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Production - Development Import/Export strategy

I'm trying to come up with a good strategy for being able to handle development of an HTMLDB application being carried out on a different system to the production machine. So far my steps consist of - 1) Dev -> Perform export of HTMLDB application 2)

Oracle Import and Export Strategy

Hi I have a senario of Oracle 8i Database migration, where an existing database need to be migrated to a new version with some additional tables, schema changes and new indexes and triggers. There are two ways in which the export import can be implem

When sending email PO in a PDF attachment, the attachment can not be openen

Hi all, We are trying to send an email with the PO in PDF format.  We got the email but the attachment can not be opened.  Error reads: Adobe could not open test.pdf because  it is either  not a supported file type  or because  the file has been dama

How to define output types email or external send in the report program

Hi all, now we are using a zprogram for output type printer and standard program RVADOR01 for output type external send. Now i want to modify my zprogram itself to support external send email as well as printer also. What modifications should I have

Convert Script to PDF using RVADOPFO, w/o using spool and send via email

I want to convert output type script to pdf using the standard include RVADOPFO in the program. The output type is defined as medium '5' and comm starategy is also defined as INT(email) as want to send the output via email. Now the Include RVADOPFO c

How to Provide Mailing/fax  Facility from a report Pg

Hi all, We are trying to provide a mailing/fax facility through a report pg. We got following Error messages in "Procesing logs" 1.No communication type from strategy 1 could not be used.2.Communication type cannot be used following is what we h

Requirement of sending Sapscript through mail and fax

I need help in code for sending sapscript through email or fax as the data is maintained in customer master table . If anybody has done so please help. I do not want to use CONVERT_OTF function and SO...API1 function.Check the following code it may h

Reg : Sending Script output to email

Hi, I need to send script output to email.I have written the code for this functionality. Functional guy has created output type ,but that output type is red in clor and when I click process log " it says Parameter DEVICE= is invalid " Is there

Smarform for pick list

Hi, Could anybody post the program and form in XML format for pick list smartform /SMB40/SDPLK_L  ? I could not find this smartform in the preconfigured package in market place. Thanks Appreciated. AnnaHere is the print program: * Print of pickinglis

Disaster Recovery on XI server

Hi experts, Sorry this question might be a bit like BASIS question. But i just try my luck here to see hv anyone of you have the experience on Disaster Recover (DR) on XI server? We know there is lot of product on ECC server DR, but I never heard of

How to send different message types to different partners in purchase orde?

Hi Folks, I have been searching the forum for my question and have not found a solution yet. Maybe there is one out there that can give the solution. The situation is as follows. PO is created and output is determined for the Vendor and medium is cor

Item Class removed during import of EEX

I have amended the SQL for a custom folder and this custom folder has one item class and is joined to two other folders. In my export I have included the BA, the three folders and the item class. When I import this EEX to a support environment the it

Send E-mail with Body (text) using the FM CONVERT_COMM_TYPE_DATA

Hi Experts, I am using the FMs ADDR_GET_NEXT_COMM_TYPE and CONVERT_COMM_TYPE_DATA to send my sapscript (ZMEDRUCK) as an e-mail. My requirement is to change the body of the e-mail but i cannot find any parameter in this FM where i can add or edit body


HI , thanks for the future help , i'm trying to send a payment notification in Tx F110 , but all the stuff is inthe web is not clear , i hope is not a problem but i really need something step by step to do this , thnaks .Hi The standard fm OPEN_FORM

Faxing a SmartForm

I need information on how to fax a smartform.  I have looked in the SAP Press "SAP Smart Forms" and searched SDN, as well as Google, and I couldn't come up with anything.  It seems as though the search on SDN isn't working at all today. If anybo

Best Strategy for Exporting Fireworks into Dreamweaver

I created a navigation bar in Fireworks and now I want to export it into Dreamweaver. So I Went to Edit->Copy HTML Code (hotkey for this is Ctrl+Alt+C) Now, what's the "best choice" from the dialog choices: AIR HTML, Dreamweaver HTML, Generic

Questions on SAP Strategy Management

Dear Experts, I am very new to SAP Strategy Management (SSM). I already tried to find some information about it in the web, but unfortunately most documents only provide high level information (mostly marketing slides). Therefore I would be grateful

Replacimg performance Manager with SSM(SAP Strategy management)

Hi, Can any body tell me  how to migrate all the scorecards, KPIs  based on Performance Manager to SAP Strategy Management. Is there is a tool for that in SSM if not should those be rebuilt in SSM from the scratch. how do we replicate everything from

Concurrent report export using enterprise SDK question

Hello,<br> Our company uses Enterprise SDK to export report to PDF. We test our software using CR Server 2008 trial version. I am looking for advices for following questions:<br> 1. As out testing server is trial version at the moment, it does

Warning message when exporting a Financial Report to Excel 2007

Excel 2007 users that attempt to export a fully formatted Financial Report into Excel 2007 get the following error message: "The file you are trying to open, 'FileName.xls', is in a different format than specified by the file extension. Verify that t