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windows 10 lock screen wallpaper


Why is the lock screen wallpaper in my iPad Mini blurry

When the iPad Mini has been off for awhile, when you open the case the lock screen shows but the wallpaper background is blurry.  If I look at the wallpaper setting in Settings, I can view the picture as a wallpaper and it's clear (not fuzzy or blurr

Restore Lock Screen in Windows 8.1

I deleted the lock screen in Windows 8.1 and now realize I need it.  How can I get it back?   I deleted using Windows+R  "regedit"  using this link  http://media.askvg.com/downloads/2012/11/Disable-Windows-8-Lock-Screen.zip Is there a way to get

Windows 8.1 Lock Screen drops network connectivity when screen locked using Win+L

Hi! I was sent here from Microsoft Community forum. The question is: Since Windows NT 4.0 I'm using Lock Screen to prevent people from accessing my computer when I'm leaving my room. First I was using CTRL+ALT+DEL / Lock Screen, then switched to Win+