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Lock Screen Wallpaper for Dual Monitors - windows 8.1

Hi, i created and applied Domain level GPO to change " default lock screen wallpaper " and every machine is receiving lock screen wallpaper. ISSUE : some of user are using multiple monitors (dual monitors )in company. (windows 7 and widows 8/8.1

The iPhone update 8.3 (12F70) is making my home screen wallpapers darker than the picture itself. Even if I set the same picture as home and lock screen wallpaper, the home screen image is noticeably darker. How can I change this?

Is anyone else noticing the same issue? I'm really unhappy with the upgrade, the darker home screen images alters the coloring and detracts from the overall "light" feeling.Apparently it's been an issue since 7.1, according to this: http://forum

Why is my lock screen wallpaper out of focus

All of a sudden, my lock screen wallpaper photo is out of focus.  I changed it, and the same thing is happening to the new photo.  What's going on?I am confused what device you are talking about. You question is here in the Using iPhone section, but

Lock screen wallpaper does not appear in the lock screen

I just reset my iphone 4 running iOS5 and set it up as a new iPhone.    Everything appeared fine until I noticed the Lock Screen wallpaper I assigned does not appear after I lock it.   The home screen wallpaper does.    I hope someone can tell me how

Cannot change lock screen wallpaper after 4.4.2 update to Xperia Z1

So I updated via PCC to 4.4.2 (14.3.A.0.681) and now the lock screen wallpaper is stuck to the "Air" theme wallpaper. Regardless of theme change or attempting to select custom wallapaper, the lock screen wallpaper does not change. I've tried goi

Lock screen wallpaper problem

Hello, I've got a problem with setting lock screen wallpaper. Every time I go to settings --> personalize --> lock screen wallpaper and click on it, choose Xperia wallpaper or any other from the album, then it allows me to "cut" it, and as

The lock screen wallpaper does not show up instead

i updated my iphone to ios 7. for few days everything was alright, but suddenly one day the lock screen wallpaper does not show instead a translucent image of it comes just like you know when you pull up control centre. anyway to change this please h

Lock Screen wallpaper gone after 6.1.1 upgrade.

Lock Screen wallpaper gone after 6.1.1 upgrade.  I tried resetting wallpaper and rebooting, but lock screen stays at default black background with battery.  Anyone else notice this?That's what happens when you are charging. Is your iPhone plugeed in?

My lock screen wallpaper wont set on my 4s

I noticed my lock screen wallpaper was gone. I restarted the phone. Put another picture on and it wont take, but you can see it in the wallpaper section. I tried it a few times but it still wont show up on my lock screen.Try: - Reset the iPod. Nothin

Windows 7 Lock Screen Keyboard layout

Hello, Is it possible to somehow configure so that Windows 7 Lock screen always defaults to English language? I am able to configure this on login screen using HKEY_USERS\DEFAULT registry, but this doesn't work for Lock screen. Regards, PeterisHi Pet

Lock screen wallpaper?!

What's the point of a lock screen wallpaper on ios7 if the wallpaper is blurred out when notifications pop up?! It's really dumb. On ios6 I could have a pic of my gf and me, and it would still show when notifications pop up. Now all you get is a blur

Why is the lock screen wallpaper in my iPad Mini blurry

When the iPad Mini has been off for awhile, when you open the case the lock screen shows but the wallpaper background is blurry.  If I look at the wallpaper setting in Settings, I can view the picture as a wallpaper and it's clear (not fuzzy or blurr

Delete Lock Screen Wallpaper/ Using Customize To Change Slider Icons

So, though it may sound a bit silly, i've had different wallpapers display on my lock screen for some time now, but i've found that i have absolutley no idea how to take it off. i'd simply like to revert back the the battery image on the lock screen,

How do I remove custom images from Windows 8 lock screen

I have a personal photos on the lock screen and account picture that I want to delete but cannot figure out how to remove them. I have read through dozens of solutions and there is no option to delete them I have deleted all skydrive data, removed my

Lock Screen Wallpaper black only

I looked for an answer here sorry if I missed it. I have a new phone (no desire to jailbreak). I found that once I changed the lock screen (very first one with slide lever), it never displayed anything but black after that. I restored the phone to fa

Windows 7 lock screen slow to respond to Ctrl + Alt + Del

Morning all,   I have a user that has been having issues with there lock screen for the last few days. They can lock the computer with Windows + L but whenever they press Ctrl + Alt + Del to log back in it takes about a minute for the credentials box

6.1.3 No lock screen wallpaper now.

After updating to 6.1.3 no longer able to use a lockscreen wallpaper. It will show up on a restart but when locking the phone it does not show up again. $600.00 dollars for a phone and you're not even able to set something as simple and basic as a wa

Why can't I change the lock screen wallpaper on my new iPhone 3GS

I went to Settings > Wallpaper > Wallpaper, selected a pic and tapped 'Set', but the background is still black! My phone isn't jailbroken btw. Thanks, Zoejfaughnan wrote: Same problem here with a 3G. It used to work. Stopped working in 3.1, I update

Restore Lock Screen in Windows 8.1

I deleted the lock screen in Windows 8.1 and now realize I need it.  How can I get it back?   I deleted using Windows+R  "regedit"  using this link  http://media.askvg.com/downloads/2012/11/Disable-Windows-8-Lock-Screen.zip Is there a way to get

Windows 8.1 Lock Screen drops network connectivity when screen locked using Win+L

Hi! I was sent here from Microsoft Community forum. The question is: Since Windows NT 4.0 I'm using Lock Screen to prevent people from accessing my computer when I'm leaving my room. First I was using CTRL+ALT+DEL / Lock Screen, then switched to Win+