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Where Did My Shortcuts Go


Can't get itunes.  I get the following message when I click on either the shortcut or the program.  It says ITunes has stopped working and I can either check on line for a solution and close the program or just close the program.

When I click on the itunes shortcut or the program  I get the following message: ITunes has stopped working.  My two options are:  Windows can check on line for a solution to the problem or close the program.  It seems that my entire library is not t

When I drag and drop an icon from the address bar to the desktop is does creat the shortcut but will not display the website icon, only the firefox icon, how can I display website icons?

When I drag and drop a website icon from the Forefox address bar to the desk top, the short cut is created but the icon that appears is the firefox Icon. I want to disply the icon from the website that the short cut refers to. I have checked all I ca

How to Open a Specific Folder in the Finder via Shortcut Key

I'm sure this has been covered elsewhere, so sorry for not finding it... Is it possible to assign a shortcut key to open a specific folder with Automator or AppleScript? There are 4-5 commonly used folders buried 10-11 levels deep on a server and I'd

I can no longer do keyboard shortcuts since latest update.

I am running Firefox 34.0.5 on a Windows 7 computer. Firefox updated the other day and I can no longer use my Edit keyboard shortcuts. (ie CTRL V etc) I read an article telling how to correct this with a Mac computer, how do you do it with a Windows

With the last update, 10.0.1, I can no longer pin my Firefox shortcut to my taskbar. How can I do this....there is no longer any option to do so. TIA

This is what worked for me. 1. Open Windows Explorer 2. Proceed to where Firefox is stored 3. Drag the Firefox icon to your desktop (this will create a desktop shortcut) 4. Drag the Firefox shortcut to your task bar 5. Delete your Firefox desktop sho

Suggestion for a New Keyboard Shortcut

I'd like to suggest a way of increasing the efficiency of editing captions and other metadata in Aperture by adding a keyboard shortcut that always serves to move to the next image in the viewer. For example, Command-Shift-] (or something) to move to

In the new Pages 5.0, what is the page break shortcut key. I cannot find the key as indicated on the drop down menu.

in the new Pages 5.0, what is the page break shortcut key (it used to be the Fn + enter). I cannot find the (new) key as indicated on the drop down menu. Please help.Hi Bruce and fruhulda, ok, I found the keyboard viewer, it only shows the traditiona

What is the shortcut key to highlight words in adobe reader in macbook pro

what is the shortcut key to highlight words in adobe reader in macbook pro? Shift + U is not working how can i change shortcut key?I don't believe there is a keyboard shortcut available for that feature. But I believe if you click-select the topmost

Adobe Bridge shortcut button missing in PS CS6 menu bar, how to install as in PS CS5 [essentials]

Adobe Bridge shortcut button missing in PS CS6 menu bar, how to install as in PS CS5 [essentials]Yes, Bridge shortcut has been removed from PS CS5. However, you can go to File->Browse in Bridge option to open the file in Br CS6. Similar query has bee

In full screen mode how can i use keyboard shortcut just like

recently i used adobe cs 5.1 version and some problem are there which problem was not in cs 3 and cs 4 in advance version why this problem kindly tell me the solve which may be i dont know my problem is, in photoshop  3 screen mode are there 1-standa

At what process do DE shortcuts get created? Inconsistent PKG builds..

I've only been using Arch for about 2 months now, but I've noticed some real inconsistencies with respect to whether a menu shortcut is created for a given application.  I'm wondering at what point in the package build process does this get determine

Cannot send Mail from Search shortcut "email [name of contact]" with exchange account

i have a Q10 with an exchange Account configured. Mail works fine from the hub but when i use the search feature of the q10 by typing "email [name of contact]" the compser opens but i cannot send. the account field is empty and when i press send

Creative Cloud Packager: moving application shortcuts ?

hello, I'm using Creative Cloud Packager to deploy applications on windows x64 (from an education enterprise agreement) is there an embedded way to specify a different folder where the shortcuts shoud be created? currently they're all in C:\ProgramDa

Using shortcuts in Item Help Text

Hello everyone, I have a problem using shortcuts in Help Text sections of items. It says in the help "Item help supports shortcuts using "SHORTCUT_NAME" syntax." but it seems not. In the shortcuts sections of the shared components, it

How do I make web shortcuts into start screen tiles that can be pushed to all users profile on a computer in Windows 8.1 enterprise?

We are trying to roll out Windows 8.1 Enterpise in our school system (K-12). The focus of this question is how do we take an internet web based shortcut and make it into a screen tile (on the start screen) which will appear for any user's start scree

AppV 5: Sequence shortcut to application located on network share

Hello, We have an application which is programmed to run directly from a network share. However, it needs some parts installed locally on the client too, to make it work. During sequencing using App-V 5.0, I installed the parts necessary on the clien

Application shortcut for bookmarks toolbar not working on firefox for mac

OS X allows users to assign shortcut keys to arbitrary menu items. I'm trying to add an application shortcut to firefox to show/hide the bookmarks toolbar (in my case, I'd like to use cmd-ctrl-L, but I've tried others too), however the shortcut key d

After iOS 8 upgrade keyboard shortcuts gone, just reboot

FYI, apparently this also happened with the ios7 upgrade. Per the related ios7 thread, after a manual reboot of the phone, the shortcuts reappeared. The reboot solved my problem as my keyboard shortcut settings reappeared after reboot.I lost all my k

Satellite U400-12P - Multimedia Shortcut Keys illuminates 24-7

Hey everyone, I am new to this forum and I hope someone will solve the problem I have. I own a Toshiba Satellite U400-12P (been a year now). Past few days I have noticed that the multimedia keys (PLAY/PAUSE/FFD/RWD/) isn't functiong (doesnt respond t

Disabling Keyboard Shortcuts for LDAP Accounts -Workgroup Manager...

I work in a school and all our students are on LDAP accounts. Recently some of the kids realized that hitting Ctrl-Opt-CMD-8 inverts the screen display. You wouldn't believe the amount of havoc this has created at school, especially when they do it t