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Pop up window on Logon Screen

Hi All, I would like to create a pop up window on Logon Screen. But my page is not found. Am I missing something? [A class="link_sub_menu" href="#" onClick="javascript:window.open(<b>'forgotmypassword.jsp,</b> '_blank'

Move Window from One Screen to the Other

With multi-monitor setup, is there a shortcut key to move a window from one screen to another? This is about the only thing I miss from my old days of using a PC. Way too lazy to drag Thanks! AlexSaeven wrote: With multi-monitor setup, is there a sho

How do I pin a firefox site to the Windows 8 start screen?

I just got a new AIO with windows 8; not may favorite thing but I'm learning. I use Firefox as my browser exclusively but Window 8 help, of course, won't explain how to pin sites through other browsers. I had to set up my desktop on my start screen s

How to Bypass Windows 7 Login Screen When Forgot Admin Password

When forgot Windows 7 administrator login password and be stuck at the login screen what can you do? Believe that many people have encountered such a situation where they are locked out of their own computer for forgotten Windows administrator passwo

Imac 27 late 2009 ati 4670 bootcamp windows xp black screen?

when booting into windows xp home, screen goes black and stays there, i can hear all the sounds that suggest win xp has booted properly. i see a solution for win 7, have tried that. loaded ati drivers to usb and copied to windows\system32\drivers , h

How to open a window in full screen mode using lf_fpm_navigation?

Hi Guys For the following applications ESS Application: HAP_START_PAGE_POWL_UI_ESS MSS Application: HAP_START_PAGE_POWL_UI_MSS When the user clicks on the appraisal document name, a seperate window(not full screen) is generated to display the Apprais

To add a custom link/button for password reset on window log-on screen and run program to reset password

In order to make AD driven user's password request to be resolve automated. we wanted to have reset link or button on windows log-on screen, please guide incase same functionality is available or we need to customize windows. Whenever the situation c

Suggestion: Please make a Visual Studio Solution Explorer that is similar to Windows 8 Start Screen

We have monitors now that are enormous and it is now the norm to develop on three or more monitors.  Yet we still try to crowd project navigation info that pleads to be fully visualized into a tiny window as if expanding it is somehow a waste of spac

HP 23xi Monitor: Windows not filling screen at 1920x1080

Just bought a HP 23xi for my Acer M1610 Win 7 pc connected by vga port. At the 'HD' resultion of 1920x1080 as is 'recommended' when altering the screen resolution, the screen contents are ofset to the right by about 3 inches. I can adjust the horizon

Viewing many windows on one screen

Hi, I would like to be able to view a few windows on one screen so I don't have to minimize & maximize etc when working with a few things. Someone set it up on my computer using hot corners but I didn't like those corners so I turned them off. Any ad

Unable to Switch Users on Window 8 Start Screen

I can not switch users from the Windows 8 Start Screen. Previously when I clicked on the current user Icon in the upper right corner, all the users were displayed for selection. Now it just displays a pull-down menu (1) Change account picture, (2) Lo

Full Screen Window on second screen minimizes when windows explorer opens..

I did implement a full screen window on my second screen (it's a feature needed by my application) When I open windows explorer (I'm on windows XP), or when I click in a windows explorer window, the second screen window is minimized, even if explorer

Elements 10 organizer window position on screen.

I am helping an elderly friend who uses Elements 10 on a MAC, his organizer window appears on screen with the top line/menu bar having File, Edit, find, View etc. off the screen at the top and I can't move it down to display properly. I am not very f

How can I remove exportpdf window from my screen?

how can I remove exportpdf window from my screen? It clutters things up and is very annoying EdI accessed it via reader, thinking it was a free part of Reader, but don't have a use for it, and now I cannot get it off the screen where it takes up the

Is it possible to set a finder window to full screen mode,..

... like mail, itunes and other apps? and if not, why not? I have to say it took me a bit to get used to Lion, I began complaining all day until I decided to take some time to learn it, and now I like it very much, I see the advantages over 10.6. But

How to dock the main window to the screen edge?

Is this feature implemented in Swing or some other frameworks? PS: I need only window docking to screen,but not docking panels or other elements to window.I guess I don't understand what you mean by docking. That method will place the frame at the le

Cannot move photoshop CS6 window around on screen, it is stuck in one spot

cannot move photoshop CS6 window around on screen, it is stuck in one spotHi there, Thanks for your response. I have since fixed the problem by unplugging my external monitor and restarting my computer. Best, -Jake On Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 3:21 AM, c.

Facebook Login Window Position on screen

I am working on a kiosk application that must be ADA compliant. Since the screen is vertical and designed for a standing adult, to be ADA comliant, there must be a mode where the UI is all on the lower portion of the screen. This is simple except tha

Invoke a Browser Window from any screen.

I've added my own menu after "System Help" on all screens by adding it in MENUSYST status MEN. I want to call Function Module CALL_BROWSER to start a Browser in Windows which will provide Training information for Users. I'm doing this by using '

Windowed to Full-screen takes 3 attempts

I'm working on a program, and one of the features I want is to be able to toggle between Full-screen and Windowed modes. I've searched these forums (and google) and saw a lot of the bug issues with full-screen implementations were from JDK 1.4, but h