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where did the irish settle in australia


Can you use an Irish bought ipad in Australia?

Can you use an Irish bought ipad in Australia?Yes as long as it is not part of a carrier's  package deal best to buy from Apple  Depends on model but 3G will be fine only the iPad version 4 has the capability to work on 4G in AustraliaRead other 2 an

Critical Irish Update needed to solve black and white tv problem on G20!

I recently had trouble with setting up tv on my Qosmio G20, I was pointed in the direction of a black and white problem that affects earlier models. The solution to the problem was to use the g20's drivers and run 2 reg files. Having done that to no

Travel...going to Australia

I am traveling to Australia next week with my MacBook Pro. Do I need an adaptor for power cord and if so what kind of an adapter?Josephine, Another tip - when I travel overseas (on US airline), I always bring a small short extension cord with me.  Be

How do i find out who the carrier is and can i get it unlocked to use in australia?

Hi there, I got a iphone4 from my friend ewho brought it from someone from ebay in the states I am unable to use the phone and was told that the phone had been updated to a baseband that can not be unlocked and that I need to contact the carrier. How

Error while attaching settlement rule for AuC asset

Getting error "The share to be settled in rule 001 is not unique"  "Enter a unique number (001) (view: Actual settlement) "  when trying to attach a settlement receiver in transaction AIAB  - where to view the duplication of rules, and

Going to Australia and need help with Power converters

Facts: US uses 110v on 60hz Australia 220v on 50hz Making sure I understood that correctly.  Devices I plan on bringing that will use power are PS3 Slim, MacBook Pro 2008 model, and WD 1TB External HDD.  My DS, and Cell are charging via USB to save t

Settling Rebate through free goods in R/3

Client is producing halogen and CFL lights for home and office use. Client is making sales through dealers and distributors in market. Sales regions are: North, South, East, and West. Sales Sub regions: Delhi, UP, Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal

Error " In case of evaluated receipt settlement, please maintain tax code", during VI01

Dear Team We have a scenario in our environment where for a delivery made for STO Purchase Order, we are trying to post shipping cost document for Shipping document. When we try to save the document, the system returns the error " In case of evaluate

How to Make Settlement Rule Mandatory in Sales Order(In Acct Assigt Tab)

Hi Gurus, I have a business requirement. For Free of charge 3rd party orders (yes they have FOC orders delivered by third party) the business wants to ensure that the Settlement rule should be mandatory. They enter cost center & receiver in the settl

Automatic settlement to particular combination of cost centres and gl codes

HI, A company uses Plant Maintenance for Engineering overhauls. MM is used for Engineering spares only (i.e. not for goods for resale etc). The requirement is to set up ongoing Plant Maintenance Orders, one for each item of plant (only 600). The plan

PCtr in CWIP Settlement line items

Hi all of you When I am doing CWIP settlement system is asking the PCtr as it is mandatory field in Document splitting. I have assigned one Internal order in the asset master and based on the order system is picking the PCtr in acquisitions,it is fin

I can't send email from my iPad. I am from Australia but on holidays in Greece. Does anyone know what is the smtp outserver for Greece that I should use?

I can't send email from my iPad. I am from Australia but on holidays in Greece. Does anyone know what is the smtp outserver for Greece that I should use?As you haven't told us who your email provider is, no. There isn't an SMTP server for Greece - it

Satellite M70-340: Question about warranty if I buy in Russia and move to Australia

I'd like to buy notebook Satellite M70-340 here in Russia. Next month I'm going to move to Australia. What about the warranty in this case? Will I have to pay if some trouble occurs? How can I recognise a laptop which is officially sold (= i mean leg

I live in Australia but when I upgraded to IOS6 it changed my App Store region to the US. How can I change it back? I have been trying to find the answer.

I live in Australia but when I upgraded to IOS6 it changed my App Store region to the US. How can I change it back? I have been trying to find the answer.Contact iTunes support & request they clear the balance: http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/Rea

Mid Year Go Live-Australia and New Zealand

Hi, We are implementing Mid Year Go Live for payroll for Australia and New Zealand. In case of India, we have schema INLK and list of technical wage types that need to be uploaded to T558B and T558C. SAP has delivered a note for Payroll India which g

Issues with using English (Australia)

We are trying to utilize English (Australia) for one of our instances and are running into issues. 1. In the User Profile (Profile and Preferences) popup, we selected the Free Text Language to be ENGLISH and the UI Language to be "English Australia&q

Settlement of WBS element down payments to an asset under constructions

The down payment (of the transactions tcode F-47 and tcode F-110), are always settlement wbs element (tcode CJ88), we do not want to post down payments to the receiving asset under construction (transaction type 180 or 181). In the down payments are

About settlement, asset master data's amount column value

Dear Experts, I  build an aseet master data :   A (the amount column's value is 0 in asset master data) Then, I build an asset purchase order  assign to A , after I  do GR,  A's amount column's value change to 1. But if as follows, I  build two asset

Vendor details along with amount settled to an asset in an investment project.

Hi Guys, Here we are following std process i.e. PR/PO with WBS as account assigned, then GR-GI/SES and then settle it to AUC and then in the end to FXA. Now the requirement is to capture all the line item details (including vendor with the amount) se

How to track the corresponding CWIP and Asset after settlement in reports

Dear gurus, We are trying to develop a single report which would have commitments, actual costs, Auc amounts and Final Asset postings w.r.t a project or WBS element. What is the table where we can find AuC amount and CWIP number for given WBS element