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How To Install A (Almost) Working Lion Server With Profile Management/SSL/OD/Mail/iCal/Address Book/VNC/Web/etc.

I recently installed a fresh version of Lion Server after attempting to fix a broken upgrade. With some help from others, I've managed to get all the new features working and have kept notes, having found that many or most of the necessary installati

Custom Resolution when VNC'ing with no monitor

Hi, I've got my mac-mini wired up to my tv in the front room for use as a media player etc.. This works well with my tv. However I also want to write iPhone applications, which involves VNC'ing from my windows computer. When my TV is off, it gives me

How do I connect with a webbased VNC client to a dual-monitor Lion machine?

I'm using a webapplication to manage a narrowcasting system. For this I use an installation of XAMPP on a dedicated Mac Mini hooked up to some monitors. This software is accessible through a webinterface on the local Mac Mini. With this software peop

A stable, fast reliable VNC connection to Lion or Lion server

I hope this post help people with VNC setup from non Mac machines to a Mac running Lion or Lion Server 10.7.4. Apple has changed quite a few things in Lion regrading VNC and screen sharing. As a consequence many VNC viewers are no longer compatible u

How to use VNC with AirPort?

Hi, I used to have an old iMac G3 DV at home, and I always used VNC to access it from my work computer. No problem. Now, I recently bought a brand new MacBook and a brand new AirPort Extreme base station, and I can't connect using VNC anymore. I trie

How can I set up a screen screen sharing VNC at a resolution higher than display?

I have a mid 2010 MacBook Pro 13in, and i have set up screen sharing to access over VNC. I want to view my mac on my 1920x1080 display hooked up to my PC. But when i do it is not full screen, it is the same resolution as my MBP. how can i run it at a

How to connect to a guest-VM using VNC/tightVNC

I have a guest-VM installed in OVM Server. OVM Server is running on top of VirtualBox. From the HOST-OS, I can ping to the guest-VM. I attempted vncviewer into the guest-VM, however no luck. I did However, I can launch through the c

Switching between multiple desktops while using VNC

Hi All, Encountering a minor inconvenience with switching between desktops while VNC-ing. I frequently telecommute and VNC into my work imac, which has parallels + windows 7 installed. My personal machine is a retina macbook pro, and both my macbook

Screen sharing and vnc not working

OSX Lion Screen Sharing I was using screen sharing on OSX Leopard using VNC Viewer.  Even after upgrading to OSX Lion this worked ok.  But then the other day there was an update to screen sharing which I applied.  This first, switced screen sharing o

Can't screen share on one computer on LAN; strange vnc settings?

While troubleshooting problems using FaceTime on Mac on one of four computers on my LAN, I discovered several strange things about the Mac in question. Though the Mac's name shows up on all the other computers on the LAN under the "Shared" area

Is there a way to have a Chicken of the vnc type GUI over internet in ARD3?

Hello, to whoever reads this question, thanks in advance if you can help. My need is this. I regularly use Chicken of the VNC for multiple administration over the internet, but what I like is the possibility to have same IP but Multiple clients with

Is there a way to change the VNC password thru unix command in ARD2?

In a local network, I get access denied errors from macs that have the vnc password different than the Administrative login user password. I needed to change the Admistrator password which I did thru the Unix command in ARD2. Now. Is there a way to c

How would I load a DE/WM (Openbox?) only for use in VNC?

tl;dr: How can I make a segregated virtual display that can only be viewed through a VNC connection? I have a computer that I'm using as a server (Files, Downloads, IRC bouncer), and soon as an XBMC front end for the living room computer to replace t

How to configure a Windows machine with any vnc server software for ARD

I need someone to direct me in the right direction to configure and install any vnc server software so that I can control a windows machine with ARD like I control the rest of my macs in the lab. I need some suggestions as to the best and easiest sof

Checking status of Remote Management (VNC).

Hi there We use puppet in our business to manage our Macs as well as other machines. I'm currently looking at sending a command to force enable VNC on our OS X machines: /System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ARDAgent.app/Contents/Resources/ki

Remote desktop (and VNC) show black screen

I am using Remote Desktop (or VNC) on a 10.6 laptop to access my 10.6 Mac Pro at work. The desktop Mac is up and awake because I can connect to it by SFTP and pull down files. But when I make a Remote Desktop connection, all I see is a black screen a

Remote Desktop and the various VNCs

I've used VNC and Remote Desktop on Windows for a while and love them dearly. I was ecstatic when I picked up my mini in August and found that Tiger's ARD included VNC support. But it's driving me up the bloody wall. My laptop is a windows machine, s

ARD and VNC no longer connect to 2 out of 3 servers. Please help.

We have 3 Mac OSX servers here - Web, DB, File. Recently, I attempted to connect via TightVNC - I only had a PC with me at the time. After setting the Mac servers to accept VNC connections (with a password), I was able to connect with TightVNC. ARD w

Real VNC issues with Windows 7

I am a system technician using this software on behalf of the Indiana Toll Road and we have already purchased several hundred licenses of Real VNC as well as Windows XP and Windows 7 as we use this software frequently to remote into various lanes and

My VNC will no longer start gnome, can only use twm

Hi, I have 3 or 3 Sun Servers (Solaris SPARC 10 update 8) that I administer. For one server, and as 1 users, I can't start gnome in VNC. I can start twm. Here is the error: here is my startup script for aptest user: #!/bin/sh [ -r $HOME/.Xresources ]