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How to delete file from application server(Unix)

Hi All, Using the below code downloading a file from application server(Unix) to client machine. I want to delete the file from application server once it is downloaded to client We work on Forms and Oracle DB 10g. Client machine are Windo

"Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information" while attempting to open UNIX/Linux monitor

We have upgraded our System Center to 2012 R2, and we cannot open any of the UNIX/Linux LogFile monitor property or the UNIX/Linux process monitor property for those monitors created prior to the upgrade.  Error we get is below.  Any assitance apprec

Error while compiling forms10g in Unix with webutil features.

Hi, I developed a form called test.fmb and attached webutil.pll. change all text_io to client_text_io. Copied the file to unix and tried to compile, it says CLIENT_TEXT_IO.FILE_TYPE must be declared. (Please note that webutil.pll has been compiled an

How to find out who deleted the directory in Unix

Hi Experts, In my system some body tampered the directories, and more over some body deleted the bin directory under the /usr/sap/trans in Unix operating system. now i am checking to find out who deleted and for the more logs. i am unable to find out

Install Oracle 8.1.7 (TRU64 UNIX 5.1)

Need information on how to initate the istallation of Oracle Software on TRU64 UNIX 5.1. Prior to 8.1.7, the "orainst" shell for UNIX was used from the command line. The installation instructions for 8.1.7 require the setting of the variable DIS

Install ORACLE 8.1.6 and 9i on HP UNIX 11.20 (11i)

Hi, When I install ORACLE 8.1.6 and/or 9i on HP UNIX 11i (11.20, hardware: i2000 workstation), I got the following error message: Exception thrown from action: make Exception Name: MakefileException Exception String: Error in invoking target nnfgt.o

Transfer files from SAP R/3(unix server) to windows

Hi TechGurus, We have a requirement where in , we are extracting data from SAP table into a text file using OPEN DATASET in TEXT MODE. Then using a third party tool (Connect-direct), we are transferring text files to windows server using unix script,

SELECt query in UNiX environment

Iam using hp unix with oracle 11g when i try to spool 26 lack records it is giving me error " There is not enough memory available now. O/S Message: Broken pipe" is there is any other way SQL commands, we can limit the SELECT query to spool spec

I want to execute UNIX COMMAND in ABAP

Hi All, I want to execute a UNIX XOMMAND sh <scriptname> <filename> to replace divsion codes.in ABAP. But, I came to know that we can't (2) or try the following program but unfortunately the command CALL SYSTEM is not supported by SAP. If you

Execute unix command in abap code

Hi, I have a request to execute a script command in a remote unix server, should i use 'call function ...destination'? Thanks. Legend.Use like this : data: begin of t_tabl occurs 0, line(132), end of t_tabl, data: lc_command(100) type c. Get all the

UNIX command in ABAP code

Hi All, I need to use unix command (MOVE) in ABAP code for transfering a file from one directory to another directory. Can any one help with how to used unix commands in ABAP? Thanks in advance. Regards, HemendraThe recommended approach always used t

Unable to purge cache on unix

Hi gurus, I have installed OBIEE on Red Hat Linux 5, when i try purge the cache of this obiee server from a windows system, it is working perfectly fine. But when I try to clear the cache from unix system it is throwing the following error m

Data Federator on Unix - Need to connect to Informix

Hi, We are planning to Deploy Data Federator in Linux - SuSE 64 bit environment. We also have a need to connect to Informix and Teradata databases. According to the supported platforms document, only ODBC drivers are available to connect to Informix

Managing a remote unix box with OSX server apps...

Aside from running an OSX server, I am in charge of maintaining an external, SUN unix server from my Mac, and I hate using line commands, esp. with how jaded I've become using the nice tools for managing the Mac server. For now I use terminal in orde

Unix commands in ABAP

Hi,    I need to call the following unix command in ABAP to encrypt a file on the app server . crypt password <org filename> new_filename 1 But when i run it using call 'SYSTEM' .. i get message security risk , command not executed .. 2 I also creat

Pass commands to UNIX shell opened in Windows XP OS

I am currently running Labview 7.1 on a Windows XP box.  I use Exceed to open a UNIX shell to do work in UNIX from my windows machine.  I can open the UNIX shell with the sys exec vi but how do I pass commands to the UNIX shell I opened?Purp1eOne wro

Unix Log Monitoring regular expression not picking up alerts

Hi, We are moving our unix monitoring to SCOM 2012 SP1 rollup 4. What I have got working is indvidual alert logging of Unix Log alerts by exporting the MP and changing the <IndividualAlerts> value to true and removing the suppression xml section the

SAP DB Connection from SAP BI on HP UNIX to MS SQL External Database

Dear All, Greetings! I have a scenario to configure a SAP DB Connection from SAP BI System on HP UNIX 11i to the external legacy system MS SQL 2000 Enterprise for data upload. I am interested in connecting the SQL server as a Source System to the BI

Windows developed report hangs on Unix Reports server ??

Hi, We recently migrated from a Windows BI tier to HP-UX Itanium. The problem I have is that one particular report just hangs in the Unix reports server. The basics of the report are that it has repeating frames which displays three record blocks per

SAP BI-BO Integration for "BO XI 3.1 on HP-Unix-PA-RISC-64 bit"+Oracle WAS

Hi, We have set up SAP Integration Kit to integrate SAP BI 7.0 and BO XI 3.1. Our BO system is set up on Unix HP-UX-PA-RISC 64 BIT and Oracle Web Application Server 10.1.3. When we are creating a WebI report using WebI Rich Client, we are able to fet