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Jabber Options - Phone Accounts - Voicemail -- "Spinning Wheel"

Been trying to resolve a nagging issue.   We currently have CUCM 8.6.2-20000-2, CUPS 8.6.4-10000-28 and just put up Unity Conn 9.1.  Jabber Win clients are 9.2(1).   Several people have not been able to integrate voicemail into the Jabber client.   W

How can multiple family members use one account?

My children have iphones, ipads, ipods and mac books, my problem is how do you use home sharing with the devices and not get each others data.  My Husband just added his iphone to the account and got all of my daughters contacts.  I understand they c

How do multiple family members use iTunes.? One account or multiple?

How do multiple family members use iTunes. One account right now but apps gets added to all devices and iTunes messages go to all devices.  Can multiple accounts be setup and still have ability to share purchased items?Hey Ajtt! I have an article for

Can my family members share our purchases on separate computers with separate accounts?

We have several apple products in our home and a  new one today.  Is it possible to use these products on different computers sharing all of our purhcases or do we need to stay on one computer on one account?  I know we can do that with the home shar

How can I create a new iCloud account for a familiy member having a new iDevice and reuse one of my aliases for it

Hi there, I moved into iCloud from the very beginning and started with one iCloud account for me and my family, making use of email aliases for family members. Now the number of personal iDevices grows and I want to create a new and separate iCloud A

How can I update my old behance account into a new Adobe ID one?

My original behance account used an email address that was not linked to my Adobe ID so I ended up creating a new account by accident when prompted by the "Use your Adobe ID below to log in to Behance from now on." Now I can't use my name and I

How many times can you install Reflow with one account?

I installed Reflow at my job's computer because its free on Preview mode, but then I stupidly realized that Adobe might not permit multiple installs of the same program from the same account in another computer? I want to install Reflow at home as we

How can I convert an active iCloud account to a child one?

Hi, I want to use Family share with my family members. However I do not want them to buy products without permission (as it is me paying for them). I see this option only exists for child accounts. Is there a way to change an existing account to a ch

How can I Migrate/Split itunes/icloud account for a large family now that they have family sharing

Ok, now that Apple has finally come out with family sharing I need to get things sorted out and I think it is going to be a mess. I have 6 family members (my spouse and 4 children) all sharing/using one itunes account. For parental reasons this made

Can there be multiple apple ids on one account?

I want to share my iTunes account with my daughter so that she can download and update apps on her iphone, but I don't like that she needs to use my apple id and password, which could give her access to my email. She doesn't realize this yet, but it'

How can we remove credit card from account

im in malaysia i tried to use an canadian credit card at first it was workin but whenever i tried on pc to see if i can change it wont accept my other credit card, then i left it like this after that its been almost 8 months now it says its been decl

How can i get music to another account?

I had another account with apple with was [email protected] but i had to give that one to my boyfriend cause i gave him my old my ipad and he didnt have a email account so i let him use that one which i had bought so ablums on that account and i had

How Can I Get an iTunes Store Account?

Hello there,  If I sign in to iTunes via create a new account the Mac says  'Just use existing account' - but do not have one When I do that the Mac says 'No you need to create account', when I do that the Mac says 'No you have an existing account' w

How can i transfer money from one itunes account to another

any way to use my husbands itune money to purchase an app for my phone with my accountIf you sync your phone to a computer that his account is authorised on then you could try buying it on his account and sync it to your phone - but it will be tied t

How can I disable sending from one Mail account?

Hello. I have a gmail account that I use to subscribe to various newsletters and accounts. So it's essentially a read-only account for me. But I too frequently accidently send mail from that account. Is there a way to prevent mail from being sent fro

How can a family share an iPad, specifically, using email? Seperate account

I know, you can have multiple email accounts. i have 3 on my iphone 4. But if my wife, daughter, and I all use the ipad. Can you set up email to ask for what account to load? Again, i know you can switch after the fact. I am trying to avoid the scena

Use one account for apps and other for itunes match

Hello everybody My question today is quite simple. I use one account for apps and tv shows, but inwant to use a different itunes account for purchasing itunes match. How can I use them both on my devices? Will it be asking for my user-pass each time

Multiple family members and ipods on same account

Does it matter if we have one account for my two sons and I? How do we manage purchases so that we each have only the songs we want on our nanos?Create a second Mac OS X user account or a second iTunes library. (30615)Read other 2 answers

Use one account or multiple for 10 domain users of Office 2013 Home & Business

I have 10 seats of the retail version of Office Home & Business 2013 for use in a domain environment. Windows 7 Pro 64, Server 2008R2 environment. No exchange. Blank slate. Should I install all with the same account for ease of management, or setup a

How can I move an e mail account from one family pack to another

I have an e mail address (not main family pack e mail address) and I would like to move it to another family pack. Is this possible and if so how? ThanksCaroline12, Welcome to the discussion area! I believe that your question is about a Mobile Me fam