while trying to store PDF in Oracle's BLOB field

Hi folks! I'm having problems while trying to store PDF file in a BLOB field of an Oracle table This is the message code: Exception in thread "main" java.sql.SQLException: Data size bigger than max size for this type: 169894 at oracle.jdbc.dbacc

Oracle Rdb Driver problem with blobs

I am trying to convert an MsAccess application to use an MsAccess front end and an Oracle Rdb back end. I've created the test database under VMS and can successfully link to the Oracle Rdb tables from MSAccess 2000. One of the main reasons for conver

How to find out list of clob/blob tables in a schema

Hi, I have tricky situation...i have 119 tables out of which 11 tables are clob/blob tables...is there any view where i can find out list of tables are clob/blob tables? (at schema level view means user_<>) -- Raman.USER_TAB_COLS includes the data t

Report with a Download link for a Pdf stored in Blob in database FND tables

We attach a pdf file in the Receivables invoices in Oracle EBS. We use APEX to report from EBS tables. We have a requirement to have a APEX report to display the pdf attached to the invoices with a capability to download the pdf. These pdf are stored

BLOB in DECODE function

Hi All, I am new to sql. I want to use decode for BLOB datatype. For this i written a query like below. Here user_data is of type BLOB. select DECODE(length(user_data), 0, null, file_data) user_data from user_table; I have tried the other way by usin

How to view PDF files strored in a BLOB column

Hi all, I want to display a PDF file, stored in a BLOB column, in a form or through a JavaBean. But the problem is more complicated then that. I do not want to retrieve the PDF file in the application server that show it through a browser. Actually,

Can not display BLOB in a REPORT Portal 3.0.9

I had created a table witha blob field. I want to display this field in a report to display the documento from the aplicaction. What can i do ?Hi, BLOBs are not supported in reports as of now. Thanks, SharmilaRead other 2 answers

Not able to Read Blob ( BlobDomain) Xml Data from DB

I am trying to read a BLOB file from Data base with the below code . However , i am facing 2 challenges - which i need ur help.. 1. the data is not in readable format , may be i am missing some more code or encoding somewhere . ( this is how data is

Can not retrieve cell data content From BLOB object.

I have load Image into Georaster with Raster_Table following: create table rdt_1 of mdsys.sdo_raster (primary key (rasterId, pyramidLevel, bandBlockNumber, rowBlockNumber, columnBlockNumber)) lob(rasterblock) store as (nocache nologging); After I loa

Can i see the column DATA(BLOB type) in PM_OBJECTS of DCM schema

we installed DCM managed clustering .it is Database repository type. i am trying to see the column DATA(BLOB type) in PM_OBJECTS of DCM schema . I wrote a program in java to read blob data type and write it into a temporary file. when i open temporar

Display blob in bi publisher

I have a report that I"m trying to display an image at runtime. I create the data template, then the word template. In the word template I have tried: 1. Tried adding the code to the a text form field (form fileld text help) 2. Straight to the word r

Displaying BLOB (image) data in BI Publisher Report - E-Business Suite R12

Hi All, As part of E-Business Suite R12.1.3 upgrade, I need to develop a PO printout report using MS Word BI Publisher Desktop Plugin. The report needs to include images (signatures) from the database based on requisition approvers. How can I build a

BLOB and CLOB data in BI Publisher

Hello, I have an XML file with blob and clob data in it. I am using BI desktop publisher to load the xml file and create the rtf template. I am getting the following error: ConfFile: C:\Program Files\Oracle\BI Publisher\BI Publisher Desktop\Template

Unable to convert BLOB to XML using XMLTYPE

Hello (XML) Experts I need your help with manipulating a BLOB column containing XML data - I am encountering the following error: ORA-31011: XML parsing failed ORA-19202: Error occurred in XML processing LPX-00200: could not convert from encoding UTF

Replicating clobs and blobs in a remote database across dblink

9iR2 When creating a materialized view in a warehouse pointing to a remote table in an OLTP environment, I got this error when trying to replicate a table with 3 clobs. ORA-22992: cannot use LOB locators selected from remote tables So, how does Oracl

Insert a blob in remote database using dblink

i have a view (it has a BLOB column) from where i need to select the records. After selecting i need to insert it into a synonym in the remote database through a db link. if i execute the procedure i get error; ora-22992--cannot use LOB locators sele