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Printing from MacBook Pro 17" Mid 2010 running 10.8.2 ... persistent inability for Apple MacBook Pro to print to a variety of HP printers (have run Windows and Ubuntu on Parallels and same printers work) ... what is going on with Apple printer support?

What is wrong with Apple's support of printers ... inability for MacBook Pros to connect with HP and other printers. Yet the same printers work under Mac OS based Parallels (running Windows or Ubuntu) - WHY?  Finger pointing (HP . Apple ... Apple > H

My external hard drive ejects when copying data. It works on windows and ubuntu. Are there any fixes?

My external hard drive ejects when copying data. It works on windows and ubuntu. Are there any fixes?mine do the same thing... its one of the bugs from the 10.6.8 updateRead other 2 answers

I cannot download photoshop cs6 for windows from ubuntu os

i cannot download photoshop cs6 for windows from ubuntu osHi, I need photoshop cs6 trial version for windows 7. I dont have internet connection in the windows 7 system. But i have internet connection in the ubuntu system. So i try to download from ub

Differences and Similarities between Windows and Ubuntu...

Windows version                            Ubuntu’s version Microsoft Office                                              OpenOffice Suite Word                                                                 OpenOffice Word Processing Excel          

4GB Flash Drive not loading on Mac (but on Windows and Ubuntu)

Hello, I have a 4GB flash drive (probably from LG) that I bought about 3 years ago. It was working just fine all this time but now, all of a sudden, it's gone. Not working, showing up neither in Finder nor in Disk Utility. But it works just fine on W

How can I copy the Thunderbird Address Book from Windows to Ubuntu?

I use Windows 8.1 on one Pc and Ubuntu 14.04 on the other. Thanks in advance for your help Best regards, EpI think the best way is to export the required address books to LDIF files on the first machine and import those LDIF files on the second machi

Default keys in window menu-Gnome Shell 3.14

Hi, On any active window, hitting Alt+Space will show the window menu. This part is working on latest gnome Shell version too. But, in earlier versions, hitting 'c' after the window menu is shown by Alt+Space combination would close the window which

How to re-enable Beats speakers and sub woofer after configured Windows 8/Ubuntu dual boot?

HP ENvy DV7-7240us Windows 8 / Linux Ubuntu Dual Boot No Sound through two front Beats speakers or sub woofer both operating systems after installed Ubuntu 12.10 as dual boot. Is there a way to at least re-enable the Beats speakers and sub woofer in

Windows 7 classic shell without single click??

I have 700 windows xp machines in a retail environment that I am prepping to swap out with Windows 7 machines.  These xp machines are joined to our domain, and fairly locked down via group policy.  I am in the process of putting together our new Wind

Flash AIR Make Linux/Ubuntu Shell Commands?

What is the AS3 commands that makes it possible for my flash air application to make shell calls in Ubuntu Linux? I'd like my AIR app to eg. start programs or open folders. Cheers, ArtheusThis will be supported in AIR 2.0 (which is being announced to

Tri-Boot Mac OS, Windows XP, Ubuntu

Hi, This topic seemed to ft my situation best. A tricky one here: How can I tri-boot Mac OS X, Windows XP and Ubuntu all at the same time on my MacBook? In an ideal world I would like to store ubuntu on my external HDD as I already have an install on

Font Problems going from Windows to Ubuntu

Hey All, I have an application that I am trying to support. It is a old(er) swing application that looks fine in Windows, but the font is all screwed up when trying to run it in Ubuntu in the offical sun release of JDK 1.6. I think it might be the sa

Tripple boot: Mac os, Windows and Ubuntu

Dear All I need some help.... I installed mac os (leaopard) on my macBook and then used the boot camp to install windows, and it is installed successfully. I then created a partition in macos for ubuntu and restarted to isntall ubuntu. I installed th

Hiding terminal window when running shell script?

Hi, I've set up a shell script (myscript.command) to run an application with certain launch arguments. When I execute the script the app runs fine, but I get a residual terminal window. How can I hide it immediately after the app launch, or, preferab

Safety of accessing Apple Software RAID under Windows XP/Ubuntu

I've got 2 500GB external USB drives that I've RAIDed together to form a mirrored 500gb drive. I use this to store most of my important documents, along with movies, photos and music. I also use this drive for my Time Machine backups. These disks use

[solved] Undecorate a single window in Gnome Shell

Is there a convenient way to toggle the WM decorations (specifically the title bar) off and on in Gnome for one specific window? I'm trying to play an old game in wine that only has static resolution options and it crashes if you try to edit the opti

Windows Servers Power Shell Warning Event Id 300

I have a mix of windows server 2012 and server 2008 R2 environment. All the servers are giving me the below error when importing Active Directory Module. PS C:\Users\administrator.AIRWORK> Import-Module ActiveDirectory Import-Module : The server was

Forgot inlog for Windows Azure Ubuntu

I forgot my login my my Azure Ubuntu environment. Is here a possibilty I can change/regain themHi Pipsy1; Please use the following blog by  by Ning Kuang to  go ahead and reset the credentials. Regards; PrasantRead other 2 answers

HP Notebook 250 64 bit Windows 7+ Ubuntu Dual Boot - Not starting!

Hello, I have dual boot installed on the above mentioned laptop. While working, I was prompted to update flashplayer. Once the update was complete, the computer restarted and the usual dual boot menu did not appear. The machine keeps attempting to lo

Mounting Samba (Windows) drive via shell script

This question is for the seasoned Unix geeks among us. I have a `zsh' script (read bash/ksh on steriods) at work that prepares my build environment prior to running an Ant script (read `make' for Java). The Ant script actually looks for code that is