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Floppy drive problem and memory question!!!!!!!!!

hi i have a bit of a problem i cant get windows to allow my floppy drive to work, everything else works fine, the drive works and has been tested elsewhere, when i click on it in windows it say floppy drive needs formating and sometimes says there is

Windows Virtual PC 2007 USB Floppy drive

I'm planning to get VirtualPC 2007 for Vista Home Premium SP2, and I wanted to make up a collection of Windows'es from 1985 all the way to 2015. I'm not even sure if 64 bit is enabled in my bios, but I will just change it if not. But since i'm using

Floppy drive in Windows XP Mode inaccessible

I have Windows Virtual PC in my 32-bit Windows 7 Pro environment.  When I tried to access my floppy in Windows XP Mode, I get the message "Please insert a disk into drive A:", even if I have a floppy in the drive! Unacceptable that they would pu

How do I remove a virtual CD drive in Windows 8?

One of my friends used my computer to download Sims 3, and now I have a virus. It seems to have created a whole virtual CD drive (J:) on my computer, and I can't delete any of it. The drive won't eject or delete. I followed the instructions in anothe

RV320 SSL VPN ActiveX and Virtual Passage driver on Windows 7 64-bit

Hi, My company has just purchased a new RV320 router and only afterwards found out from the release notes that there are issues with the SSL VPN in this unit and other small business routers. Is there any news on when these issues will be fixed? 1) A

How to transfer Windows 3 data from a G3 with a bad floppy drive

My first Mac was a PowerMac G3 beige tower (233 Ghz) in 1998.  At that time I installed VirtualPC running Windows 3.0 to use a genealogy program that didn't run on a Mac and input all my family data.  I have a 5 inch floppy disk with the data but whe

I'm trying to install Star Wars: Empire at War (origional) and I'm getting a data2.cab (cycle redundancy check) error. Can this be fixed so I can install this game on my Windows XP virtual drive?

I insert the CD and it is recognized. Then I enter the game code off the box and it begins to install for a couple of minutes until it gets this error. I can go no further afterward. The Cd is not scratched enough to damage the files on it because I

Err... Windows And Floppy Drive ....

Hey there Well im having problems with my floppy drive here ... the connections are all fine and its working perfectly on my other PC, but on this one : Once i pop in a floppy, and click on the icon in My computer, the lights comes on as if windows i

I have many 3.5" floppy's from my Windows computer days.  If I buy an external floppy drive compatible with iMac, will I be able to read the floppies created in a Windows based PC?

I have many 3.5" floppy's from my Windows PC computer days.  If I buy an external floppy drive compatible with my iMac Intel, will it be able to read those floppy's created on the Windows PC?Found some that will do both. One Two Three Four Five Read

Floppy Drive not seen by Mt. Lion OS

Since I upgraded from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion (10.8.4), my iTunes turns on and off by itself.  Also, floppy drive is no longer recognized by  iDVD or iTunes, nor will it recognize setup software disks.  I also run Parallels Desktop for MAC - 7.

USB Floppy Drive with Leopard?

I'm not sure where else to post this... I have an NEC USB Floppy Drive that used to work under Tiger. Since updating to Leopard, the drive is no longer recognized. It does, however, work under Parallels Desktop running Windows XP (I got a message tha

Floppy drive controller

I recently built a computer, and it has a problem booting windows xp, i turn it on, it gets past all the bios and raid stuff, then it gets to where windows should boot, and just sits still. I hit the restart button and it goes through the bios/raid s

Tips for working with USB floppy drives

I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on working with USB floppy drives in Archlinux. One thing I've noticed is that trying to use mkfs.msdos on my USB floppy drive directly doesn't seem to result in a usable disk (it's mountable, but reports t

Can I boot my F30 from an external floppy drive?

I use Norton Ghost to clone a copy of my harddrive on my PC for use in disaster recovery and it requires a m/c boot from a floppy hard drive when I use Ghost. I want to do the same on my F30 but have no idea if I can can configure the F30 to boot fro

HP Pocket Media Drive Bay replaced with 3.5" Floppy Drive. Need Bracket

I'd probably never find a use for the Pocket Media Drive Bay, because I don't know what one is. So I took it out, and I found out it was just another way to plug in USB. Oh my gosh. And also, it has a very strong spring. It catapulted some batteries

845pe max 2 and floppy drive probs

I've got a 845pe max 2 fisr mobo My floppy drives' LED is continuously illuminated when I turn on. Windows 98se says it's an NEC floppy drive even though I didn't insert any drivers for it or anything. When I put a floppy disk in to it the drive can'

Installing Windows to external hard drive or using parallels?

Will installing Windows on external hard drive protect mac from viruses better than parallels? Which option is more sound, installing windows on external hard drive or using parallels? My main concern is mac protection. ThanksHi, Thank's for your rep

How to install WinXP on SATA without floppy drive?

Hi. Is it possible to install WinXP on PC (with SATA) without floppy drive? WinXP installer itself doesn't recognize SATA controller, so floppy disk with drivers is included. But my PC doesn't have any floppy drive (what a relic. none of new PCs shou

Floppy Drive refuses to work!

I've been unable to get my floppy drive to work. When trying to access it, the message" "insert a disk intro drive A." I have a new 865PE Neo2-P. I've re-connected the power and FDD connector and confirmed the plugs are in and tight. The FD

Floppy drive problem

i can't mount a floppy disk, i'd try with volcheck and manually "mount -F pcfs /dev/diskette0 /floopy" and i got "mount-point /floppy does not exist" if i create it with mkdir i got "mount I/O error" what can i do?To be reall