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Windows 7 + ArchLinux UEFI Dual-Boot

https://gitorious.org/tianocore_uefi_du - I_boot_USB Is the guide above is all i need when setting Windows 7 + ArchLinux in a PC with UEFI? From what i understand you do all the config in the USB driver and then you install without hassle?Paingiver w

Can't get windows 8.1 with dual boot for fedora (linux) . system is UEFI .

Can't get  windows 8.1 with  dual boot for fedora (linux) . system is UEFI .Hi, Any update here? We may seek help at Fedora forum as Milos suggested, if convenient we could share the related thread link here for reference. In addition, please also ch

After romoving Ubuntu from dual boot

I recently removed ubuntu from dual booting. Before, it asked me which OS I would like to run when my PC started up. It showed two options, Windows and Ubuntu. After I removed Ubuntu it still stops at that screen but only Windows is there. How can I

Partitioning Hard drive ubuntu arch dual boot

Hello I am running on Ubuntu 11.10, and I'd like to try out Arch Linux. I'm pretty much a complete beginner, and would like to know exactly how to manually configure my hard disc partitions to allow for a ubuntu/arch dual boot. I have read the beginn

Arch and preinstalled windows 7 UEFI dual boot troubles

Hi guys, I have a UEFI pc already with windows 7 on and want to dual boot arch. Problem is the current uefi partition is only 100mb and whenever i try to install a bootloader in the arch install it gives the message 'not enough room on partition'. is

[SOLVED] UEFI Dual Boot Windows

Heya, Been stuck on this one for a couple of days and havent been able to work it out, if anyone has any information or could point me the right direction it would be much appreciated. I have a Thinkpad X220 which I previously had Win7 and Arch Linux

New to UEFI: Dual Boot Arch & Windows 8.1 on Separate Drives [SOLVED]

So I've been using Arch for years and have installed dozens of times on BIOS/MBR systems. I just built a new desktop and I am completely lost on how to deal with the UEFI... everything is so different. I have 3 drives. In order: 1. sda: SSD for Arch

GRUB not loading in a UEFI dual boot scenario.

Hey there everyone, I'm having a bit of trouble dual booting arch and windows 7. So far using the beginner's guide I have partitioned my drive with sda3 as my boot partition and sda's 4 and 5 as my / and home partitions respectively using GPT partiti

Installing windows 10 on a dual boot pc

While I am trying to upgrade windows 8.1 to windows 10 in my laptop It showed the following error .           "WE COULD NOT UPDATE THE SYSTEM RESERVED PARTITION "     I had dual boot ( ubuntu and windows 8.1) in my laptop. Is this a problem for

Windows 8.0 new dual boot GUI disappeared and replaced with text menu after installing updated 8.0 and 8.1

I upgraded my windows xp to windows 8.0 and my windows 7 to windows 8.1 for a dual boot environment. I am using BCDEDIT program. I had no problem when booting to the GUI menu OF WINDOWS 8 when I first INSTALLED Windows 8. But after the second time I

Windows 7 / Arch Linux Dual-Boot - win7 keeps changing the boot flag!

Greetings! Its been a long while since I had to dual-boot with windows on the same machine. I 've installed windows 7 and then arch linux and installed GRUB on my sda1 where the /boot partitions is located at. I've managed to boot into arch successfu

Dell XPS 13 (2015) - Windows 7/8.1 Dual Boot Audio Issue

Specs:  I have the i5 FHD XPS 13 9343 with 8gb of ram and 256gb SSD. I bought the computer for dual personal and business purposes.  My company uses citrix to access virtual desktops and the security requirements are Windows 7/IE 9.  Upon purchase, I

Windows 7 & 8.1 Dual Boot Problem

In my pc dual booting system is generated. Both os windows 7 & 8.1 are separatly partitioned. I have used it several day,but during 2 days windows 7 has been disrupting. For that,i have only formated & reinstalled windows 7. But now i can see that

Install windows 8 64bit on 64bit architecture tablet(acer iconia w4-820) by removing the preloaded 32bit windows 8.1 or dual boot

Hi, I need to install windows 8 64bit on a 64bit architecture Tablet(acer iconia w4-820) by removing the preloaded 32bit windows 8.1 or should make it as dual boot. For a project purpose. I tried booting the tablet from windows 8 64bit DVD for instal

[Solved] Windows 7 and Arch Dual boot- unable to boot into Windows7

Had to reformat computer and reinstall windows and Arch on two separate hard drives (Dual boot) . Windows 7 was the first install on SDA: (/dev/sda1 - system reserved 100mb, /dev/sda2 - 20gb) Arch on SDB: (/dev/sdb1- boot 94mb, /dev/sdb2- swap, /dev/

Windows 7 Pro + Enterprise dual boot and BitLocker

Hi, For testing purpose, I'm working on a machine I prepared for dual booting 2 differents "flavors" of Windows 7.  On single HD, I have 3 partitions: 1- BDE 2- Windows 7 Enterprise, connected in AD 3- Windows 7 Pro, workgroup. Everything is wor

Window 10 Technical Preview Dual Boot warning popup message saids:

I'm running Windows 8.1 Pro and I'm trying to setup a dual boot with Windows 10 Technical Preview I had problems using both Diskpart and Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, but I finally got a usb stick ready to run and install Windows 10 Technical Prev

Recommended partition layout for Ubuntu/Arch dual boot?

I just got a new (old) laptop, and my plan is to dual-boot Arch and Xubuntu. The Xubuntu is mostly to hold me over so I have a stable system while I'm setting Arch up/if I mess up Arch somehow/for testing. It has a new 160GB (149.05 GiB) drive, and m

Windows 8 and ArchLinux dual-boot - Failed to open file: arch\boot\...

Hey! I have a problem where I don't know how to configure the EFISTUB to boot ArchLinux along Windows 8. I have read the instructions on the wiki and tried for two days and the only thing I've come up with is copying some files into the /boot/efi/EFI

Unable to boot Windows XP in a dual boot setup

I have Windows XP installed on my desktop, and decided to install Arch onto the desktop's second hard drive (space considerations), and installed Grub2 as the bootloader onto the second hard drive. I'm not able to boot Windows XP from the Grub2 menu