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windows 10 enterprise upgrade path


Corporate upgrade path to windows 10?

You should still buy one 10 Pro volume license for the re-imaging rights.  Until someone says otherwise, you would need to install 7/8 Pro, upgrade in-place and accept the new EULA, then you can re-image the device (or just stick with the upgrade).So

Will Windows Vista Ultimate upgrade using Win 7 Enterprise Upgrade

My pc is currently running Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit.  It was running 64 bit originally, but because of certain business applications that only ran on 32 bit, we had to downgrade to 32 bit.  By the time they got the programs updated, it was too l

Windows 7 Enterprise to Windows 8.1 upgrade consumer edition

Hi, It might be a silly question but I'd like to know if it's possible to upgrade from a Windows 7 Enterprise computer to a Windows 8.1 consumer license. I mean the regular not the Pro edition. I am currently running  W7 Enterprise 64Bit and I bought

Driver for the ethernet controller on a HP Pavillion P600000 Series desktop after upgrading to Windows 7 Enterprise?

After upgrading from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Enterprise (x64) Service Pack 1 (build 7601), I cannot find working drivers for my ethernet controller. The desktop is a HP Pavillion, Model No. p6710f. I located the drivers on HP's website, b

I am running Windows 7 Enterprise. I want to upgrade to a newer version of itunes. I click on help then click on check for upgrades. When I try to upgrade/install the upgrade for itunes it loads 52MB of the required 56MB and then just freezes ?

I am running Windows 7 Enterprise. I need to upgrade my version of Itunes from version 7 to version 10 or 11. I go to Help and click on Search for Upgrades. I then select Upgrade Itunes. The system starts to upgrade and download the new software. It

On Windows 7 Enterprise OS, Firefox failed to start when upgrading to any higher versions after 6.0.2

Hi Please can you help me with this? Currently I am running Firefox version 6.0.2 on my Windows 7 Enterprise OS Desktop. When I try to update Firefox, installations completes successfully. However when trying to launch Firefox, browser window is not

Windows 8.1, Update 1 upgrade path

Hi, if there is anyone of any influence who might read this, please, please, for you own sakes make an upgrade path directly from Windows 8.0 --> Windows 8.1, Update 1 I cannot upgrade from W8.0 --> 8.1.  I cannot upgrade due the the following error

Upgrade path to 8.1 pro using windows 8 pro keys

Hi, I have a windows 8 pro upgrade license which I bought when windows 8 was launched and have been unable to use it on my existing computer. I would like to use this license on a new computer and want to know what is the correct version of Windows C

I am running CS4 Web Premium on Windows XP.  Can I uninstall and reinstall on my new PC running WIndows 7?  Is there an upgrade path?

I am running CS4 Web Premium on Windows XP.  Can I uninstall and reinstall on my new PC running WIndows 7?  Is there an upgrade path?yes, you can uninstall (but deactivate first, help>deactivate) and yes, you can reinstall on another computer. and ye

Hyperion Enterprise 6.4 Financial Reporting upgrade path

We are currently using Hyperion Enterprise 6.4 Financial Reporting and would like to know what the upgrade path is to the most recent version. What is the most recent version and can our current version be upgraded directly to it, or will the latest

Upgrading to Windows 8.1 Enterprise directly from Windows 8 Enterprise

We want to upgrade our Windows 8 Enterprise PCs to Windows 8.1 Enterprise directly. It should not affect our personal settings and the softwares which have been already installed on Windows 8 (The same way we had upgraded to Windows 8 directly from W

Unable to upgrade or install windows 10 enterprise technical preview from windows 8.1 pro

Compaq Presario SR2034NX windows 8.1 pro build 9600 64 bit, x64processor I have attempted a clean install booting from a burned dvd with the iso file on it using the windows 7 USB/DVD download tool, Ive attempted to boot from a usb using rufus. Ive e

Upgrade from SCCM 2012 SP1 CU4 to R2 Fails - Unsupported Upgrade Path

Hi everybody, I'm currently upgrading our SCCM infrastructure to SCCM 2012 R2 after have finished with the upgrade from SCCM 2012 RTM to SP1 CU4, thus far everything works fine, but when I try to update any of the site servers, whether CAS or Primary

Error Message: "This upgrade path is not supported"

Scenario During the process of upgrade to Windows 10 Technical Preview, we may encounter the error “This upgrade path is not supported. Please close Setup and re-launch from the root of the media or go back and pick a different installation choice.”

How to Activate Windows 8.1 Enterprise with Windows 8 Enterprise MAK?

I bumped into this problem when being assigned to deal with the activation of Windows 8.1 Enterprise. There are around 6 notebooks in my team, and they seldom connect to corporation network so are essentially isolated from our KMS server. Therefore w

How Do I Convert Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview to Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview and Back Without Reinstalling Windows?

Howdy, Much like in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, Windows 10 provides you with experience that allows you to convert your Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview to Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview without having to reinstall Windows. Why would I need c

Windows 2008 Enterprise 32-bit Random Blue Screen 0x000000C4

Hello, We have a customer with IBM x3500 M3 server, Windows 2008 Enterprise SP2 32-bit, 24GB RAM (Domain, file and print server, rdp server roles installed). Since December 2013, they have been experiencing random reboots (once or twice a month), so

Error while Installing R12.1.1 on Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition

Dear All, I am installing R12.1.1 on Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition Server. I am using the media source that i have downloaded from Oracle Edelivery. I have done a MD5Sum check on the dowloaded files based the MD5SUM Check details given in site. (No

Perpetual BSOD on Windows 7 Enterprise machine

Hello guys, I have a Dell Optiplex 780 with Windows 7 Enterprise which makes me hard days trying to get it healthy. There is a BSOD once in a while, well basically weekly if not daily and I could't get rid of it. The Log is: Microsoft (R) Windows Deb

Windows 7 Enterprise x64 on 2010 Macbook Pro 15" i5

Has anyone successfully installed a version of Windows 7 other than the Home, Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate on this series of OS X? I only have a copy of OS 10.6.5 and up. It looks like bootcamp is very picky about what version exactly gets