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In oracle rac, If user query a select query and in processing data is fetched but in the duration of fetching the particular node is evicted then how failover to another node internally?

In oracle rac, If user query a select query and in processing data is fetched but in the duration of fetching the particular node is evicted then how failover to another node internally?The query is re-issued as a flashback query and the client proce

Reporting Services as a generic service in a failover cluster group?

There is some confusion on whether or not Microsoft will support a Reporting Services deployment on a failover cluster using scale-out, and adding the Reporting Services service as a generic service in a cluster group to achieve active-passive high a

What is solution of nat failover with 2 ISPs?

Now I have lease line link to 2 ISPs for internet connection. I separate packets of users by accesslist such as www go to ISP1 and mail or other protocol go to ISP2 . Let's say link go to ISP1 down I need www traffics failover to ISP2 and vice versa.

Advice Requested - High Availability WITHOUT Failover Clustering

We're creating an entirely new Hyper-V virtualized environment on Server 2012 R2.  My question is:  Can we accomplish high availability WITHOUT using failover clustering? So, I don't really have anything AGAINST failover clustering, and we will happi

No data in ecc variables in failover mode

Hi all, got a problem with custom enterprise data layout when CAD is connected to secondary node. With "set enterprise..." I set a special layout for CAD enterprise data in my script. This works fine as long as CAD is connected to primary node.

Difference between scalable and failover cluster

Difference between scalable and fail over clusterA scalable cluster is usually associated with HPC clusters but some might argue that Oracle RAC is this type of cluster. Where the workload can be divided up and sent to many compute nodes. Usually use

Install Guide - SQL Server 2014, Failover Cluster, Windows 2012 R2 Server Core

I am looking for anyone who has a guide with notes about an installation of a two node, multi subnet failover cluster for SQL Server 2014 on Server Core editionHi KamarasJaranger, According to your description, you want configure a SQL Server 2014 Mu

Mounted Volume not shwoing up with Windows 2012 R2 failover cluster

Hi We configured some drives as mounted volumes and configured it with Failover cluster. But it's not showing up the mounted volume details with Cluster Manager, it's showing the details as seen below Expect support from someone to correct this issue

The Cluster not failover when i shutdown one managed server?

Hello, I created one cluster whit two managed servers, and deployed an application across the cluster, but the weblogic server gave me two url and two different port for access to this application. http://server1:7003/App_name http://server1:7005/App

Want to configure BACKUP VPN in asa 5505 for failover link

Hi, Current i'm having 2 isps one tata and another one reliance iwant to configure the backup vpn for reliance ip for same peer ip which tata vpn had configured i mandatory to configure same SA,ENCRPTION,IPSEC POLICY,KEY,LIFETIME...etc for failover v

2 ISP link failover in ASA 5505

Hi, I have ASA 5505, want to configure the 2 ISP link Tata and Airtel with failover. I want to configure the WebVPN with failover, so that user don't need to change the public address when one link goes down. thanks with regards Ashish KumarHi michae

ASA 5505 ISP Failover (PPPoE/DHCP)

Hello, I have 2 WAN uplinks: The primary is VDSL (PPPoE) - very fast, and I have a static IP + /29 subnet 'assigned' to me. The secondary is DSL (DHCP) - slower What I'm trying to do is setup ISP failover on my ASA 5505 with security plus licence...

ASA-5505 failover, cant choose interface

Hi I am trying to configure two ASA-5505 as a failover pair. Software 8.2.5 and ASDM Using the wizard i get to step3 .. then nothing happenes. Trying direct in asdm but the only interface i can choose is "--None Unnamed-" How do i get

Asa failover & SSL vpn license question

with a failover pair, if you want to purchase an SSL license, do you have to purchase the same license for each one, or can they 'share' a license since only one will ever be active?Steven, You must purchase license for each and every device that you

Cisco ASA - 2 Site to Site routes needed for failover -Is possible?

3 physical sites. 2 ASA 5510 (routing mode_). 3rd site is in between ASA sites. 2 different connections. Depending on which link goes down, a certain set of Network Lists for Site to Site VPN is needed to place the 3rd site subnets where they belong

Cisco ASA 5505 Failover issue..

Hi,  I am having two firewalls (cisco ASA 5505) which is configured as active/standby Mode.It was running smoothly for more than an year,but last week the secondary firewall got failed and It made my whole network down.then I just removed the connect

Performance degradation factor 1000 on failover???

          Hi,           we are gaining first experience with WLS 5.1 EBF 8 clustering on           NT4 SP 6 workstation.           We have two servers in the cluster, both on same machine but with           different IP adresses (as it has to be)!   

Script to run a DB query, but have multiple DB servers (for failover) I want to loop through until I find one that is available

Conceptually I'm not sure the best way to go about this, looking for some guidance.  I'm running a MySQL query and I have the code working against a single MySQL server.  However I want to build some redundancy into the code so if it tries one DB and

CSM error message on ASA Failover interface

Hello We use CSM 4.4 to manage our ASA firewalls.                    One of them is a failover pair. CSM now always creates a warning message when approving an activity, stating: FWSVC Access Rules Warnings ->  The following interfaces GigabitEtherne

RE: Hard Failures, KeepAlive, and Failover --Follow-up

Hi, It's a really challenging question. However, what do you want to do after the network crash? Failover or just stop the service? Should we assume that when the network is down, and so do your name service? One idea is to use externalconnection to