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Where is the Directory on Windows 10


Trouble getting the default  user directory under Windows XP

I m trying to get the default user directory under windows XP SP3. To do so, I'm using System.getProperty("user.home"); I was expecting to get a path like "C:\Documents and Settings\user", nstead of that I get "C:\Documents and Se

How do I close the Directory Utility Window?

The Directory Utility window was opened and I have not been able to close it. Upon restarting, a pop-up message reads that the window must close in order to complete the operation. Only the minimize (yellow) button is available for click and the Syst

Urgent: Configuring LDAP or Active Directory on Windows XP

I tried authenticating user against infromation stored in Database tables dont know whats the problem its not working, I followed all the required steps for that but not succeed. So I decided to validate the user against LDAP or Active directory. Can

Step by step process to create domain name and active directory in windows 7 64 bit

Step by step process to create domain and active directory in windows 7 64 bit I work in an organization I want to create a domain name SBBYDP and make it server for other computers I want that, all users' have a personal account while they use any c

Problems with Active Directory and Windows 2003

Hello, I'm using Mac OS X Server 10.4.9 with Active Directory bound to a Windows 2003 Active Directory Domain. I can bind successfully to the domain using the graphical interface. Then in Samba I can access shared directories using Windows users. How

Using Time Machine to backup a shared directory on Windows XP.

I have a shared directory on a Windows XP machine on my LAN that I would like to backup using Time Machine.  Apparently Time Machine will not automatically backup shared directories so I created a soft link to the mount point, /Volumes/WindowsXP, and

Upgrade from Windows Server 2012 Active Directory to Windows Server 2012 R2 Active Directory

We are currently running Windows Server 2012 Active Directory and would like to upgrade to Windows Server 2012 R2 AD. Is it OK to just do an in-place upgrade, or is it advisable to build new domain controllers on R2? Are there any guides or articles

Unable to list SFTP Directory on windows 2008 r2 server from internet

Hi experts, I have configured a SFTP on windows 2008 r2 server. And i am using the Filezilla on client machine to connect to SFTP server. The connection works properly on internal network but it displays error when i connect from internet. Error: Gnu

Problem in reading current user's mydocuments directory in Windows 2k/XP.

Hi everybody! I'm reading some files from the current user's mydocuments. It is working fine with Windows 2K/XP english version. And my program is showing files and directories in right way. But when I run the same program on Windows 2K/XP polish lan

Active Directory and Windows Share

I have several Mac labs that are working perfecting with the Active Directory client in OS X 10.4.9. I recently made a change to the client and am now creating local home folders for users. Using the network home folders slowed the boot process and a

What happened to Active Directory and Windows file shares?

Hello all, i have a few questiona about the integration in active directory. I recently updated to Lion (most certainly without proper risk analysis on the consequences...) First: How can one connect to a windows share? If trying in finder and CMD+k

Sun Directory Server Windows permissions?

Hi All, I am installing Sun ONE Directory Server 5.2 sp4 on Win2k3 Sp1 and was wondering what permissions it requires to run? I would like to run it as a Windows domain account that only has the permissions the service requires to run on the local ma

Sun Directory Server Windows Version

Hi, I am in need of Sun Directory Server 5.2 ( Windows Version ), as I am planning for upgrade to 11g. Is there any way I can get it? Thanks. JPrinceThank You Marco for the response. Yes, I understand that it is not available, however i am expecting

Error when creating temporary directory on Windows OS

Hi, I meet the following error when running my Java code on a Windows platform. Basically, I'm trying to create a temporary directory. The error occurs once in a while and only on Windows platform, no such problem on Unix systems. Stack Trace: java.i

OSX 10.6 Finder jumps up a directory on Windows share - how to fix?

We have an OSX 10.6 iMac connected to a Windows server share having a strange intermittent problem browsing directories. Permissions and access is fine, I can open the folder and subfolders just fine, but certain folders will jump up a directory leve

Need detailed instructions on how to enable " Check for Updates" option on the Firefox installation directory for Windows XP.

I have Firefox 2.0 (running Windows XP) and want to update it to 3.6, but the "Check for updates" option on the Help menu is grayed out and need to enable this option by changing permissions on the Firefox installation directory. I need detailed

Adding printer in active directory- in windows server 2008 r2

Is that addition will enhance the printing and the scanning management capability ? how ? and to which extent ? by example please !! thank you in advanceWhen publishing a shared printer to active directory, the machine sharing the printer creates a P

Join Open Directory from Windows xp

Hello, I made Open Directory on Mac OS X Server and Mac users successfully joined my domain, no I need to configure my windows xp users to join the domain too, can anybody provide me how to do this.I have done what you said exactly, I added SMB servi

Minor Nit - Default Install Directory in Windows 7

I notice that on installation, the new empty catalog is installed to the user's My Pictures folder. With Windows 7, the Library feature allows one to have multiple directories for photos (not just My Pictures) in the Pictures library, and allows one

Cannot create Virtual Directory in Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Environment

Dear all, I am trying install Reporting Services 2005 on a Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Enterprise machine. So far we successfully did the following steps  - Install SQL Server Reporting Services  - Configure Service Account (Domain-User) After creatin