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What is Single Thread Performance


How to improve single thread performance on CMT platform?

Hi Gurus, I have a customer who is comparing a T6340 1.4GHz T2+ with a 5 years old 1.1GHz Itanium based machine. Although the T6340 would definitely win in throughput, he expects the T6340 to also win on single threaded application. The 1st test he d

RE: DBSessions and Single-threading

Thanks Linh. Always good to here from you. thanks ka Kamran Amin Forte Technical Leader, Core Systems (203)-459-7362 or 8-204-7362 - Trumbull [email protected] From: Linh Pham[SMTP:[email protected]] Sent: Friday, November 13, 1998 2:51 PM To: Ajith Kalla

I have a doubt about The Single-Thread Rule

The [url http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/uiswing/overview/threads.html#rule]Single Thread Rule states: Rule: Once a Swing component has been realized, all code that might affect or depend on the state of that component should be executed in t

Help! My application uses a Single Thread !

Hi all ! I have a web application which performs some long running tasks. This can be easily simulated with: protected void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException {           System.out.pr

How to improve spreadsheet speed when single-threaded VBA is the bottleneck.

My brother works with massive Excel spreadsheets and needs to speed them up. Gigabytes in size and often with a million rows and many sheets within the workbook. He's already refined the sheets to take advantage of Excel's multi-thread recalculation

Single threading

Hi All, After porting the application from sun v440 server to T5120 sun sparc server, the application performance degraded. Due to some application issues, decided to run the JDE application in single thread mode. Not yet started. But my question is

HttpService + Asynchronous + Single thread

I have a internal company Flex app similar to Jmeter. It generates HTTP requests and outputs based on asserts. The app uses Puremvc and leverages notifications to bring event-based asynchronous model. On a full-blown scan, I have two challenges: 1. T

Single Threaded Program

What do you mean by a single threaded program?? For example I have a single threaded word processor which can do only one task at a time. Does this mean that there is one and only thread which is carrying out all tasks one at a time??Say,formatting t

Is rendering in Final Cut single thread or multi thread?

There seems to be this recurring message about how the new Macpros perform single-threaded tasks about the same as the previous gen of Macpros, however in multi-threaded tasks the new Pros shine. How do I know if a task is single-threaded or multi-th

Waiting for a mouse click in a single thread

Here's my problem: I'm working on a program I didn't initially create, and I picked it up from the rough midpoint of its evolution. It is a single thread AWT program, with a mouseListener interface already implemented. Here's my problem. In a game se

Thread: Could not generate the XML in single thread mode

Hi all, I have created a report using PLSQL Procedure method after submitting the request I am getting the following Error.Couldn't sort out why I am getting the error while running the report. Error in "Multi threaded or single threaded execution bl

DBMS_PARALLEL_EXECUTE multiple threads taking more time than single thread

I am trying to insert 10 million records from source table to target table. Number of chunks = 100 There are two scenarios: dbms_parallel_execute(..... parallel_level => 1) -- for single thread dbms_parallel_execute(..... parallel_level => 10) -- fo

The Coded Ui Test Method is runnung in Single Thread Apartment(STA) Mode of COM

Hi, when running tests with CUIT,and after a timeout in the previous tests we noticed the following error: lass Initialization method TestSuite2.MyClassInitialize threw exception. Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITest.Extension.UITestException: Mic

Single Threaded Model JSP- Servlet

Servelts can be set to have thread safe access (Single thread model). However, when a JSP is converted in to a servlet, is the servlet tagged as to use the single thread model?As of JSP specification 1.2 the default value for the "isThreadSafe"

Regarding single threaded servlet

why pool of instances for single threaded servlet?why pool of instances for single threaded servlet the container instantiates the servlet when it starts up or when the first request for that servlet comes, instantiation takes place only once. when t

Single threaded servlet

I need to connect to the database which has to handle multiple requests. So the best approach is to use single threaded servlet using pool of servlet instances.I read the document of single threaded servlet.I ahve gone through the code. here is the c

EOIO vs single thread

I have a scenario, R3>IDoc(EOIO Queue)-->BMP(...do something there after), we set up the EOIO queue by Idoc serialization(add a line to idxquque table),  the problem is: we send multiple idocs at the exactly the same time(same second), the order the

Several handles to the same database in a single thread

I have a single-threaded program where several db handles are created with db_create() and they're all opened to the same database in the same file. The handles will be used serially, in quite random order for reads and writes, and each of them will

Minimal single threaded web server?

Is there a library or code samples to implement a minimal, single threaded server for accepting and responding to HTTP GET/POST requests? What I want to do is to accept a GET or POST request, run my own code which calculates something and send that b

Eliminate thread-switch pipeline stage in single-thread T1?

I heard this question offline and wanted to post it (and in a moment, a response to it) here, to share it with the community: OpenSparc T1's core pipeline consists of six stages: Fetch, Thread-Switch, Decode, Execute, Memory, and Writeback. Is it pos