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Manager Heirarchy is not getting displayed in P&L Dashboard

Hi All, I have implemented the P&L Dashboard for Financials. Suddenly, It is not displaying the Manager Heirarchy in the Manager Parameter in the P&L Dashboard. Did anyone faced the same kind of problem, please throw some light. Regards, ChandanaH

NULL and Unspecified in Dashboard prompts after upgrading 10g to 11g OBIEE

Hi All, We are working on OBI upgradation project from 10g to We are facing one issue in Dashboard prompt level. If we can create Dashboard prompt on a column, its giving "NULL", "Unspecified" additionally. But, in 10g ther

I am trying to connect Dashboard shared variables to a server on a different subnet. Any ideas?

My goal is to control a device that is connected to our wired network using an Android tablet via Dashboard.  I have created a vi with shared variables that controls the device as expected when it runs on a computer that is connected to the same wire

Questions on OBIEE Report / Dashboards

What is report based total? while using PIVOT TABLE we find this option of the measures section > more options Where can we set suppress or repeat default settings? On Column properties for duplicate values suppression. I would like to know the diffe

500 Internal Server error for a single report in a dashboard

Hi All, I had an issue with a report in a dashboard i.e.., In a dashboard a report is prepared by using the opaque view. When I ran the report in a dashboard it ran for about 15 to 20 mins and the report is excuted with the data. Now I tried to downl

Images once exported (RAW) do not show up in catalog or previous imorts not film strips in library nor develop.  They are in the files to which they were exported

Not sure how to get this going seems rather redundant. In the last 4 - 5 days I have imported several hundred RAW files, done some minimal post processing and exported these images to various files (I have verified that the images are in the files to

Error while creating presentation variable in Dashboard prompts.

Hi Team I have been going through the guidelines and procedures to create a presentation variable to use it in the dashboard prompt ( mentioned in the previous blogs ) .I followed the below link : http://oraclebi.blog.com/example-of-presentation-vari

LO 02010 / LO 26631 error while embedding a crystal report in a Dashboard

Hi Experts, I am trying to embed a crystal report in a Dashboard Design using LiveOffice 4, and i am getting the below error. "An error occurred while opening the report. The report does not exist; you have insufficient rights to open the report; or

I cant able to create a new Analysis and Dashboard prompt in OBIEE 11g

Hi Gurus, i try to create a new Analysis in OBIEE 11g in (brower: ie,Google chrome, Mozila), i got the error "*unterminated string literal*" and "*Exception at function updateSelectionsPanel: unterminated string literal*". and i try to

Conditional show error in dashboard In OBIEE 11g

Hi Gurus, I I have a dashboard prompt which is a radio button containing Month & Quarter. Also have 2 other prompts like DP_Month which will show months(201301,201302 ...) and DP_quarter which will show(2013Q1,2013Q2..). This 2 prompts will show cond

OBIEE 11g: Dashboard Javascript Issue

Hi Gurus, We have upgraded obiee from 10g to 11g and finding issues with javascript in a dashboard. Functionality: There are some custom labels showing prompt values in it with large font. When user change prompt value and Apply, it should change the

Error after creating a new item in 'Case Worker'-- 'Agent Dashboard'-- 'Task Details' screen

In 'Case Worker'-->'Agent Dashboard'--> 'Task Details' screen, I have created a item named 'YEARS' using 'Create Item' in 'Personalize Page' screen. It is not going to tasks page and giving error as " oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAException: No e

Creat a report in bi publisher based on dashboards

Hi, Do you know if is possible creat a report in BIP with the same information and format that is in the dashboards? Thank youI would think you can in most cases - but there is no automated tool. Steps I would take is 1) create a new report with the

Xcelsius Dashboard on SAP R/3 Table using BSP and XML Mapping

Hi Experts, I have developed a simple dashboard on small data set (10 records) that I am fetching from a R/3 Table into BSP and generating XML from there and consuming it in Xcelsius (SAP R/3 + BSP + XML Mapping). Now I want to fetch data based on Va

Always prompted with Save As Dialog when viewing dashboard

Post Author: jgagarin CA Forum: Performance Management and Dashboards Hi,   We are having problem viewing dashboard which contains Xcelsius document. In our development server we were able to view all dashboards with embedded Xcelsius document but wh